Liok1032sort >lu/liu4 = six [六][陸] clod of earth; earth. (ROOT)

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Information about Liok1032sort >lu/liu4 = six [六][陸] clod of earth; earth. (ROOT)

Published on June 18, 2013

Author: GWROY



k'uei2 = crossroads; where roads meet; ruts in muddy place. (Vehicle)(TRAVEL/WALKING)
liok》 liu4/lu4 = congealing rain; sleet. (ICE)
lu4 = wild goose. (BIRD)
lu4 =grain sown late, ripens early (GRAIN)
lu4 = six;dry land; continuous, succession (HILL)
lu4 = small marine bivalve. (insect/MOLLUSK)
mliok>mu4 = harmonious; concord, friendship. (EYE) see eye to eye?

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