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Published on April 14, 2008

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Slide1:  International Space Station Topic: International Space Station:  Topic: International Space Station What is it? Who is making it? How many modules? The astronauts Main aim The waste of ISS What is it?:  What is it? First international space project Made of several modules Astronauts living for 3 to 4 months Tasks and experiments are conducted More modules are being added to it Who is making it?:  Who is making it? USA (NASA) Russia Europe Japan Canada Italy Brazil What modules that form the ISS?:  What modules that form the ISS? Zvezda Module U.S. Habitation Module Zarya Module Unity Module Destiny Module JEM Canadian Mobile Servicing CRV Astronauts on board:  Astronauts on board Typically, 3 When situation warrants, 2 Will be possible, 7 Main Aims:  Main Aims Experiments under zero gravity Medical treatment Construction of a large space station Co-operation The waste of ISS:  The waste of ISS Bring back to the earth Send towards the home planet Slide16:  More Pictures please!!! Procedure:  Procedure Presentation: China Industry News Vocabulary Test Talk about what we have learned Vocabulary of Space:  Vocabulary of Space Space shuttle, spacecraft mission, space probe, orbiter Module, solar power panel, command center, outpost, Components:  Components flight controllers, power generator, fuel cell, a companion orbiting craft, robotic rover, retrorockets Robotic arm, construction shovel, speeding probe Actions:  Actions Dock with Be assembled in space Fulfill the objectives Revive the space probe Transmission of scientific data Actions:  Actions Head for Direct operation Confirm a theory Return in triumph Play chase with Recover from weightlessness Actions:  Actions Touch down near … Unlock the secrets Slow its descent Employ a robotic arm Measure the distribution of… Descend, release, crash, inspect Expressions:  Expressions Detect organic molecules Some form of life evolve The presence of organic molecules The presence of organic molecules Expressions:  Expressions Find chemical signals Orbit Jupiter A wrinkled surface pockmarked with impacts from asteroids and comets Contain essential ingredients for life Raise/up the stakes:  Raise/up the stakes Raise the prize or reward for what you are competing: They are trying to raise the stakes (make people take notice of the situation) by refusing to let the boat dock until they are given money and aid At stake:  At stake Thousands of lives would be at stake if the emergency aid does not arrive in time The real issue at stake (to be discussed) is not how much the painting should be sold for but rather whether it should be sold at all. Stake verb:  Stake verb She will be head of this company and I’d stake my reputation on it. The company was taking a huge gamble by staking its future on expensive new technology New expression:  New expression To be briefed: to be informed in detail To map out a plan: to plan in detail Payload: amount of goods which a vehicle can carry Expand the options for… Mir:  Mir What does it mean in Russian? A core block Living quarters Docking ports Host cosmonauts Mir:  Mir Hold the record for the longest stay in orbit Its orbit is failing Collision with other spacecraft Attacks on its wiring Mir:  Mir Microbes that eat metal and glass A remarkable achievement of human ingenuity A marathon 380 days The interior of the station in simulation exercises Simulation :  Simulation The manager prepared a computer simulation of likely sales performance for the next year. It is difficult to tell which of the jewels were real and which are simulations. simulation:  simulation I was deceived by her simulation of sorrow Simulator A flight simulator Orbit n.:  Orbit n. (天体等的)运行轨道 The satellite was launched into orbit around the moon.