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Published on October 22, 2007

Author: Lucianna


Slide1:  An Introduction to the @LIS Dialogue on Standards Alfred Anaya @LIS Project Manager European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) ETSI Workshop on TISPAN NGN/3G/FMC & TETRA Brasilia, 9th & 10th November 2006 Genesis of the @LIS Cooperation Programme:  Genesis of the @LIS Cooperation Programme Resulted from the political dialogue between the heads of state of the European Union, Latin-America and the Caribbean held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1999 The aim is to extend the benefits of the Information Society to all citizens in Latin-America and reduce the digital divide between those who have access to the new information technologies and those who are excluded from it Adopted by decision of the European Commission on 6th December 2001, the @LIS programme has a budget of 85 M€, of which 75% is financed by the European Commission, the rest coming from the contributions made by partners of the programme Slide3:  The objectives of the @LIS programme Stimulate the cooperation between European and Latin-American partners Help facilitate the integration of the Latin-American countries in a global information society Promote the dialogue between all players and users of the information society Increase the interconnection between R&D communities of both regions Meet the needs of local communities and citizens, as part of a sustainable development Implement innovative applications that are duplicable, such as computer programmes, the installation of material or the set up of networks @LIS programme: 3 focus areas:  @LIS programme: 3 focus areas The activities of the programme fall within the scope of three focus areas: the dialogues, the networks and the demonstration projects. Dialogue on Standards Dialogue on Policy & Regulation Network of Regulators Network of Researchers Network of Stakeholders Demonstration Projects e-local governance e-education and cultural diversity e-public health e-inclusion The @LIS Dialogue on Standardization:  The @LIS Dialogue on Standardization ETSI is in charge of the deployment of the Dialogue on Standards since July 2003 4 year project duration for the promotion of co-operation between Europe and Latin America in the field of ICT standards for technology and interoperability Increase flows of information and joint work between EU and Latin American players with a view to establishing long-term partnerships to generate a cross fertilization. Raise awareness for the European standardization model, a producer of open standards likely to allow for the advent of an inclusive Information Society Slide6:  Highlight the critical role of ICT standards in the elaboration of services and applications that will contribute to the advent of an information society for all @LIS stakeholders, ETSI community, Latin American counterparts Further develop the Dialogue with relevant institutions in Latin America and build active partnerships with them (technical & political) Dialogue on Standardization specific objectives Slide7:  Interoperability profiles (for e-policies apps) Upper layers Lower layers Dialogue on Standards: The overall approach Dialogue on Standardization Blueprint:  Dialogue on Standardization Blueprint Key focus areas for technical cooperation within the Dialogue on Standards:  Key focus areas for technical cooperation within the Dialogue on Standards Broadcasting (Digital TV: DVB and Radio: DRM) Next Generation Networks, (TISPAN) Interoperability and Protocol Testing Methods (PTCC, Plugtests) Interoperability Profiles (@METIS) for e-applications (e-health, e-education, e-gov, e-inclusion, e-accessibility, etc) Mobile communications (UMTS, 3GPP, GSM Evolution, etc.) Human Factors in ICT (HF) Satellite Communications (SES) PMR, PAMR & Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) Smart Cards & SC Platforms EMC & Radio Spectrum matters @LIS Dialogue on Standards Deployment Key figures & results in 2005-06:  @LIS Dialogue on Standards Deployment Key figures & results in 2005-06 Contributed to the positioning of European technology standards in Latin-America such as GSM/UMTS, NGN, Satellite, Testing methodologies and open standards Promoted the European system of standardization, as well as technology and ICT standards across Latin-America Organized or participated in over 20 ICT events (worshops, seminars, exhibitions) in many different countries in Latin-America and Europe: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela, Costa-Rica, Bolivia and Guatemala More than 800 participants have taken part in one or more of these workshops: research institutions, telecom operators, regulators, associations, universities, consulting companies, manufacturing companies, etc. 4 major exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia mainly Participated in key events such as the CITEL PCC I & II plenary meetings. Examples of events carried out in Year 3:  Examples of events carried out in Year 3 Examples of events carried out in Year 4:  Examples of events carried out in Year 4 The @LIS Initiative:  The @LIS Initiative “Whichever way you look at it, the European standards model has been an outstanding success. At a macro level, individual countries are enjoying the economies of scale created by a homogenous communications market. And at a micro level, individual users enjoy excellent service and value, even when roaming between nations. We welcome the opportunity of sharing information with Latin American member states and we expect that this dialogue will be a learning experience for ETSI and our Members”. Karl-Heinz Rosenbrock Director-General of ETSI from 1990 to 2006 Slide14:  Margot dor ETSI - @LIS General Coordinator Alfred Anaya ETSI - @LIS Project Manager Cindy de Delley ETSI - @LIS Administrative & Events Coordinator (interim) Contacts: and Links:

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