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Published on April 5, 2014

Author: roidelapluie



Conference given at 2014

Linux HA anno 2014 Julien PivottoJulien Pivotto LOADays, AntwerpLOADays, Antwerp April 4th, 2014April 4th, 2014

whoamiwhoami • sysadmin @ inuitssysadmin @ inuits • open-source defender for 7+ yearsopen-source defender for 7+ years • devops believerdevops believer • @roidelapluie on twitter/github@roidelapluie on twitter/github Julien Pivotto Linux HA

IntroductionIntroduction Julien Pivotto Linux HA

What is HAWhat is HA • High AvailabilityHigh Availability • One service fail ⇒ another takes over its jobOne service fail ⇒ another takes over its job • Transparent for the end-userTransparent for the end-user Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Where HA will NOT helpWhere HA will NOT help • It is not about scalabilityIt is not about scalability • It will not fix your applicationIt will not fix your application • It will make your application stableIt will make your application stable • It is not a one-size-fits-all solutionIt is not a one-size-fits-all solution • It is not about performancesIt is not about performances • It is not backupIt is not backup Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Why caring about HA?Why caring about HA? • Service goes down at 5pm on Friday?Service goes down at 5pm on Friday? • Downtime makes users unhappyDowntime makes users unhappy • Downtime costs moneyDowntime costs money Julien Pivotto Linux HA

What will not workWhat will not work • Virtualization will not make your app HAVirtualization will not make your app HA • VM mirroring is not HAVM mirroring is not HA • Live migrations are not HALive migrations are not HA • Containers are not HAContainers are not HA • Cloud lolCloud lol Julien Pivotto Linux HA

HA is about servicesHA is about services Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Start on a good basisStart on a good basis • AutomationAutomation • MonitoringMonitoring • CI / CDCI / CD • TestingTesting • . . . Then, start working on HA. . . Then, start working on HA Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Eliminate the SPOFEliminate the SPOF • Single Point of FailuresSingle Point of Failures • Hardware failsHardware fails • Disks always failDisks always fail • etc. . .etc. . . • Replicate. . .Replicate. . . Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Split-BrainSplit-Brain • Nodes can’t talk to each otherNodes can’t talk to each other • They think they are aloneThey think they are alone • They take decision and leadershipThey take decision and leadership • Data inconsistencyData inconsistency Julien Pivotto Linux HA

FencingFencing • Shoot the other node in the headShoot the other node in the head • Be sure a node is deadBe sure a node is dead • Preserve integrity of the dataPreserve integrity of the data • Combine with quorumsCombine with quorums Julien Pivotto Linux HA

MonitoringMonitoring • Monitoring if PID is running is uselessMonitoring if PID is running is useless • Result-based monitoringResult-based monitoring • Extract data out of itExtract data out of it • E.g try to insert in DBE.g try to insert in DB Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Cluster?Cluster? • Active/active: everything is activeActive/active: everything is active • Active/passive: nodes in standbyActive/passive: nodes in standby • N+1: One node waiting in standbyN+1: One node waiting in standby • N+M: Nodes waiting in standbyN+M: Nodes waiting in standby • Can mix them etc. . .Can mix them etc. . . Julien Pivotto Linux HA (GFDL 1.2 licence) (GFDL 1.2 licence) (GFDL 1.2 licence) (GFDL 1.2 licence)


Fix you appFix you app Julien Pivotto Linux HA

The StateThe State • Stateless applicationStateless application • Everything in DBEverything in DB • Avoid temp filesAvoid temp files • Disaster recoveryDisaster recovery Julien Pivotto Linux HA

The right toolsThe right tools • Make relevant choices for you appMake relevant choices for you app • Look for HA in databasesLook for HA in databases • Look for HA in queuing systemsLook for HA in queuing systems • Look for HA in filesystems?Look for HA in filesystems? • Master/Master vs Master/slaveMaster/Master vs Master/slave Julien Pivotto Linux HA

The configurationThe configuration • Same config everywhereSame config everywhere • Use puppet, chef, . . .Use puppet, chef, . . . • Config in one placeConfig in one place • KISSKISS Julien Pivotto Linux HA

PacemakerPacemaker Julien Pivotto Linux HA

PacemakerPacemaker • It is the brainIt is the brain • Decides what to do, whenDecides what to do, when • Gets information from ressourcesGets information from ressources • Depends on messaging and cluster managerDepends on messaging and cluster manager • Does not require shared storageDoes not require shared storage Julien Pivotto Linux HA

DecisionsDecisions • A node fails, now whatA node fails, now what • A service fails, now whatA service fails, now what • Restart? Move?Restart? Move? • Needs to be quick and without interventionNeeds to be quick and without intervention • Scores, policiesScores, policies Julien Pivotto Linux HA

