Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak

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Information about Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak

Published on July 14, 2016

Author: sheilaandrew


Slide 1: Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak For Soft and Smooth Feet Slide 2: Listerine Vinegar Foot soak will helps you to smooth and soft feet. Listerine contains   Thymol , an ingredient that does kill some bacteria and fungi. Vinegar is acetic acid. It has antibacterial properties. Acetic acid contributes to cavity formation by eroding enamel from teeth. An organic acid, acetic acid can contribute to exfoliation and softening calluses if the skin is exposed to the chemical for a continued period of time. Slide 3: Methods to apply Listerine foot soak : Ingredients: Listerine Mouth Washer. Vinegar. Luke warm water. To Prepare foot soak we need 3 Ingredients… Vinegar Slide 4: Steps to Follow for Foot Soak? Fill the tub with Lukewarm water. Here the water should be filled with half of the Tub. Add Listerine Mouth washer in the water tub. Repeat the same procedure with vinegar . Now insert your feet's in the tub. Slide 5: Here some of other tips for Listerine foot soak : For Tanning : If you have tanned feet’s you can try this method Take a Listerine in a bowl, and mix with half table spoon of coffee powder. Apply it to your palm, and scrub to your feet to take of the tan. Slide 6: For more Details Visit: Thank You

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