卫星被发射进入绕月球运行的轨道。 势力范围;活动范围;知识范围 They knew each other by sight, but their orbits did not touch.他们见面认识,但各自的生活圈子互不搭界 眼窝;眼眶;眼睛;眼球 Orbit vt.:  Orbit vt. 环绕(天体等)的轨道运行 The earth orbits the sun.地球绕着太阳运行。 使进入轨道 The space shuttle will orbit a weather satellite.航天飞机将把一个气象卫星送入运行轨道。 Orbit vi.:  Orbit vi. 绕轨道运行;盘旋飞行 The plane is orbiting over the field, waiting for the signal to land.飞机在绕机场盘旋,等待降落的信号。 把人造设备射入轨道 Commit vt:  Commit vt 犯(罪),做(错事等) I committed an error in handling the business.我在处理这一业务时犯了一个错误。 使承担义务;使作出保证;使表态[(+to)] He didn't commit himself to anything.他没有作任何承诺。 Commit vt.:  Commit vt. 把...交托给;把...提交给;把...付诸[(+to)] The child was committed to the nurse's care.孩子被交给护士照顾。 把...押交;把...判处[(+to)] The judge committed him to ten years' imprisonment.法官判处他十年徒刑。 Commit:  Commit 拨出,指定...用于[(+to)] The company committed most of its profits to building new factories.公司拨出大部分利润建造新工厂。 使投入战斗,指派...作战 Commitment n. make commitment to… has commitment to Christianity Commitment of infanticide 杀婴 CNN-News 中国探空探险:  CNN-News 中国探空探险 Taikonaut Flickering闪烁的 Patriotic In the person of We found him a good guy in the person of David. frenzy疯狂似的激动 adulation 过分的称赞 Slide59:  Odyssey 长期的冒险旅程 Prestige 声望 Fervor 热情 Lofty 崇高 Unit 3-Part I, II (Expressions):  Unit 3-Part I, II (Expressions) The outlook for the global economy The U.S slowdown and Japan’s struggling recovery Strengthen financial markets in emerging economies (新兴经济) ET: emerging technology (新兴技术:研究和处理农业、气象和军事武器等方面技术问题的新方法) Expressions:  Expressions take over a company approved a cut in income tax rates a package of tax cutting measures the income tax reductions will amount to nearly 1 trillion dollars over ten years. job cuts after a fall in demand for its products Expressions:  Expressions revenue in the first quarter to fall by a quarter Reduce its 85,000-strong work force by 5000. 兵员、人数)多达...的 She lives in a ten thousand strong Chinese community.她住在一个足有一万人的华人社区。 impose restrictions on…:  impose restrictions on… vt. 征(税);加(负担等)于[(+on/upon)] The government imposed a heavy tax on luxury goods.政府对奢侈品课以重税。 把...强加于[(+on/upon)] The present trouble was imposed on him.目前的困难是强加在他身上的。 impose restrictions on…:  impose restrictions on… vi. 利用,占便宜;打扰[(+on/upon)] I don‘t want to impose on you by staying too long.我不想打扰你,不多耽搁了。 欺骗[(+on/upon)] She knew she was imposed on.她知道自己上了当。 Expressions:  Expressions Confirm a case of foot-and-mouth disease Issue bans on the import of all animal produce from… Slide66:  The dollar is trading at one German mark seventy-three point three The pound buys one dollar sixty-two point four. The Down Share Index closed (ended) 45 higher/up at… …gained 6 points to close at.. Expressions:  Expressions Be down another 66 points at… Lost 1.5% as high technology and Internet stocks were battered(attacked, weak). be hit by a wave of profit taking five straight record: record of winning for five times move into record territory Be in line with Street expectations. (吻合) CNN-U.S Economy recovered in 2003:  CNN-U.S Economy recovered in 2003 Shape up: grow High gear高速 The work was finished at high gear. Groundwork基础 Align 使结盟 Accommodative 随和的,flexible Bull 牛市 Rosy 健康的 BBC-Japan:  BBC-Japan What problems does Japan face in this recession? Why is America worried about Japan’s decline? Slide70:  Recession 衰退 Slump衰退 Public debt国债 Annual national income 年国民收入 Jittery (sensitive) Belligerence 交战 Inertia 惯性 Genteel 上流社会 Exasperate 激怒 Slide71:  Jeopardise 危及 Ringing endorsement 坚定的支持 Expressions(Unit 3, Part IV):  Expressions(Unit 3, Part IV) booth:  booth 1. (有篷的)货摊 I had a pepsi at a refreshment booth round the corner.