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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: jbellatl



Discover who’s interested in you

With Premium, you can access the full list of everyone who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days—and get the info you need to reach out or follow up. Without Premium, you can only see the last 5 people.

Get analytics to improve your professional presence

Take advantage of exclusive insights about how people are finding you. See trends over time, top search terms, and the industries and locations of people visiting your profile—and then use this info to improve your profile and increase your likelihood of being found.

Be prepared with key information on business contacts

Premium members get full access to 35x more profiles, with the ability to view complete profiles for their entire network—including 3rd-degree connections and group members. More detailed profile information means you can thoroughly research new contacts and make a good first impression.

Make new business contacts outside your network

Often, LinkedIn members don’t provide contact information on their profiles, so it’s difficult to reach out to them. With Premium, you get up to 25 InMail credits a month to send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn—even if you don’t have connections in common.

Get introduced through your network

With Premium, you get up to 25 introduction requests so you can turn a cold contact into a warm connection – increasing your chance of a response. For a member you’re trying to reach, we’ll show you people you have in common. From there, just choose a connection to make the introduction.

Make yourself available to new contacts

When you upgrade to Premium, you have the option to join the OpenLink network, allowing any LinkedIn member to reach out to you free of charge.Your profile will show an OpenLink badge to help increase your visibility and likelihood of appearing in search results.

Zero in on the right people

Fine-tune your search with up to 8 additional search filters, including job function, seniority, years of experience, and company size. Cut down on the time needed to find decision makers, leads, investors, and potential hires.

Easily stay on top of your search

There’s no need to recreate your commonly used searches. With Premium, simply save your favorite searches, and we’ll send you automatic alerts whenever someone new matches your criteria.

Reach out credibly to anyone on LinkedIn

With Premium, you get up to 25 InMail credits to send direct messages to potential business contacts – even if you’re not connected. InMail is 2.6x more effective in garnering responses than emails or cold calls, as it’s tied to your professional profile.

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Premium Playbook

Table of Contents Discover Who’s Interested in You 03 Find People Faster 08 LinkedIn is about establishing your professional identity, growing your network, and being great at what you do. Reach the Right People 14 With Premium, you can take these goals to the next level so you can discover who’s interested in you, find the right people, and reach them faster. More Premium Features to Explore 21 Get the Most From LinkedIn 23 Welcome to Premium! | 2

Discover who’s interested in you Any time someone checks out your LinkedIn profile, it’s an opportunity. The more information you have about the people who are looking, the better equipped you are to reach out, follow up, or improve your professional presence.

See who’s looking Your Premium account gives you more visibility. All LinkedIn members are able to see the past five people who have viewed their profile. Only LinkedIn Premium members are able to see everyone who has viewed their profile for the past 90 days*. * Viewers who have set their profile visibility setting to anonymous or industry/title will appear as such in the list. “Because of Linkedin, I am able to reach out to potential buyers and distributors across the world. It has literally transformed my small business into a global company.” Michelle Ojea Owner, Piggy Pillows LLC | 4

Dig deeper Take advantage of exclusive Premium insights you can use to help your profile get noticed by the right people. How it works On your homepage or your profile page, click the link under Who’s Viewed Your Profile? on the right side of the page. Once you click through, you’ll see how many times you appeared in search results over the past 90 days. With Profile Stats Pro, you can see: A trending graph showing how many people viewed your profile and how many times you appeared in search results over the past 90 days Top search keywords that led to your profile Views by industry and geography 5 15 | 5

Who’s Viewed Your Profile in action Anthony Cruz, a Sales Manager at an Enterprise Telecommunications Company, attends the year’s biggest industry conference. He meets hundreds of people, hands out dozens of business cards, and connects with a handful of people on LinkedIn. The first thing he does when he gets back to the office is sign in to his Premium account and check out Who’s Viewed Your Profile. He sees that Frank Simpson, a buyer who chatted with him and took his card, has looked at his profile in the past 24 hours. Now that Anthony knows Frank’s interested, he has a warm lead he can confidently follow up with. Who’s Viewed Your Profile Today Frank Simpson Connect | 6

Tips for getting more opportunities Follow these three tips to take full advantage of your premium visibility features and insights. Don’t be afraid to reach out Cross-reference with your goals Optimize for search When someone who’s viewed your profile seems interesting, consider sending a message to follow up. Keep tabs on the Appearances in Search chart to see trends over time. Take a look at the top search words and make sure keywords that are relevant to your career and objectives are listed. It’s a great way to capture new opportunities like job openings, sales prospects, and industry connections. Fine-tune your profile by adding skills, keywords, and more details on your experience. If not, you may want to adjust your profile to include different keywords. | 7

Find people faster Searching doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job. Now that you’re Premium, you’ve got access to tools that help you search faster, more efficiently, and more successfully.

