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Published on April 16, 2013

Author: jgzheng


Professional Development WorkshopJack Guangzhi ZhengAssistant Professor, IT Department April 16, 2012

Overview• What is LinkedIn?• How can LinkedIn help us as university faculty? – Individual: scholar, professional, educator – Community: user group, academic/professional association, special interest group – Institution: degree, department, school, university• How is LinkedIn used in SPSU?

LinkedIn Professional Social and Credibility networking Dynamic Business resume Endorsement Job and career Skill and achievement

Basic LinkedIn Capabilities Contact management Application and Updates and content feeds mashup Endorsement and recommendation Personal profile and Job searching resume and posting Company profile Group

As a Professional/Faculty• Dynamic vita/resume building• Professional networking – Create connections with colleagues, students practitioners, etc. – Keep all contacts organized. – Share updates and ideas. – Get connections updates and sharing.• Participate in professional groups (community of practices) – Hot topic discussions – Get notified about events

Dynamic Resume – Get Recognition!• Presentations• Projects• Publications• Student recommendations• Skills

Social and Networking• Automatic updated contacts – Keep in touch!• Activity feeds from connections – Share content, thoughts and ideas – Profile changes – Skill endorsement – Recommendation – Group activities

Groups• Group examples – Professional – Interest – Association – Academic – Alumni – Non-profit• What can we do in groups – Discussion – Conference and journal call for papers – Event publicizing – News and updates – Survey

Group Discussions• Educational• SoTL• Expertise• Practice• Technology• Hot topic• Trends• Research

Creating and Managing a Group

As an Institution• Two major purposes of using social media – Marketing and promotion – Student engagement and services  sense of community• How is it different from other popular social networks like FaceBook? – Audience: professionals – Content: professional and educational

Serving Students• Its not only professional development and networking for faculties, but also for students• Students should be encouraged to join the professional network for career development – Find networking and job opportunities – Look for "role models" who have similar backgrounds• Plus, its also a good way of out-of-class student engagement

Faculty Involvement• Encourage students to build up career profiles and portfolio• Urge students to actively participate in professional networking• Facilitate group discussions on – career related issues and concerns – industry trend – advanced education and training – community news and events

SPSU on LinkedIn I made some earliest and most contribution and remain as an co- owner of the site. polytechnic-state-university • Over 1,500 followers • Over 200 page views per month • Attention from the marketing dept.?

Degree Programs on LinkedIn

SPSU Groups As of 4/14/2013 Group # of Members Owner Creation Date SPSU Alumni 2702 Patrick Duncan 4/7/2008 SPSU Group 656 David Christiansen 7/8/2008 Construction Management 502 Cherri Watson 8/28/2009 Career Center Connection 240 Jill Forest 8/25/2009 SPSU IT Graduates 107 Jack Zheng 10/16/2012 Business Administration 101 Brenda Luther 6/13/2008 ETCMA 78 Sarah Weldon 10/18/2012 MS in Quality Assurance 53 Bill Bailey 1/3/2013 Entrepreneurs Forum 43 Pierrette Maillet 12/28/2011 Consort AT-HIT Alumni 36 Anngie (Jenkins) Young 3/27/2013 Civil Engineering (BSCE) 17 Fereidoon Angoory 8/9/2012 CGDD 12 Jon Preston 3/20/2013 Architecture Alumni 4 Jesse Caudill 2/20/2013 CS and SWE Alumni 2 Orlando Karam 3/20/2013

SPSU IT Graduates Group

A Few Tips• Privacy – Edit your public profile• Easy share to LinkedIn• LinkedIn APIs – Share plugin – LinkedIn profile plugin to put on your website – Login with LinkedIn• Content mashup – SlideShare – WordPress

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