我在转角处的餐饮摊喝了一杯百事可乐。 2. 【美】公用电话亭;岗亭 He went into the phone booth and dialed the number.他走进电话亭拨了号码。 3. 投票站 4. (隔开的)小房间;(餐厅等的)雅座 Civil:  Civil 市民的,国民的,公民的;民用的 Martin Luther King was the leader of the civil rights movement.马丁·路德·金是民权运动的领袖。 2. 一般平民的,民间的;文职的;世俗的 It might be long before civil government would be re-established.重建文官政府也许要等很长时间。 Civil:  Civil 【律】民事的;法定的 It was a civil case so there was no question of him being sent to prison.这是一宗民事案件,所以不存在判他监禁的问 彬彬有礼的,客气的;文明的 It‘s civil of you to say so.你这样说是很有礼貌的。 国内的 Patriotic soldiers appealed for the prevention of a civil war.爱国的士兵呼吁防止发生内战。 foster:  foster 1. 养育,领养We fostered the little girl while her mother was in hospital.这小姑娘的母亲住院时,我们领养了她。2. 培养,促进Concerts foster interest in music.音乐会培养对音乐的兴趣。3. 心怀(希望、野心等)foster a hope抱着一个希望a.1. 养育的,收养的There are three foster children in our home.我们家有三个领养的孩子。 Feature vt.:  Feature vt. 以...为特色;是...的特色 (电影)由...主演The new movie features two of my favorite actors.这部新片由我最喜爱的两位演员主演。 特载,以...作为号召The museum's exhibit features paintings of colonial times.博物馆的展品突出介绍殖民时代的绘画。。 Feature vi.:  Feature vi. 起重要作用;作为主要角色[(+in)]Economic issues featured very largely in the Prime Minister‘s speech.首相的讲话中很大一部分涉及经济问题 mingle:  mingle vt.使混合,使相混 [(+with/together)]It was a cry that mingled fright with surprise.那是一声夹着恐惧与惊讶的喊叫。 vi. 混合起来,相混合;交往,往 [(+with/in)]Near the bridge, the waters of the two streams mingled.在桥的附近,两条溪流的水汇合了。 He rarely mingles with persons of his own rank in society.他几乎不与和他身份相同的人交往 Unit 4 Expressions Part I:  Unit 4 Expressions Part I A global positioning satellite Low-lying coastal regions Taller than was thought Worse than previously thought Leading climatologists A falling crop yield (production) Tropical and subtropical zones Temperate (warm) and humid regions Slide82:  Run the risks of becoming the desert Disappearance and deformity of amphibians… a deformity of the hand手的畸形 deformities of style文体上的瑕疵 Unit 4 Part I:  Unit 4 Part I Habitat loss and degradation (动物的)栖息地;(植物的)产地[C] I prefer to see animals in their natural habitat, rather than in zoos.我喜欢看生活在自然栖息地的动物而非动物园内的动物。 moral degradation道德堕落 Part I Expressions:  Part I Expressions American-backed aerial offensive 空中攻击 A lot of my friends backed my plan.许多朋友支持我的计划。 *I bought some back issues of science magazines yesterday.昨天我买了几本过期的科学杂志。 Herbcides Oil spill Part I Expressions:  Part I Expressions A fuel transfer Tanker 油轮 Fundamental bases of life Extinction Food chains Sphere of plant life A vast sawgrass prairie teaming with wildlife and vegetation The environmentally-aware Slide87:  A new local directory 姓名住址簿;工商名录;号码簿 a telephone directory电话簿 董事会;理事会 指南,使用手册 Firstever directory 第一本指南 a. 指导的;咨询的 Part II:  Part II Water shortage problem Moral obligation Commodity In Thailand rice is an important commodity for export.米是泰国的一项重要出口商品。 A conflict between rural and urban demands For sanitary purposes sanitary:  sanitary 公共卫生的;卫生上的 He worked hard to improve the sanitary conditions of the slums.他努力改进贫民窟的卫生条件。 卫生的;清洁的 There was a small and not very sanitary inn nearby.附近有一家不那么卫生的小客栈。 n. 公共厕所[C] Slide91:  Lost sight of the deteriorating health of the planet Relations between the two countries have deteriorated sharply in recent weeks.最近几周那两个国家间的关系严重恶化了。 I've lost sight of that bird.我看不到那只鸟了。 Slide92:  Physical exam Vital signs of the health The health of coral reefs Water tables 地下水位 Slide93:  At odds 大相径庭 This action is greatly at odds with his previous attitude.这一行动与他以往的态度大相径庭。 Reconcile…with 协调 The careful grooming and excessive water Fairways 高尔夫球场平坦球道 reconcile:  reconcile 使和解,使和好[(+with)] After each quarrel the children are soon reconciled.每次吵架之后孩子们很快就会和好。 调停,调解 The teacher had to reconcile disputes among her pupils.