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Information about LIQUIDS AT REST

Published on January 27, 2009

Author: markjaysonyu


LIQUIDSAT REST : LIQUIDSAT REST Review… : Review… Pressure in a fluid increases with depth, due to the weight of the fluid above the point of interest. Pressure = Force / Area ?Depth = ? Pressure PASCAL’S PRINCIPLE : PASCAL’S PRINCIPLE Blaise Pascal : Blaise Pascal Born = June 19 1623 Died = August 19, 1662 A French mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher. Pascal’s Principle : Pascal’s Principle “Any change in the pressure applied to a completely enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to all parts or the fluid and the enclosing walls” Pascal’s Principle : Pascal’s Principle Since; Pressure = Force / Area Pressure1 = Force1 / Area1 Pressure2 = Force2 / Area2; If F1 is applied, large piston goes up, but to maintain same level Pressure1 = Pressure2; thus.. Force1 / Area1 = Force2 / Area2 Pressure 1 Pressure 2 Sample Problem 1 : Sample Problem 1 In the hydraulic press used in a trash compactor, the radii of the input piston and the output plunger are 6.4 x 10-3 m and 5.1 x 10-2 m, respectively. The height difference between the input piston and the output plunger can be neglected. What force is applied to the trash when the input force is 330 N? Solution to Sample Problem 1 : Solution to Sample Problem 1 A1 = 6.4 x 10-3 m F1 = 330 N A2 = 5.1 x 10-2 m F2 = ? F1/A1 = F2/A2 330 N / 6.4 x 10-3 m = F2 / 5.1 x 10-2 m (330 N)(5.1 x 10-2 m) = F2(6.4 x 10-3 m) F2 = 2630 N Archimedes’PRINCIPLE : Archimedes’PRINCIPLE Archimedes of Syracuse : Archimedes of Syracuse Born = 287 BC Died = 212 BC A Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Archimedes’ Principle : Archimedes’ Principle Buoyant force = force exerted by fluids to objects that are immersed in them. = this exists because fluid pressure is larger at greater depths. Solids displace liquid FB = P2A – P1A = (P2-P1)A A Archimedes’ Principle : Archimedes’ Principle “Any fluid applies a buoyant force to an object that is partially or completely immersed in it; the magnitude of the buoyant force equals the weight of the fluid that the object displaces: FB = Wfluid THAT’S ALL!THANKS! : THAT’S ALL!THANKS!

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