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Published on March 5, 2014

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Linux NFS

NFS Network File System Jainul A. Musani 1

NFS – Network File System • A Network File System (NFS) allows remote hosts to mount file systems over a network and access those file systems as they are mounted locally. • NFS operates over TCP/IP network. • NFS enables you to mount a file system on a remote computer. • Directly access any of the files on that remote file system 2

NFS – Network File System Example: if you were using a computer linked to a second computer via NFS, you could access files on the second computer as if they resided in a directory on the first computer.

NFS – Network File System 4 • This is accomplished through the processes of exporting (the process by which an NFS server provides remote clients with access to its files) and mounting (the process by which file systems are made available to the operating system and the user).

NFS – Network File System • Access to your NFS server can be controlled by the /etc/host.allow and /etc/hosts.deny 5

NFS – Network File System • Being graphical you must have the X-window system running able to use the tool • Redhat icon Administration Server Setting NFS 6

NFS – Network File System • manually configure in following file… /etc/exports 7

8 NFS – Network File System The NFS daemons are listed OR The following RPC processes facilitate NFS services:

NFS – Network File System • rpc.nfsd  receives NFS requests from remote system • rpc.mountd  performs requested mount & unmount operations • rpc.portmapper  maps remote request to the appropriate NFS daemon 9

NFS – Network File System • rpc.rquotad  provides user disk quote management • rpc.statd  provides locking services when a remote host reboots. 10

NFS Versions 11 Currently, there are three versions of NFS... • NFS version 2 (NFSv2)  is older and is widely supported.

NFS Versions • NFS version 3 (NFSv3)  has more features, including 64bit file handles, Safe Async writes and more robust error handling. • NFS version 4 (NFSv4)  works through firewalls and on the Internet, no longer requires portmapper, supports ACLs, and utilizes stateful operations. 12

The NFS Protocol 13 • Each relies on Remote Procedure Calls(RPC) and Portmap(also called rpc.portmap). • An RPC server tells portmap which port will be used and the managed RPC number.

The NFS Protocol • A client contacts portmap to get port number of desired server program. • RPC packets are addressed to the corresponding port • Use the rpcinfo -p command to obtain details on services 14

The NFS Protocol 15

Configure NFS Server Pre-requisists • A Linux server with IP address  and hostname  Server • A linux client with IP address  and hostname  Client1 16

Configure NFS Server Pre-requisists • Updated /etc/hosts file on both Linux system • Running portmap and xinetd services • Firewall should be off on server 17

Configure NFS Server 18 Step – 1: • Three rpm are required to configure nfs  server. nfs,  portmap,  xinetd check them if not found then install.

Configure NFS Server 19

Configure NFS Server Step – 2: • Now restart •xinetd and •portmap service 20

Configure NFS Server 21

Configure NFS Server Step – 3: • To keep on these services after reboot on then via chkconfig command 22

Configure NFS Server 23

Configure NFS Server Step – 4: • After reboot verify their status. It must be in running condition. 24

Configure NFS Server 25

Configure NFS Server 26 • Step-5 : now create a /data directory and grant full permission to it.

Configure NFS Server 27

Configure NFS Server Step – 6: • now open /etc/exports file 28

Configure NFS Server Step – 7: • share data folder for the network of with read and write access Step – 8: save file with :wq and exit 29

Configure NFS Server Step – 9: • now restart the nfs service and also on it with chkconfig. 30

Configure NFS Server 31

32 NFS Server Configuration Tool With X-Windows • Must be running X Windows, have root privileges, and have the system-config-nfs RPM package installed.

33 NFS Server Configuration Tool With X-Windows  To start the application, click on System => Administration => Server Settings => NFS.  You can also type the command $system-config-nfs

Configure NFS Server 34

Configure NFS Server 35

Configure NFS Server 36

Configure NFS Server •Add Share •The General Options tab allows the following •options to be configured: 37

Configure NFS Server 38

T hank You ! ! 39

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