老师不得不调解她学生中的纠纷。 调和;使一致[(+with)] We must reconcile our statements with our conduct.我们必须做到言行一致。 使安于,使甘心于[H][(+to)] She could not reconcile herself to failure.她不甘心于失败。 Slide95:  killdeer【鸟】双胸斑沙鸟(北美所产滨鸟) Owl猫头鹰 heron【鸟】鹭,苍鹭[C] Coyote 【动】(北美大草原的)郊狼,土狼 【俚】引外国人从墨西哥偷渡进入美国的不法分子 Slide96:  Meet the challenge head-on All of that can go in the curbside (路边)pick-up bin Contract with a private company… A huge mound of materials Commingle area 混合区 Assorted trash: 分类垃圾 Conduct tours of the plant 介绍工厂 Head-on:  Head-on a. 头朝前的;正面的 The window offered me a head-on view of the church.教堂的前景透过这扇窗呈现在我面前。 迎面的,直接的 His speech was a head-on denunciation of the unpopular new policy.他的发言是对不得人心的新政策的迎头痛斥。 ad.头朝前地;迎头 The sled struck the tree head-on.雪橇迎头撞上那棵树。 正面针对地 Let's meet the problem head-on.让我们正视这一难题。 Slide98:  Riding up the conveyor belt Hand-sort … The sorting station The quality end product These shoes are made of quality leather.这些鞋是用高级皮革制成的。 The Times is a quality newspaper.泰晤士报内容严肃。 CNN- Sea Lion:  CNN- Sea Lion Mammal 哺乳动物 Tempestuous有暴风雨的 Breeding colonies 繁殖地 Stunning (极好的) coastline Locals are outraged Subdivision 小块土地 Bulldozer推土机 Slide100:  Stress the sea lion colony 威胁 …is still reeling from(恢复) mass slaughters in the 1800s Commercial fishing商业性捕鱼 net entanglements 鱼网缠住 gill nets刺网 CNN: Eco-Friendly Cars:  CNN: Eco-Friendly Cars Environmentally friendly vehicles Upgrade(升级) its hybrid(混合动力) car Green cars Toyota is shifting gears in its eco-friendly push 丰田正在调整它的环保车策略 Slide102:  In limited release Recharging Power steering and sensors 电动方向盘和传感器 Emission efficiency and performance 尾气排放效率和性能 Acceleration加速性 Eco-chic gimmick 环保与时髦的小发明 Slide103:  A proliferation(增长) of ideas Fuel economy节油 Mass-marked cars大众车型 Add potential incentive以刺激潜在消费增长 Slide106:  Listening For Today Grade 2 Nov 21, 2005 Copyright by Yang Ning Slide107:  We all get lonely once in a while Inside we're depressed and try to smile A smile don't work, depression gets worse The idea of being lonely we try to nurse Loneliness Slide108:  When it gets so bad we can't think any more We should think of the things we truly adore Good times are there in the past of our lives Slide109:  Whether it's with brothers, sisters, husbands or wives If we have none of them just think of a friend Remember a good thought, let happiness begin. The author:  The author The poem comes from a website. Journey of Hearts  ---A Healing Place in Cyberspace This poem was written by Peter, who wrote just two months before he died from suicide, and was later read at his funeral. Unit 7 Communications (I):  Unit 7 Communications (I) Internet Presentation Part I (B) CNN News Part II Latest News Unit 7- Part I (B):  Unit 7- Part I (B) What are the features of the three websites? Expressions and difficult sentences Expressions & Difficult Sentences:  Expressions & Difficult Sentences National Geographic Zip U.S.A A focused look More pictures in fact than there was room for in the print version. Expressions & Difficult Sentences :  Expressions & Difficult Sentences The Hunger Site Alleviate world hunger the web surfer corporate donors log on to the website The Ask Jeeves Site search engines a list of airfare travel bargains CNN-Happy Birthday to the WWW:  CNN-Happy Birthday to the WWW www: the World Wide Web Questions: What is Mosaic? What is Internet 2? What is the problem of current internet, according to Internet 2? CNN-Expressions:  CNN-Expressions Browser 浏览器 Low-rate graphics 低质图片 Vintage cyberspace:老式网络 Far reaching, but far from flawless. Jerky video and hour glass icons 不稳定的图像和长时间出现的沙漏图标 World Wide Wait Slide117:  The next generation of applications新一代的应用程序 Remote diagnosis远程诊断 In a flash一瞬间 Champions of the project 这一项目的拥护者 But even a supped up cyberspace is susceptible to worms, viruses, and just plain junk.