Zero in on the people you need It’s all about focus. Significantly cut down on the time needed to find the perfect candidate, prospect, client, or expert by using Premium search filters. Finely tune your searches when you filter by years of experience, seniority level, job function, company size, groups, and more. Premium members get up to 8 additional search filters. How it works First, find the Advanced link to the right of the search box at the top of any page. Once you’ve clicked through, all of your Premium filters have a gold LinkedIn logo next to them. Advanced The upshot? You get fewer, better, and more targeted results. | 9

Be prepared with key information Want to make a great first impression with new contacts? Before you reach out, take a look at their profile to gather some insight on their background, interests, and career path. You can use this info as a conversation starter. With your Premium account, you can see full profiles for your entire network—including all 3rd-degree connections and group members. Basic members can only see employer and school names. Activity Feed Background Experience, skills & expertise, education, honors & awards, projects, volunteering, organizations, additional info Recommendations Groups Following News, Companies, Influencers your 3rd degree network | 10

Easily stay on top of your search Once you’ve narrowed down your search to return people who fit your needs, there’s no need to go back and search again every time you want to find new results. Simply save your favorite searches, and we’ll send you automatic alerts whenever new results appear. Remember: “I have set up saved searches for the groups of people who typically buy my services and those skill sets of people I typically hire. After setting weekly alerts, LinkedIn sends me matches who I contact immediately and invite to meet. LinkedIn brings me dozens of new prospective employees and clients each and every week! It’s magical and my network has grown immensely in a short time. ” Eric Lambert IT Staffing & Solutions Executive, Matrix Members are always updating their profiles, and approximately two new people join LinkedIn every second, so search alerts help ensure you never miss out on someone you might be interested in. | 11

Premium search in action Jamie Schwartz’s organic food company is growing, and now she needs to hire a small team of people to handle increasing customer inquiries. She uses her Premium search filters to find senior-level candidates who currently work at small companies and are fellow members of professional organic groups. Since she has limited time to spend looking for relevant profiles, Jamie also sets up a Premium search alert targeted at finding new members and students, so she’ll be sure to catch entry-level candidates who may be interested in an internship. Relationship Location Current company Industry Past company School Senior Company size: 11-50 American Organic Natural Product Industry Groups American organic Natural product industry Years of experience Function Seniority level Senior Interested in Company size 1-10 Fortune When joined | 12

Tips for success Follow these three tips to search faster and more efficiently. Target your ideal prospect Find common ground Get alerted first Whether you’re selling, job-hunting, recruiting, or building your business, you’ve likely got an ideal target in mind. Try joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target market. Then, you can use the “Group” search filter to find people who are members of those groups – and tailor your message accordingly. Use search alerts to be the first to know when members newly fit your professional needs, whether they have acquired a new skill, have an updated job function, make a move, etc. Premium filters let you focus on reaching exactly who you need to find, whether they be experience executives, people who work at SMBs, or any other specific segment. | 13

Reach the right people At its core, LinkedIn is all about people. Your Premium account gives you powerful tools to easily – and credibly – get in touch with the people you need on the world’s largest professional network.

Reach out with InMail Want to get in contact with someone who’s outside your network? InMail gives you the ability to reach out to any LinkedIn member, even if you’re not connected. How it works When you’re looking at someone’s profile, simply click Send InMail to send a message directly to their inbox. If the other person doesn’t reply, we refund your InMail credit. There’s no barrier to getting started—you don’t need their email address, phone number, or any other specific contact information. If you don’t receive a reply we refund your credit, automatically. Connect Send InMail Whether your goal is to contact a sales prospect, industry expert, hiring manager, or someone else, InMail makes it easy. InMail messages receive a response 2x more often than cold calls | 15

InMail in action Compose your message Sam Liu, a video editor for an online magazine, is interested in switching industries. He sees an opening for an editor job at a leading online gaming company and discovers that someone who went to his college works at that same company. He sends her an InMail message explaining their connection and asks if she has some time available to give him some insights into her company’s culture, values and hiring process. After getting the inside scoop from Marlena Jones, he is able to tailor his resume and cover letter to the company and position, increasing his chances of landing an interview. To: Marlena Jones From: Sam Liu Subject: Editor position Your message to Marlena: Hi Marlena, I noticed | 16

Tips for success Follow these three tips to create a compelling InMail. Be engaging Be concise Be personal Use your first message to start the conversation and pique interest. Your goal is to get a response, not to seal the deal. Keep it brief and to the point. You have only a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and convey the value of your message. Customized InMail messages get a 50% higher response rate. Scan through the person’s profile to reference any people or experiences you share in common, and be specific about why you’re interested in them. | 17

