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Published on January 2, 2017

Author: KeithHoliday


1. If you implement the following strategies correctly. You will [ Build A Massive, Targeted Buyers List Instantly Overnight!!! ] Now I Understand that is a pretty bold statement right ? Yet it is highly Possible Here is an another very important fact which MUST be acted upon immediately. You see being able to effectively dig into this goldmine we need a place to store a list of Subscriber Email Addresses. In order to effectively market to our Subscribers on a consistent basis we would have to make use of an Auto Responder. I believe that almost anybody who is reading this right now, knows what an Auto Responder is and you might already have one. For those of you who do not know; An Auto Responder is a Crucial and Vital tool for literally any Online Entrepreneur. It allows you build a list of E-mail addresses ( Prospects ) and gives you the ability to send daily broadcast or have a full campaign of follow up E-mail promotions on auto-pilot. Before we continue make sure you Sign up for your Auto-Responder by Clicking the Image Below. I Personally Consider Aweber to be the best. Also they have a 30 day FREE trial ! ( CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO GET STARTED )

2. X-2: Segmentating Your Visitors Open a Google Account and Create a Google Form Put your Name/Brand as The Headline followed by a Small tekst Telling the Visitor to Select their Interest Below to get their free Gift. Next Click On The Plus icon to add a question. Simply select the multiple Choice feature and add a variety of Marketing Topics for the subscriber to choose from Finish with a final question asking to Confirm Their E-mail Address. See Example Here X-3: Targeted Promotions. Make sure to redirect the optin form to the google form, Now Create Different Lists for each Segment in your autoresponder Simply add the subscribers to the Specific List after They filled in the form. 1 X-1: Creating a squeeze page with a Powerful Headline. A Squeeze Page is used to capture the E-mail Address of a visitor. If you have Zero experience with creating squeeze pages than simply go to b’’This We site’’ to sign up for free and watch this video. Use the following headline on your sqeeuze: CLAIM YOUR FREE PRODUCT OF CHOICE TODAY Use the following information at the optin box: Step1: Enter Your E-mail Address Step2: Choose your Product of Interest Unique Squeeze Page X Segmentation Form X Ultra-Laser Targeted Promotions.X

3. ‘’ CLICK the image below to discover the #1 Listbuilding Secret for FREE!! ‘’

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