CIBCIB • Cluster Information BaseCluster Information Base • XML shared accross the clusterXML shared accross the cluster • Updated using "pcs"Updated using "pcs" • Contains knowledge about the clusterContains knowledge about the cluster Julien Pivotto Linux HA

PrimitivesPrimitives • Service, Ip address, mountpoint,. . .Service, Ip address, mountpoint,. . . • Base bricks of a clusterBase bricks of a cluster • Get a lot of parametersGet a lot of parameters primitive ClusterIP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 params ip="" cidr_netmask="32" op monitor interval="30s" Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Resource AgentResource Agent • ScriptScript • How to startHow to start • How to stopHow to stop • How to change state (promote, demote)How to change state (promote, demote) • How to monitor (real monitoring)How to monitor (real monitoring) • An init script but way beterAn init script but way beter Julien Pivotto Linux HA

ClonesClones • Same resource running on multiple hostsSame resource running on multiple hosts • Define minimum and maximum of running primitivesDefine minimum and maximum of running primitives • Possible to run multiple on the same nodePossible to run multiple on the same node clone WebIP ClusterIP meta globally-unique="true" clone-max="2" clone-node-max="2" Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Master Slave (ms)Master Slave (ms) • Set of primitives with roleSet of primitives with role • Masters and slaves (e.g mysql, ldap)Masters and slaves (e.g mysql, ldap) • Can promote slaves to masterCan promote slaves to master • Can demote masters to slaveCan demote masters to slave • Multiples slaves / mastersMultiples slaves / masters ms WebDataClone WebData meta master-max="2" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2" clone-node-max="1" Julien Pivotto Linux HA

GroupGroup • Group of primitives of different kindGroup of primitives of different kind • Implies colocationImplies colocation • Starts in a fixed orderStarts in a fixed order • Stops in the opposite orderStops in the opposite order Julien Pivotto Linux HA

ColocationColocation • ConstraintConstraint • Must run on the same hostsMust run on the same hosts • Has a scoreHas a score • Order mattersOrder matters • e.g vip with servicee.g vip with service colocation website-with-ip inf: WebSite ClusterIPproperty Julien Pivotto Linux HA

LocationLocation • Set preferred locationSet preferred location • Has a scoreHas a score location prefer-apache-1 WebSite 50: apache-1 ms WebDataClone WebData meta master-max="2" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2" clone-node-max="1" Julien Pivotto Linux HA

OrderOrder • What starts after whatWhat starts after what • Even across nodesEven across nodes • Has a scoreHas a score pcs order WebFS-after-WebData inf: WebDataClone:promote WebFSClone:start Julien Pivotto Linux HA

PropertiesProperties • expected-quorums-votesexpected-quorums-votes • stonith-enabledstonith-enabled property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" dc-version="1.1.5-bdde4d02445be1f3d72e6a203ba2f" cluster-infrastructure="openais" expected-quorum-votes="2" stonith-enabled="true" no-quorum-policy="ignore" Julien Pivotto Linux HA

MaintenanceMaintenance • Manually move resourcesManually move resources • Set a DO-NOT-MANAGE flagSet a DO-NOT-MANAGE flag • Do not forget to revertDo not forget to revert Julien Pivotto Linux HA

CMAN and CorosyncCMAN and Corosync Julien Pivotto Linux HA

CMANCMAN • Manages membership and quorumManages membership and quorum • Notifies pacemaker when something changesNotifies pacemaker when something changes • Starts and manages corosyncStarts and manages corosync • Needs a cluster.conf that contains all the nodesNeeds a cluster.conf that contains all the nodes • Managed via ccsManaged via ccs • Will propagate the changesWill propagate the changes Julien Pivotto Linux HA

CorosyncCorosync • Messaging layerMessaging layer • Controlled via CMANControlled via CMAN • Next version will take over CMANNext version will take over CMAN Julien Pivotto Linux HA

EnvironmentEnvironment Julien Pivotto Linux HA

DistributionsDistributions • Developed mainly by RedHat and SuSeDeveloped mainly by RedHat and SuSe • Used with Openstack tooUsed with Openstack too • Getting into a unique stackGetting into a unique stack • Available in * distrosAvailable in * distros Julien Pivotto Linux HA

crmsh vs pcscrmsh vs pcs • crmsh was more usedcrmsh was more used • Disappeared in CentOS 6.4Disappeared in CentOS 6.4 • Getting used to pcsGetting used to pcs • One goal: modify the CIBOne goal: modify the CIB • pcs is young/not widely usedpcs is young/not widely used Julien Pivotto Linux HA

