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Information about LinkedIn Sales & Marketing - March 2014
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Published on March 21, 2014

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277+ million people are using LinkedIn to connect with professionals, develop business relationships, search for employees, and find customers. Does your profile tell people how you can help them?

“You don't need someone who knows everything you know; you need someone who knows what you don't know!” WE KNOW! We want to educate sales people to find that elusive buyer, empower recruiters to find that perfect placement and help marketers and entrepreneurs search for new customers.

LinkedIn Sales, Marketing & Business Development Bruce Bixler & Bruce Bennett

Photo & Headline ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Your Profile Headline or “UVP” Most people have a headline that simply states their position. But that doesn’t tell people why they should connect with you. It doesn't tell them how you add value, and it doesn't tell them how you can solve their company's problem. You need to learn how to set yourself apart. You need to prove that you are a thought leader. You need to show that YOU are the expert. Your Headline should include keywords, your picture, and your Unique Value Position (UVP) ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Profile URL ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob Personalize your profile URL for Google SEO Change the default URL for your profile to your name and link to your profile from other sites and posts http/

Contact Info ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

LinkedIn Summary: Your Profile “UVP” ©Bruce Bixler

Marketing Your Profile (UVP): Updates ©Bruce Bixler • Post applicable personal (UVP)updates, networking events • Make sure your status updates reflect the things/topics for which you want to be known • Share insights or “on value” content 80 percent of the time and only share your own accomplishments 20 percent of the time • Share updates that you have customized on LinkedIn Pulse

Marketing Your Profile - Website Links ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Calls to Action ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Specialties ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Visual Media ©Bruce Bixler • An image can be added to your summary, educational and experience sections • Slideshare presentations or decks • Video content

Visual Media SlideShare Share ppt’s, presentations, and video, CV’s You can view all of your connections ppt ©Bruce Bixler

Advanced Applications Search: SalesLoft ©Bruce Bixler

Groups allow you to follow others in groups Groups allow visibility to millions of connections Groups allow you to demonstrate your expertise ©Bruce Bixler Groups Search

Group Messaging ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Groups: Follow people • Groups allow you to connect to target people – Groups allow you to message others in group • Groups allow you to follow others in group – Groups allow visibility to millions of connections • Groups allow you to demonstrate your expertise ©Bruce Bixler

Group Messaging ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Search Advanced Capabilities ©Bruce Bixler

Try SalesLoft ©Bruce Bixler

Advanced Search: Share ©Bruce Bixler

Boolean People Search Terms Boolean searches - The site doesn't support wildcard searches, but you can use advanced search operators and Boolean logic. You can also use these Boolean search types to refine your results: Quoted searches - For an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks (e.g. "product manager"). NOT searches - To exclude a particular term, type that term with an uppercase NOT immediately before it (e.g. NOT computer). OR searches - To see results that include just 1 of 2 or more terms, separate those terms with an uppercase OR (e.g. sales OR marketing). AND searches - To get results that include 2 or more terms, you can use the upper-case word AND as a separator (e.g. manager AND director). Note: You don't need to use AND. If you search 2 or more terms, you'll automatically see results that include all of them. Parenthetical searches - To do a complex search, you can combine terms using parentheses. For example, to find people who have "VP" in their profiles, or have director AND division in their profiles, type: VP OR (director AND division). ©Bruce Bixler

Boolean People Search strings • (“business analyst” OR “systems analyst” OR “system analyst” OR “functional analyst” OR “requirements analyst”) • (develop OR developer OR developed OR developing OR development OR develops) • (iOS OR iPhone) -(network OR QA test OR manager OR director OR chief OR founder OR owner OR vice OR president OR recruiter) • (seeking OR seeker OR “looking for” OR “in search” of OR “open to” OR “new job” OR “actively pursuing” OR “pursuing new” OR “searching for” OR “new opportunity” OR “new opportunities” OR “available for”) • Character string – over 1000 characters – free account • Recruiter account – over 3000- characters ©Bruce Bixler

Advanced People Search ©Bruce Bixler

LinkedIn Sales: Saved Searches ©Bruce Bixler

Searching Your Connections Connection’s ©Bruce Bixler

LinkedIn Sharing Content ©Bruce Bixler

Sharing Content “LinkedIn Pulse” Hover and click on the blue LinkedIn Pulse Link ©Bruce Bixler

LinkedIn Sales: Top Sellers Engagement ©Bruce Bixler

LinkedIn Sales: “LinkedIn Mentions” Updates Type (@) • LinkedIn Mentions ©Bruce Bixler

Export Connections ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

Your Profile “LinkedIn CRM” Connections Resource Management ©Bruce Bixler

CRM - Connections Resource Management ©Bruce Bixler

Search Tip: Follow Companies ©Bruce Bixler

Your Profile “LinkedIn Contacts” ©Bruce Bixler

Advanced Strategy : Company Follow ©Bruce Bixler

Company Follow ©Bruce Bixler

Finding 3rd Degree Connections ©Bruce Bennett @BruceBob

LinkedIn Group members Last Name Copy Image URL Step one - copy image URL Step two - Open Google browser for Images Step 3 - Paste image URL into Google Image Search ©Bruce Bixler

Advanced Search: rapportive ©Bruce Bixler

LinkedIn Sales: What Do You Know? Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code Knowledge of LinkedIn’s capabilities is limited. The biggest challenge (stated by 58.0% of the respondents) is that they don’t know how to use what’s available from LinkedIn. And, 41.2% of respondents say they lack the time to learn and/or use LinkedIn ©Bruce Bixler

Thank You! Feel free to follow up later or connect with us on LinkedIn Bruce Bixler – Mobile 224-221-9700 Email: LinkedIn: Bruce A. Bennett - Mobile: 815-302-9552 Email: LinkedIn: Career Coach Corner Blog:

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