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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: alixdmt



An overview of different lipstick & gloss trends, in 2014.
english text. by Alix Demonet

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They sit there perfect on your face. Curled so slightly, just to tease. Ruby red like blinding jewels. Parted when they feel the need… ( ( ( ( ( (5.*D",(03.'+(

Originally imitating the natural red color of lips, lipstick Shades vary according to seasons and trends. A color can also be associated to a mood, a personnality, a skin tone.

NUDE LIPSTICKS Coming from the “all natural” trends, appeared the “nude” lipstick. Unifying the tone of lips, without over-accentuating it.

DARK LIPSTICKS Dark lipsticks complete efficiently a gothic or a punk style. From deep purple to brown and black they also suit a sophisticated style (evening and winter looks).

PASTEL LIPSTICKS Mat or Shiny, pastel lipsticks suit a girly, spring-summer style. A new variation between pastel and flashy lipstick could be “bubble-gum” shades, to be followed…


EFGE(!HI?)HJK?( 2(6.'+L@#( /37D",/(",(8M+( -.*'N(+1+L &.8&M",/(.8( ,"/M8N(+$#+&".331( -@*",/(#.*%+$;(

Violent lip : lip tattoos A new trend is rising, inspired from the “nail art” concept. lipstick is replaced by a picture, a drawing, sticked to lips like an ephemeral tattoo and fixed with a lacquer.

Inspired from the Asian make up style of geishas and maikos, redrawing the lips contours to make lips appears shorter or larger. LIP 037/(O(($@#+*B1%6."( A R H C I T E T C R U E

3.&C@+*N(B.36N($%&'N(P7.6;( Q37$$1;(?M",1;(R.8;()M"&';(S3@"-;( ((( ( TEXT RE

TASTE & SMELL A customer always looking for more sensations. Feeling beautiful isn’t enough. It must also be enjoyable, comfortable, surprising, … For your mouth and your nose !

As a soft alternative to surgery or Botox injections, some lipsticks are positioned as “volumizing” lips.

gesture Rolling, pushing, plunging, … More than a pack, some brands have revolutionized the gesture of applying lipstick.

PACKAGING & FORM !"#$%&'("$(,78(.($"6#3+($%&'( .,167*+;(G8M+*(#.&'$(M.A+(B++,( -+A+37#+-(O(.(#+,&"3N(.(8@B+N(.( B7D3N(.(#.3+T+N(.('+1(*",/;()M+( $%&'(&.,(B+($&@3#8+-N(8M+(#.&'(&.,( ",&3@-+(.(6"**7*U((

LASTING LIPSTICKS As lips surface is always exposed to humidity and rubbing, creating a lipstick lasting all-day has been a challenge for years.

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS !"#$%&'( "$( .,( .&&+$$7*1;( ) M + * + P 7 * +( " 8( V 8 $( #+*P+&831( ",( .( M.,-B./N( ",(.(#7&'+8N(.,-(&.,(B+( .$$7&".8+-( D"8M( 6.,1( 78M+*(#*7-@&8$;(R7$8(7P( 8M+( %6+N( D"8M( .,78M+*( 6.'+L@#( #*7-@&8( WP7*( ",$8.,&+( 3"'+( .( &737*L 6.8&M",/( ,."3( #73"$M( L( JX2EF!Y;( H8( &.,( .3$7( &76#3+8+( .( #+*P@6+( &7Z*+8;( 0@8( D+( &7@3-( " 6 . / " , + ( 7 8 M + *( [6.8&M+$N( 3"'+( ",( 8M"$( J!HEH]^F( .-( O( D"8M( $M7+$N(&378M+$N(U(


PERSONALITY ENDORSEMENT Nikki Minaj, Ricky Martin, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez … Some stars, artists, and celebrities do influence trends about lipsticks. They are to be closely followed.

LIPSTICKS THEMES! Love, smile, happiness, stage, art,… lips represent several symbols.! So many stories to be told.! !

Lipstick in other universes …

Other customers ? Johnny Harrington photographed by Armin Morbach G-Dragon, Korean male model and singer, in the ad campaign for The Saem Cosmetics.

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