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Published on July 10, 2009

Author: CoreyCreed



This is the presentation I gave on July 9, 2009 at SEMCLT, the Charlotte North Carolina Search Engine Marketing Association.

LINKING… The Basics - Corey Creed

Why Links?

“Links are… a Vote of Confidence”

Choosing a Dentist… When I moved to Davidson, North Carolina, I could have asked 10 people who the best dentist in town was. If 8 out of 10 point to one dentist, I assume he is the best dentist. Google does the same thing with links. More links, more votes of confidence, unless…

Quality vs Quantity

PageRank A value that represents the quantity and quality of links to a web page.

PageRank Exponential, not linear! Links PageRank (0 - 10)

PageRank How to determine your page’s Google PR “Visible PR” is only updated every few months or so.

PageRank A PR 2 Your site B PR 4

PageRank Other 25% 25% Other site site 25% A 25% Other site PR 3 Your site B 100% PR 3

PageRank The “NO FOLLOW” tag blocks PageRank. Your A site PR 4 No Follow

What is Anchor Text? “I think that John Smith is the best real estate agent in Davidson, North Carolina. I hope you will contact him when you need to buy a house.” “I think that John Smith is the best real estate agent in Davidson, North Carolina. I hope you will contact him when you need to buy a house.”

Ten Ideas for Linking Advanced Beginner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1. Your “other” site(s)

2. Your personal contacts! 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Coworkers 4. Colleagues

3. User Generated Content 1. Squidoo ? 2. Google Groups 3. Yahoo Answers 4. Craigslist 5. LinkedIn 6. Forums 7.

4. Hosted Content 1. Directories 2. Press Releases 3. Articles

5. Join Organizations

Review 1. Your sites 2. Personal contacts 4. User Generated Content 5. Hosted Content 6. Join Organizations Now for the good stuff…

6. Testimonials

7. Upstream Websites

8. Who else already ranks?

9. Competitor’s Links! 1. Type in your keyword phrase 2. Find your top competitor(s) 3. Use 4. Find the link. 5. Go steal it. (Work the phone)

10. Link Bait!!

The Bait! 1. Write intelligently 2. Create a Tool / resource 3. Test something new 4. Create an online Quiz 5. Start an Industry Contest 6. Expose someone 7. Create a “top ten” List 8. Good Joke / Humor 9. Rant / Create Controversy 10.Create a community 11.Offer Interesting Research 12.Post an interesting picture

Final Review 1. Your sites 1. Testimonials 2. Personal contacts 2. Upstream Websites 3. User Generated Content 3. Ranking websites 4. Hosted Content 4. Competitor’s links 5. Join Organizations 5. Link Bait

Corey Creed

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