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Published on December 1, 2008

Author: lisamahon


A brief history of numbers : A brief history of numbers It is hard to say when humans began to count. : It is hard to say when humans began to count. From very ancient times, people had to keep track of time, animals and belongings, and had to communicate the idea of how many’ to others Slide 3: Later, after changing from a nomadic lifestyle to more settled communities, people developed the ability to count and calculate This involved using symbols such as fingers, piles of stones or shells, notches on a stick, grooves on the walls of caves and so on. Slide 4: Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman and Greek scholars invented and used number systems in which symbols stood for numbers. Slide 5: In India as early as 200 BC, the Hindus used a place value system. In this system, the position of a number gave it its value (e.g. the symbol 2 means two, but in 24 it means 20 and in 287 it means 200). Their system was closely linked with the use of a counting device called an abacus.

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