A PCS primerA PCS primer Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Create a resourceCreate a resource pcs resource create ClusterIP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 ip= cidr_netmask=32 op monitor interval=30s Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Create constraintsCreate constraints pcs constraint colocation add WebFS WebDataClone INFINITY with-rsc-role=Master pcs constraint order promote WebDataClone then start WebFS Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Standby a hostStandby a host pcs cluster standby node1 Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Check the status of the clusterCheck the status of the cluster pcs status Last updated: Fri Sep 14 12:41:12 2012 Last change: Fri Sep 14 12:41:08 2012 via crm_attribute on pcmk-1 Stack: corosync Current DC: pcmk-1 (1) - partition with quorum Version: 1.1.8-1.el7-60a19ed12fdb4d5c6a6b6767f52e5391e447fec0 2 Nodes configured, unknown expected votes 5 Resources configured. Node pcmk-1 (1): standby Online: [ pcmk-2 ] Full list of resources: ClusterIP (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2): Started pcmk-2 WebSite (ocf::heartbeat:apache): Started pcmk-2 Master/Slave Set: WebDataClone [WebData] Masters: [ pcmk-2 ] Stopped: [ WebData:1 ] WebFS (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem): Started pcmk-2 Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Percona Replication ManagerPercona Replication Manager Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Percona Replication ManagerPercona Replication Manager • MySQL replication with pacemakerMySQL replication with pacemaker • Complete documentationComplete documentation • Ressource agentsRessource agents • Supports multi-slave setupsSupports multi-slave setups • Good documentationGood documentation Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Mysql Ressource AgentMysql Ressource Agent • Keeps track of a score for each slaveKeeps track of a score for each slave • In case of failure, will switch to the "best scored"In case of failure, will switch to the "best scored" • Can be reused in your clusterCan be reused in your cluster • Julien Pivotto Linux HA

PuppetPuppet Julien Pivotto Linux HA

puppetlabs-corosyncpuppetlabs-corosync • "Reference" module"Reference" module • Creates resources, constraints. . .Creates resources, constraints. . . • crmsh providercrmsh provider • • (pcs) (pcs) Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Old puppet codeOld puppet code exec { ’loadcrmconfig’: refreshonly => true, command => ’/bin/sleep 5; /usr/sbin/crm configure load replace /etc/mediasalsa/cib.cfg >>/tmp/empty 2>&1’, subscribe => File[’/etc/project/cib.cfg’], } Julien Pivotto Linux HA

New puppet codeNew puppet code include cman include pacemaker cman_cluster { ’mycluster’: ensure => ’present’, logging => ’to_logfile="off"’, require => Class[’cman’], } cman_clusternode{ $clusternodes: ensure => ’present’, require => Cman_cluster[’mycluster’]; } Julien Pivotto Linux HA

New puppet codeNew puppet code class { ’cman::service’: ensure => ’running’, enable => true, require => Cman_clusternode[$clusternodes], } class { ’pacemaker::service’: ensure => ’running’, enable => true, require => Class[’cman::service’], } Julien Pivotto Linux HA

New puppet codeNew puppet code Class[’cman::service’, ’pacemaker::service’]-> Cs_property<||>-> Cs_primitive<||> cs_property { ’stonith-enabled’: ensure => present, value => ’false’, } cs_property { ’no-quorum-policy’: ensure => present, value => ’ignore’, } Julien Pivotto Linux HA

New puppet codeNew puppet code cs_primitive { "mysql-${name}": provider => ’pcs’, primitive_class => ’ocf’, primitive_type => ’mysql’, provided_by => ’inuits’, parameters => { ’test_user’ => $test_user, ’test_passwd’ => $test_passwd, ’test_table’ => $test_table, }, operations => { ’monitor’ => { ’interval’ => ’10s’, }, }, require => Cs_property[’stonith-enabled’], } Julien Pivotto Linux HA

ConclusionsConclusions Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Be cleverBe clever • KISSKISS • AutomateAutomate • MonitorMonitor • Be realisticBe realistic Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Do not promise the impossibleDo not promise the impossible • WONTFIX your appWONTFIX your app • Working together (devops)Working together (devops) • Not about scaleNot about scale • Not about stabilityNot about stability • Do not talk in ninesDo not talk in nines Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Linux HALinux HA • ReliableReliable • Pacemaker, Corosync, CMANPacemaker, Corosync, CMAN • Pcs, crmsh, ccsPcs, crmsh, ccs • A lot of readingA lot of reading • A lot of experience to buildA lot of experience to build Julien Pivotto Linux HA

RTFMRTFM • http://clusterlabs.org • Clusters From ScratchClusters From Scratch • Pacemaker explainedPacemaker explained • http://blog.clusterlabs.org • Old http://linux-ha.orgOld Julien Pivotto Linux HA

Thank youThank you Any question?Any question? Julien Pivotto Linux HA

ContactContact Julien PivottoJulien Pivotto @roidelapluie@roidelapluie INUITS bvbaINUITS bvba BelgiumBelgium +32 473 441 636+32 473 441 636 https://inuits.eu Julien Pivotto Linux HA

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