Linux: embarquement immédiat pour le cloud

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Information about Linux: embarquement immédiat pour le cloud

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: Developpeurs



De multiples distributions Linux tournent dans Azure, le saviez-vous? Concrêtement, quelques exemples de mise en oeuvre, scénarios de support, environnements de pilotage. Presentation des différents acteurs: SUSE, OpenSuse, CentOS, Debian, Mageia ... perspective d'utilisation dans le cloud. Les mises en oeuvre, le déploiement des environnements Linux par l'exemple, cas clients.

Speakers : Blaise Vignon (Microsoft), Frédéric Aatz (Microsoft France)

Linux sur Azure Blaise Vignon – Microsoft Julien Niedergang - SUSE Décideurs Informatiques

Microsoft Open Technologies Product Groups Open Source Code Contributions Outercurve Foundation & Codeplex Open Standards and Interoperability Product Engineering Open Source at Microsoft Enterprise Services Open Source Communities Microsoft crosscompany initiatives Open Source Technology Center Business and Partnerships Open Solutions Group

Investing in Standards #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Windows + Open Source #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Microsoft + Linux • Linux runs as a first-class guest on Windows Server Hyper-V • Develop apps for both Linux and Windows (CoApp) #mstechdays “Microsoft is playing quite nicely with Linux and other open source tools. “ -Robert McMillan, Wired Enterprise Décideurs informatiques

Microsoft + Apache Hadoop • Embracing the Big Data revolution with Hadoop on Windows Server and Windows Azure • Utilize Microsoft BI tools to unleash data insights from all your data, including those in Hadoop #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

+ de 21 ANS EXCELLENCE EN TECHNOLOGIE LINUX DÉVELOPPEMENT DU NOYAU 3 PREMIERS SLES a été la première distribution Linux d’entreprise. #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

SUSE AUTOMOBILE AÉROSPATIALE ET DÉFENSE COMMERCE DE DÉTAIL PRESQUE ~80% ~70% TOUS + de 21 ANS EXCELLENCE EN TECHNOLOGIE LINUX DÉVELOPPEMENT DU NOYAU 3 PREMIERS SLES a été la première distribution Linux d’entreprise. #mstechdays Top 500 - Fortune Top 100 - Fortune MAINFRAME CALCUL HAUTE PERFORMANCE SAP + de 80 % + de 50% + de 70% Des calculateurs Top 500 - Fortune Linux sur Mainframe +9500 APPLICATIONS CERTIFIÉES SUPPORT BASIC OU PRIORITAIRE RECOMMANDÉ PAR MICROSOFT Décideurs informatiques

Distributions SUSE SLES 11 SP2, SP3 Open SUSE 12.3 CentOS 6.3 by OpenLogic* Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10 Oracle Linux Integration Components Testing and validation by partners Bring other variants at your own risk** *Image provided by OpenLogic based on CentOS 6.3 **Integration Work will be needed #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Additional Partners • Our partners allow you to easily create images: • Customize and manage Images or your own with : • Opscode: Chef • Canonical: Juju • ScaleXtreme • RightScale • Bitnami #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Linux pricing Windows Linux #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Linux Offering Summary • Linux as a first class citizen in Azure • We will focus mainly on Enterprises and ISVs but will also reach out to the community • • Open Sourcing critical components Documenting API • We will offer both Community and Commercial Distributions • You will be able to buy support for the commercial distributions (GA only) #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

What Does Persistent Mean? #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques Persistent OS Disk …and highly durable

What Does Persistent Mean? #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques Persistent OS Disk …and highly durable

Provisioning • • • • Gallery Experience Third Party Tool Provisioning Bring Your Own Linux Provision from Partner Repository #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Gallery Experience Lowest barrier of entry Partner created images Click through provisioning Leverage portal to: Provide Images (VHDs that include ICs and agent) Associate SSH Keys Collect configuration information Drive provisioning #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Third Party Tool Provisioning Easily Customize a partner image Ease the creation of custom images, configuration and resources Select packages to include in Image Tool will include the appropriate ICs and Agent Tool will drive provisioning for Customer if desired Currently Only SUSE Suse Studio: Open SUSE or SLES #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

SUSE STUDIO WWW.SUSESTUDIO.COM #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Uforge, from UShareSoft #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

VM DEPOT #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Bring Your Own Linux Expert Customers that want to tweak ,Customize, create images based on supported* distributions Customer will Use Hyper-V to install Distribution Add ICs and Agent Generate the VHD Capture configuration Generate resources Upload and start instance using: Linux Native: Tools, libraries, scripts #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Linux Integration Services: Run Linux on Hyper-V • Goals – Linux guests can use same Hyper-V functionality as Windows guests – Competitive with functionality and performance of other hypervisors • Recent development work in Linux kernel for Hyper-V – – – – – – VMBus protocol updates to match WS 2012 Hyper-V Dynamic memory 2D synthetic video driver File system consistent VM backups Online VHDX resize Synthetic fibre channel driver • Development work is somewhat asynchronous with major Microsoft product releases #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

LIS Distribution & Support Microsoft developers LIS for Hyper-V Linux community MS download center Customer installs LIS Support issues Distro vendors flow in reverse direction Customer Linux distro w/LIS servers w/Hyper#mstechdays V Décideurs informatiques .... Linux kernel main

Linux Integration Services • Key Linux vendors now including LIS in standard distros Distro Red Hat Enterprise Linux SUSE Linux Enterprise Server CentOS Version LIS Availability 5.7, 5.8, 6.0-6.3 Download LIS from Microsoft 5.9, 5.10, 6.4 LIS built-in and certified by Red Hat 11 SP2, SP3 LIS built-in 5.7, 5.8, 6.0-6.3 Download LIS from Microsoft 5.9, 5.10, 6.4 LIS built-in Ubuntu Server 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10 LIS built-in Debian 7.0 LIS built-in Oracle Linux 6.4 LIS built-in • Support strategy – Vanilla Linux questions: Contact the Linux vendor – Issues running Linux on Hyper-V: Contact the Linux vendor or Microsoft #mstechdays Décideurs informatiques

Testez dès maintenant Windows Azure ! MSDN: Partenaires: 150€ de ressources SUSE Studio Utilisation gratuite

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