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Published on December 5, 2016

Author: MikeMastroyiannis

Source: slideshare.net

1. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 1

2. • What challenges do they face and how can we help them accelerate? • How can we help you stand out of this crowd? • How can we help you become Successful? Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 2 • The last couple of years we have witnessed a boom in the startup/early stage company world. • A day will not pass by without a new startup entering the market. Introduction Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem

3. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 3 The Best Partner in providing effective growth resources for Early Stage Companies and Investors Vision Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem

4. Our Purpose/Mission Enabling growth for the innovation Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 4 Proof of Concept Product/market fit & Customer validation Scaling / Growth Investors, Accelerators, Crowd funding Mentors, Other start-ups, Business Accelerators Media, Social Media, Global Network Research, Sourcing, Selling Government Local, State & Federal Entrepreneurs, Inventors & Innovators Educational Institutions Special Service Providers i.e.: Finance, Pitch help With the right support, introductions and guidance your company will grow faster than competition to become a leader

5. What are our values Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem Customer Centricity Solution Orientation Speed Integrity Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 5 Professionalism Cultural Awareness Trust Inclusiveness

6. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 6 On being first: “you’re probably not the first, or the only, in any particular field”. On persistence: “Persistence is very important, but not foolish persistence. . . market tells you whether you’re right or wrong.” On plans: “I don’t want a very large business plan, I do want to know you’ve thought about the key issues facing your business over the first year or two.” On attracting investment: “An entrepreneur who is passionate about an idea–the money will come if they do it well.” Connecting with investors Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem

7. What we do Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 7  We link Value Creators with companies who want to Leverage Value.  We link you with the right investors. We help you prepare your pitch to be successful with fundraising.  We help you scale, locally and globally.  We help you to be effective in your commercialization.  We utilize our network and portfolio of companies to leverage partnerships. Connect We simplify the fundraising process: Connecting start-ups and investors, sharing knowledge and experience counting on some of the best serial entrepreneurs and investors in the field of Smart City, Robotics and Health & Wellness industry. Enable Scaling We provide resources: Inspiring scalable business model, Support Marketing and Sales, Management and business coaching, Scaling investments Commercialization We enable effective commercialization: B2B and B2C  strategy, Strategy execution, Marketing / business plan evaluation and improvement, Global sales network, Enable effective commercialization, Sourcing Leverage Partnerships We provide resources: Leverage partnerships – network, Connect with other portfolio companies, Leverage with manufacturing companies, Leverage with marketing and sales companies (goto market)

8. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 8 Smart City  Management Systems  Smart Resources  Smart Buildings  Smart Mobility  Smart Energy  IOT  Industry 4.0 Key market segments Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem Health and Wellness  Preventive Healthcare  Medical Devices:  Healthy Ageing  Diagnostic  Wearables

9. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 9 Early Stage Growth Received seed funding A proof of concept or working prototype. Product/Market fit and customer validation. Growth Investments Generating revenue. Ideally cash-flow positive. In growth phase (> 20% in the last fiscal year) Seed Investments Domain expert. In pre-revenue phase, no prior institutional financing. Case by Case bases. Investment focus Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem

10. About us Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 10 Leon Bruggeman Leon is a global entrepreneur with over 26 years combined experience in Sourcing, manufacturing and high-level Sales & Marketing positions early in his career then later as founder/owner of several consumer goods companies based in USA and APAC region. He is a seasoned net worker, an expert negotiator with a global view while recognizing local nuances and being adaptive to different environments & cultures Sandro Desideri Mike Mastroyiannis Peter Tin A Six Sigma black-belt hands-on executive with over 25 years of experiences in all aspects of technology integration, disruptive innovation transformation, quality management, industrialization operations, from startup to Billions dollars class companies. Proven track records in Global Operations Management, Project Management and People Leadership in fast time-to-market, for MNCs in the Silicon Valley and APAC. Capable of engaging and collaborating with company BOD members on fast growth initiative, strategy setting, and turn-around executions." Mike has 3 decades of leadership experience, has served 4X as CEO of Global Business units in Multinationals (Philips Electronics, Siemens), he founded and/or lead 3 technology start-ups and has worked in both B2C and B2B industries. He has created innovative scalable global businesses, Industry 1st products and systems and he is innovating for the 21st century by simplifying, automating, growing effectively and leveraging the community as well as external assets. Sandro is a former GE executive with 25 years Technical, Sales, Commercial and Operations Management Expertise in Delivering Projects to Utilities, Structuring Big Deals, Managing Channels, Introducing Innovation and Championing Customers, OEMs and EPCs Values in the Energy Sector worldwide; 20 years of experience in Asia in the Energy, Oil &Gas, Biotechnology , Environmental, Smart Grid and Smart City sector; 24 years of Leadership, Coaching and Trainings Experiences in General Electric. Led 2 start-ups to commercialization and former head of Green Tech cluster in Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, where he propelled innovation within HK ecosystem.

11. Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 11 Knowledge  Founding new businesses  Leading Global businesses  Innovation Management  Scaling new businesses  Founding & Managing start ups Network  A valuable global network of key stakeholders in the different stages of the ecosystem  investors, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and leading agencies in all relevant fields.  Companies, Start-ups Experience  Over 60 years of combined experience in business development  Change Management and turnarounds  Sourcing/Purchasing  Sales, Retail and Wholesale. About us Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem

12. Global Big Box Retailers Enterprises End users • Proven track record over time of placement in mass merchants, consumer electronics and office superstores • Initial launch with brands like Philips, GE, Osram, Traxon, SanDisk, and Firefly building multi-million dollar businesses for these retailers Access to channels Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem • Access to and experience doing business in USA, Mexico, SEAsia, China ANZ, Canada, South America and Western Europe • Access to Fortune 500 companies, System integrators, EPC’s, ESG

13. How to get started Enabling growth for the innovation ecosystem For early stage companies:  Contact us  Submit your pitch  Business funding discussion:  FREE, 1 hr one-to-one chat with one of our partners where you can find out how we can help and get advice on your business For Investors:  Contact us  Submit your profile  Discuss deals/portfolio Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 13

14. Thank you Copyright 2016 Link4Succes Ltd. - CONFIDENTIAL 14

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