Leverage your network See someone you’d like to contact, but you’re not directly connected? Maybe one of your connections can help. If the person you’re interested in is connected to someone you know—or even to someone your connection knows—try asking for an introduction. Introductions offer a trustworthy way to reach out through people you know in common, turning a cold contact into a warm connection and increasing the chance of a response. How it works Near the top of a second-degree or third-degree connection’s profile, find the Get Introduced option in the dropdown menu, next to Send InMail. You’ll be able to choose a person you know who can introduce you, and craft a message asking them for an introduction. Connect Send InMail Ask Jo for more info Get introduced Search for references | 18

Introductions in action Sally Polaski is the founder of a flash sale website for urban moms. To grow her subscriber base, what she really needs is a partnership with some trendy, popular kids’ clothing brands. Sally identifies 5 people, including Jessica Lin, in her extended LinkedIn network who are decisionmakers at the brands she’d like to worth with. Then, instead of a cold call, she starts the conversation by asking for an introduction to Jessica through her connections—a more credible way to get in touch Sally Polaski Robert Toledo Angela Duffy Jessica Lin Get Introduced | 19

Go above and beyond Follow these three tips for a successful introduction. Be purposeful Be specific Be respectful Clearly explain why you’re asking for the introduction. Remember that you’re asking for a favor, so let the other person know exactly how you’ll make good use of it. Just in case the other person isn’t comfortable making the introduction, provide an easy way for them to say no. | 20

More premium features to explore

The highlights We’ve covered a lot of what your account has to offer, but there’s even more you can do now that you’re Premium. Check out some highlights below. Premium Badge More search results OpenLink Want to stand out on LinkedIn? As a Premium member, you can catch people’s attention by displaying a gold LinkedIn badge on your profile that also appears next to your name in search results. You can turn your badge on and off from your Settings page. Premium members see 3 to 10 times more profiles with every search. Combined with expanded profiles, this brings more power to your ability to find the people you need on LinkedIn. Want to send a strong signal that you’re open to new opportunities and connections? When you join the OpenLink network, any LinkedIn member will be able to send you a message free of charge. To turn on your OpenLink profile badge, just look for the OpenLink area on your Settings page. than members who don’t. | 22

Get the most from LinkedIn Beyond your Premium features, don’t forget to make the most of LinkedIn’s basic professional tools: perfect your profile, grow your network, and join the professional conversation.

Perfecting your profile When was the last time you polished your profile? Keeping your profile fresh and up to date will help you get noticed, and it only takes a few minutes to make sure you’ve got all of these in place. Profile photo Experience Education Volunteer experience Alumni often use LinkedIn to network and make contacts, so make sure you’ve added the names of any colleges and universities you’ve attended. This is a great way to connect with others who share your passions. Plus, LinkedIn research found that 1 in 5 hiring managers has hired a candidate based in part on volunteer experience. Skills & expertise Recommendations Make a great first impression with a professionallooking photo. The best are high-quality headshots with simple backgrounds. Adding skills and expertise makes it easy for your connections to endorse you for your strengths and knowledge, as well as helping you show up in relevant searches. Have you filled out descriptions for each of your positions? Include the achievements you’re proudest of to highlight your skills and qualifications. Ask some of your connections—like clients, coworkers, and business partners—to write recommendations of your work. When making the request, try reminding them of your past projects and accomplishments. | 24

Growing your network A larger network increases your chances of finding jobs, business opportunities, candidates, leads, and customers. Here are some of the easiest ways to make meaningful connections. Add your email contacts Find other people you may know Connect as soon as you meet There’s a good chance that a lot of people you know are already on LinkedIn. The easiest way to find and connect with them quickly is to search your email contacts. LinkedIn offers personalized recommendations of people we think you might want to connect with, based on what we know about you. Make it a habit to actively connect on LinkedIn with new people you meet every day. There’s no better time to add someone to your network than shortly after being introduced, when your meeting is fresh in their mind. To get started, find the Add Connections link at the top of your homepage. You can select as many or as few people as you’d like before sending invitations. Once you click People You May Know in the top right of your homepage, you can keep exploring and discover more connections based on school, past jobs, and more. Connecting over LinkedIn is also a great way to continue to build a relationship with someone new. | 25

Discover groups relevant to your interests Joining the professional conversation Have you ever shared an interesting link with your network—or found out about something cool from an article on LinkedIn? By participating in the discussions taking place throughout LinkedIn you can keep yourself top of mind with your connections and build your professional reputation among your peers. Check out some more ways to get insights and enhance your professional brand. Joining a LinkedIn group is a great way to meet like-minded people and have conversations about topics that matter to you. Stay on top of industry news At the top of your homepage, you’ll see personalized recommendations of news we think you’ll be interested in. This makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening in your industry, so you’ll always have a conversation starter at the ready. Try sharing one of these articles to start a conversation and see what your network thinks! Read big ideas from thought leaders Looking for inspiration? LinkedIn Influencers are an exclusive group of thought leaders—from Richard Branson to Barack Obama—who publish original content on LinkedIn. | 26

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