Liquid Screed Ltd Now Has Ten Branches in England and Wales

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Information about Liquid Screed Ltd Now Has Ten Branches in England and Wales

Published on June 14, 2019

Author: liquidscreeduk


slide 1: Liquid Screed Ltd Now Has Ten Branches in England and Wales With a total of ten branches covering England and Wales Liquid Screed Ltd can now service anywhere in the two countries. Liquid screed has many advantages over traditional sand and cement screed. Using the traditional method the screed is mixed on site or can be delivered ready mixed and is then applied to the substrate by hand. Liquid screed is far faster because it arrives ready mixed and is pumped on to the substrate. Because it is liquid it is self-levelling and will fill any gaps. This method of application means that a large area can be laid far more quickly than a sand and cement screed and the company can lay 100 square metres of liquid screed in about 45 minutes. As much as 2000 square metres can be laid in a day so laying the screed over a whole home would only take a few hours. What’s more a liquid screed can be laid very thinly – even as little as 25mm – so there is a saving on materials. Even when a liquid screed is laid over underfloor heating it only needs to be laid to 30mm above the pipes. slide 2: Another big advantage of liquid screed is that it does not curl and is therefore resistant to cracking. Equally it is resistant to shrinkage as well. It is also much more thermally conductive than sand and cement so when laid over underfloor heating pipes it is environmentally friendly because less energy is required to produce the same amount of heat in the room above. In the construction industry time is money. The drying times of screed can vary but the figure that is usually quote is that a liquid screed will dry at a rate of 1mm a day down to a depth of 40mm and 1mm every two days after that. So a 50mm deep screed would take 60 days to dry. However that calculation is based on an average temperature of 20°C and 60 relative humidity which is very difficult to achieve in the UK and in practice 90 days is more likely. However a liquid screed can be force dried after just seven days. Provided the right specialist drying equipment is used the screed can be ready for commissioning after a total of as little as 28 days which knocks a whole two months off and is a huge time saving on site. About The Company: Liquid Screed Ltd now has ten branches across England and Wales and can provide liquid screeds to any site in the two countries. For further information contact Andy Guy on tel: 02037817775 or email Liquid Screed Ltd Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill England London Greater London EC4M 7JN

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