即使再成熟的网络也会受到蠕虫,病毒和普通网络垃圾的影响. Best Choice:  Best Choice Mosaic is… the name of a web site. the first browser to surf the Internet an e-game made by Marc Andrison. Internet 2 is… a name for the new cyberspace. a name of an Internet project. a U.S company Best Choice:  Best Choice What is the problem of current Internet, according to Internet 2? It has gray pages and low-rate graphics. It is not guarded from worms and viruses. It is not suitable for children. It is not designed for the next-generation of applications. Unit 7-Part II:  Unit 7-Part II Questions What is the main topic of this listening material? True or false? Slide121:  What is updated in my website? Slide122:  Comments Are Welcome! Alleviate:  Alleviate To make (pain, problems, etc.) less severe. The drugs did nothing to alleviate her pain. The money should alleviate our financial problems. True & False:  True & False Many technologists and scientists say that the future may hold any number of surprises. It is hard for anyone to get any message without a wire. The Internet is the world’s largest anarchy. True or False?:  True or False? Many languages will disappear because of the Internet. Only blue-collar jobs may be exported to Asia because of the retarded education development. The Internet is taken as an asset by everyone. Words & Expressions:  Words & Expressions Inch n.[C] 1. 英寸 2. 少许,一点儿 He escaped death by an inch.他险些儿送了命。 3. 身高[P] vt. 1. 使缓慢地移动[O] He inched the table to the wall.他一点一点将桌子挪到墙边。 vi. 1. 缓慢地移动[Q] He watched the worm inch along.他看着蠕虫慢慢往前爬。 Expressions and difficult sentences:  Expressions and difficult sentences The vaguest idea Unsettling aspects of the Internet revolution Inch our way into the future Experimenting anarchy Many of the boundaries that exist today, political and economic, will be strained as never before. Part II B:  Part II B E-commerce sites Compulsive use of the Internet Marital problems Negative impact on their lives Internet addiction Short-lived Alter their mood on a regular basis Expressions:  Expressions Beef up (promote) your realtime relationship A higher incidence of addiction Be prone to He used to be prone to anger. 他过去动辄发怒。 Part III Expressions:  Part III Expressions Have a serious impact upon… Have more applicability to the Internet age Global village Xerox machine Expanding and amplifying Move into the millennium Digital age Slide131:  One-way media Interactive Be stipulate and vouch for the quality of the publication of… There will be more drivel available. But there’ll also be more gems that would otherwise be hidden from public view. amplify:  amplify vt. 1. 放大(声音等);增强 An electronic device amplified the speaker's voice. 电子设备放大了演讲人的声音。 2. 扩大;扩展 amplify the scope of discussion 扩大讨论的范围 3. 详述,详说 Let me amplify my earlier remarks.我来详细说说我早些时候讲过的话。 4. 夸大,夸张 vouch:  vouch vi. 1. 担保;保证;作证[(+for)] I can vouch for the reliability of the machines. 我可以保证这些机器的可靠性。 2. 确定;确定地说 vt. 1. 担保;证实[O8] He vouched his words by his deeds. 他用自己的行动证明了自己的言辞。 2. 断定;明言 3. 【律】传(某人)出庭作证 Part IV:  Part IV Whose security is breached Be minor to major On the minor scale Get into the loopholes Bring expertise It is kind of a perception of computer systems Slide135:  Holistic overview全面的战略观 be pertinent to your company breach:  breach 1. (对法律等的)破坏,违反;(对他人权利的)侵害[C][U] Your action is a breach of the agreement. 你们的行为违背了协议。 Police arrested the demonstrators for committing a breach of the peace. 警察以破坏和平罪逮捕了示威者。 2. 破裂;裂痕;缺口[C] The waves made a breach in the sea wall. 海浪将防波堤冲开一个缺口。 Slide137:  . 中断,中止[C] 4. 闹翻,绝交[C] He opened a breach with his cousin after the quarrel. 那次争吵后,他与表兄闹翻了。 5. (浪的)冲击;(冲击海岸的)碎浪[C] Breach vt:  Breach vt 1. 