List of irregular verbs 2014

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: ajmartnz



List of irregular verbs

Mario QuirósTechnical High School Enlish Department Prof: Ariel Martínez List of Irregular Verbs in English BASE FORM Arise Be Become Begin Bite Blow Break Bring Build Buy Catch Choose Come Cost Cut Do Draw Dream Drink Drive Eat Fall Feel Fight Find Forget Fly Get Give Go Grow Have Hide Hit 1|P age SIMPLE PAST Arose Was /Were Became Began Bite Blew Broke Brought Built Bought Caught Chose Came Cost Cut Did Drew Dreamt Drank Drove Ate Fell Felt Fought Found Forgot Flew Got Gave Went Grew Had Hid Hit PAST PARTICIPLE Arisen Been Become Begun Bite Blown Broken Brought Built Bought Caught Chosen Come Cost Cut Done Drawn Dreamt Drunk Driven Eaten Fallen Felt Fought Found Forgotten Flown Gotten Given Gone Grown Had Hidden Hit

Hold Hear Hurt Keep Know Leave Let Lie Lose Make Mean Meet Overcome Pay Put Quit Read Ride Ring Run Say See Seek Send Sell Sink Shake Show Shrink Sing Sit Sleep Speak Spend Spread Stand Steal Swear Sweep Swin Take 2|P age Held Heard Hurt Kept Knew Left Let Lay Lost Made Meant Met Overcame Paid Put Quit Read Rode Rang Ran Said Saw Sought Sent Sold Sank Shook Showed Shrank Sang Sat Slept Spoke Spent Spread Stood Stole Swore Swept Swam Took Held Heard Hurt Kept Known Left Let Lain Lost Made Meant Met Overcome Paid Put Quit Read Ridden Rung Run Said Seen Sought Sent Sold Sunk Shaken Shown Shrunk Sung Sat Slept Spoken Spent Spread Stood Stolen Sworn Swept Swum Taken

Teach Tell Think Throw Understand Undergo Wear Wet Win Write Wake 3|P age Taught Told Thought Threw Understood Underwent Wore Wet Won Wrote Woke Taught Told Thought Thrown Understood Undergone Worn Wet Won Written Waken

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