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Published on June 4, 2019

Author: blacali


1. MARCH 2019 TRENDS TOP 10 TRADITIONAL CATALAN DISHES 1 B R E A D W I T H T O M A T O Bread with tomato is the easiest Catalan dish. To prepare it you just need three minutes and four ingredients: bread, tomatoes, olive oil and salt. First you have to rub the tomato on the bread and then add some olive oil and salt. Normally some cold meat is included to be more tasty. 2 T I N - S T Y L E S N A I L S The "Tin-style snails" name is due to the way this dish is presented, in a tin. It is usually eaten with bread and a sauce made of garlic and olive oil. This dish is cooked in different ways depending on the region. There is a fest in Lleida called "L'aplec del caragol" where people are gathered together to eat snails and drink. 3 C A T A L A N O M E L E T T E The Catalan omelette is a complex recipe. It is similar to the Spanish omelette, but this one is more tasty. Catalan omelette is made of white beans, eggs, blood sausage, olive oil and salt. 4 L O N G P O R K S A U S A G E W I T H W H I T E B E A N S Long pork sausage with white beans is a simple Catalan dish. The two main ingredients are, as the name says, beans and long pork sausage. The most important of this recipe is to cook the meat and beans with the suitable species. Do you want to discover the tasty gastronomy of Catalonia? Read this interesting listicle and enjoy the information and photos of the top 10 most delicious traditional Catalan dishes. by Blau Camarasa

2. " E S C A L I V A D A " The "escudella" dish is one of the most elaborate Catalan dish. To cook it you need more than fifteen basic ingredients such as chicken, chickpea, potatoes, especial soup pasta... It is a kind of soup characterized for its amazing taste. 7 " E S Q U E I X A D A " O F C O D This dish is not complicated. To prepare it you just need to take cod, wash it with water and add small pieces of tomato, sweet red pepper and black olives. Olive oil at the end must not be forgotten. C A N N E L L O N I W I T H P O T - M E A T 5 " E S C U D E L L A " 6 Cannelloni is traditionally eaten the 26th of December. It is made of the remainder meat of "escudella". This meat is placed inside a roll of pasta. Sauce is added on them in order to make it more tasty. 8 "Escalivada" is made of capsicum, aubergine and onion. It is usually combined with toasted bread and olive oil. It is one of the easiest Catalan recipes. 9 " C A L � O T S " Cal�ots is the name we give to a very typical Catalan dish. It consists on onions usually cooked in the barbecue and a specific sauce called Romesco. This sauce is made of garlic, olive oil, tomatoes... C A T A L A N C R E A M10 Catalan cream is a delicious desert. It contains cinnamon, milk, eggs, lemon peel and sugar. The sugar is often burned on the cream as you can see in the picture.

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