破坏,违反;侵害 breach an agreement 违反协定 2. 冲破,突破;撕裂 The enemy's fierce attack finally breached the wall. 敌人猛烈进攻,终于攻破城墙。 Pertinent:  Pertinent 1. 恰当的,贴切的;中肯的 It might be pertinent for you to make the suggestion to the president. 你向总裁提这个建议可能比较恰当。 Pertinent:  Pertinent 2. 【书】有关的,相干的 The lawyer wanted to know all the pertinent details. 律师想知道有关的全部详情。 He raised several pertinent questions. 他提了几个有关的问题。 The lawyer wanted to know all the pertinent details. 律师想知道所有相关细节。 CNN-IM:  CNN-IM Instant message Real-time Videoconference Fine-tuning: regular Archive vt. : save Harness: make use of Unit 8 Words & Expressions:  Unit 8 Words & Expressions An authorized agent Off-the shelf bargain basement phone A unit and transportable phone Cordless video telephone A tiny camera and a high-resolution pixel color display Slide143:  A lightweight mobile phone Assign a voice-dial tag to … Real-time messaging with family A flexible opt-in, opt-out system Personal buddy list: a list of personal friends Escape routes A tracking ball Slide144:  A standard amenity Alien holograms Teen accessory Two generations at opposite ends Envision…as… To tap into the teenager market Prepaid calling cards Slide145:  Converge…with… Outfit..with Take shape Facilitate limited financial transactions A three-in-one phone Intercom at work: 对讲机 Slide146:  Fingerprint technology and advanced speech recognition converge:  converge vi. 1. 会合;趋于会合[(+on/toward)] 2. 聚集;趋于同样结果(或目的等)[(+on)] The two armies converged on the enemy capital for the last battle of the war.两军聚集在敌方首都,准备一决胜负 3. 【数】收敛 vt.1. 使向一点会合;使聚集 outfit:  outfit vt. 1. 装备,配备;供给[(+with)] The mountain climbers were outfitted with the latest equipment.登山者用最新的设备装备起来。 vi. 1. 获得装备 We will outfit two days before sailing.我们将在出航前两天整装。 outfit:  outfit n. 全套装备;全套工具,全套用品[C] She bought a ski outfit.她买了一套滑雪装备。 (尤指在特殊场合穿的)全套服装[C] That skirt and sweater makes a nice outfit.那件毛衣和裙子配成一套漂亮的服装。 【口】(协同工作的)一组人;团体;部队[C][G] A television outfit went there to shoot the story Outfit n.:  Outfit n. 【口】公司,企业[C] (精神,身体等方面的)素质[the S] 装备,配备[U] The outfit of the exploring party took only half a month.探险队整装只用了半个月时间。 Unit 9 –Part II Words & Expressions:  Unit 9 –Part II Words & Expressions This summer, record heat and drought are taking a terrible human toll… Causing power outages Have besieged so many communities Extreme and erratic weather Be intensified by global warming Slide152:  Reverse (扭转)the dangerous warming trend Release $100 million in emergency funds Installing insulation(隔热/电) We’re undertaking a multipart initiative to… Slide153:  Private contractors(承包商) Retrofit(翻新) federal buildings Light bulbs and fixtures (设施) With more efficient fluorescents (更省电的照明) EPA:Environmental Protection Agency (美国)环境保护局 Slide154:  Greenhouse gas emissions As sweltering as this summer has been, if we don’t act now, our children may look back on the summer of 1998 as one that was relatively mild and cool. We have the ingenuity(wisdom) to head off(get rid of) this threat. Part II-B:  Part II-B The approach is being spearheaded by a quiet revolution in the eco-conscious construction business. Slide156:  A passive solar component An active solar heater A foot of adobe (晒干的泥砖) Thermal mass (热循环) Bio-degradable building products Galvanized(镀锌) metal More carpet gives off volatile(易挥发) organic compounds. Part III:  Part III A lot of gee-whiz (astonishing) technology Disarm the security system Coax classical music By all accounts 总之 Close the dampers(阀门) in the ventilation(通风)system Floodlights 探照灯 Queue up the sound of a barking dog BBC-Royal Skiing Trip:  BBC-Royal Skiing Trip Glandular fever 传染性单核白血球增多症 Strike a bargain with 与。