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Information about Linux101

Published on November 2, 2007

Author: Irvette


Linux Kernel 101:  Linux Kernel 101 Sriram Sundararajan Linux ::  Linux : /lee'nuhks/ or /li'nuks/, not /li:'nuhks/ n. The free Unix workalike created by Linus Torvalds and friends starting about 1991 – The Jargon File Resources , compiled by ESR et al. Why Linux? :  Why Linux? Copious Documentation Free Source Fully Customizable All you need is a 386 + 4MB Powerful Contd….:  Contd…. Great technical Support POSIX compliant And It’s a Great OS anyways Dig This:  Dig This Linux and other OSS advocates are making a progressively more credible argument that OSS software is at least as robust -- if not more -- than commercial alternatives. -- Halloween Docs. Linus on Linux :  Linus on Linux The power of Linux is as much about the community of cooperation behind it as the code itself. The Process:  The Process Ok I know that you all know what it is…. Fundamental abstraction Process/kernel model Linux Vs.*nix:  Linux Vs.*nix Monolithic Kernel Support for modules Kernel Threading Multithreaded application support Contd…:  Contd… Nonpreemptive kernel Multiprocessor Support File System STREAMS I/O On Kernels Mono and Micro… :  On Kernels Mono and Micro… Linux Solaris AIX BSD System V SCO Mach Minix …. ??? The Bootstrap:  The Bootstrap BIOS Boot Loader Floppy / Hard Disk setup( ) startup_32( ) start_kernel( ) BIOS:  BIOS Test Hardware (POST) Initialize Hardware Boot from FDD/CD/HDD Copy sector 1 to 7c00 Boot Loader:  Boot Loader Floppy bootsect.S Move to 0009 0000 Setup real mode stack from 0000 3ff4 Display “Loading…” Load setup( ) to 90200 Load rest of kernel and jump to setup( ) Hard disk MBR Move to 0009 a000 Setup real mode stack from 9b000 to 9a200 Display “Loading…” Load setup( ) to 90200 Load rest of kernel and jump to setup( ) setup( ):  setup( ) Initialize a load of Hardware devices Adjust kernel image (low to high) Reprograms PIC Switches CPU from real to protected mode Jumps to startup_32( ) startup_32( ):  startup_32( ) Actually there are two of these Initializes the segment registers and stack Fills the uninitialized data area Invokes decompress_kernel( ) Jump to 0010 0000 Contd..:  Contd.. The other startup_32( ) Init segment regs with final values Setup stack for process 0 Invokes setup_idt( ) Identifies processor model Loads GDT and IDT Jump to start_kernel( ) start_kernel( ):  start_kernel( ) Finally…. Initialize page tables Initialize page descriptors Final initialization of IDT Initialize Slab allocator Initialize system date and time Create thread for Process 1 Next…:  Next… Memory Management References:  References Understanding the Linux Kernel Linux Resource Exchange Operating Systems comparison The Jargon File

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