达成协议 Cannabis大麻 Underage 未成年 Dwell on 详细讲述 Exploits 冒险 Adamant 不动摇 BBC-Antarctic Ice Sheet:  BBC-Antarctic Ice Sheet Sediment 沉积物 CNN-Euro:  CNN-Euro Jubilation Banish Pro-euro toll:  toll n.[C] (路,桥等的)通行费 Anyone travelling across the bridge has to pay a toll.过这座桥的人都要付通行费。2 使用费;服务费 长途电话费 The long-distance call tolls amount to quite a sum.长途电话费数目相当可观。 4. (市场的)设摊费 toll:  toll 损失;伤亡人数[S] The death toll has risen to 200.死亡人数已上升到两百人。 通行(或使用)费征收处 vt. 向...征收捐税(或通行费等) vi. 征收捐税(或通行费等) spearhead:  spearhead n.[C] 矛头,枪尖 先锋;先锋部队[S1][(+of)] A spearhead of tanks led the infantry attack.坦克先遣队引导步兵进攻。 vt. 当...的先锋;为...扫清道路;带头 Plastics spearheaded the advance in synthetic materials.塑料是合成材料发展的先导。 The airborne troops spearheaded the crossing of the river.空降兵在渡河作战中担任先导。 Unit 10-Part I:  Unit 10-Part I Receipts from international tourism Recreation long-term forecast and assessment of the development of tourism Long-haul (long distance travel) travelers Part II:  Part II Erode the floor Exhaust fumes 废气 Germany equaled U.S.A among the leading generating countries. Obviously, for Germany’s balance of payments, this is an especially weighty item of expenditure. An important tourist destination Round the corner:  Round the corner 1. 在附近She used to live just around the corner.她以前就住在附近。2. 即将来临Victory is just around the corner.胜利就在眼前。 Unit 11-Part I Words and Expressions:  Unit 11-Part I Words and Expressions Put demand for … ahead of comparable models produced by… In act of merger talks Win approval Take majority control of… A flurry of On the heels of:following Part I:  Part I Preliminary discussions A hook up Rubber-tired cars riding on a narrow concrete guideway Be propelled (推进) by electric motors(马达) Ride quality Trespassers Slide170:  Attraction and repulsion Magnetic cushion Magnetic levitation: Meglev Exacting standards: 严格的标准 CNN-Auto Black Box:  CNN-Auto Black Box Accelerate decelerate Skid刹车 Flip 突然转向 Wreck 失事 Manslaughter 屠杀 Part IV:  Part IV Hard hit Beat the odds: win Arm-wrestle Stock split Charge low fares It’s an airline which competes against the car. Seek to preserve Slide173:  A very concerted effort definite-profiled type Unit 12 Part I:  Unit 12 Part I Two express routes Watch our driving pretty closely Subsidize bus fare books and monthly passes An added incentive Mass transit Carpooling Alternate(轮换)transportation Cut vehicle miles traveled Part IB:  Part IB Now over to Nick Block the A6, Chapel Street Long tailed-backs of traffic The road won’t be opened The closing of the road Be pretty snarled up (confused) At the junction with Cross Street and Albert Square Slide176:  Serious traffic congestion(堵) Burst water main 地下水管破裂 With the traffic being diverted (转向) into Henry Street Single-lane traffic Peak time Part II:  Part II Parking infraction 停车违规 Enlist the help of new high-tech parking meters 借助新型高科技停车表 Meter maid 开停车罚单的女警员 Your sixty minutes is already ticking away Feed the meter Innovative ways to park cars Slide178:  Car elevator, car carousels (传输带) Car boom Myca,myca Part III:  Part III Slide180:  Sagging bottom line The beginning of a turnaround An internal combustion engine Zero tailpipe emissions Auto ignition A surge of electric power A sleek, aerodynamic two-seat sports car Slide181:  Technological hurdles Overnight charging Electric-vehicle A compressed gas Water vapor First fleet of taxicabs Dissipates upon impact Combustible Slide182:  There are large reserve still untapped Wean drivers off petrol Renewable source Hydrogen fuel CNN-A painted car:  CNN-A painted car Roll off the assembly line Exterior Sneak a peek at it 偷看 Polymer film 高分子膜 More resistant to scratches Lexion-XLS Fuel-efficient There is a catch 棘手的问题 Cost efficiency 降低成本 Painted steel 喷漆钢板 CNN-Smart Cars:  CNN-Smart Cars

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