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Published on December 6, 2008

Author: szajafri


Lingzhi Health : Lingzhi Health What is LH? : What is LH? LH is a technique of attaining good health using lingzhi aka reishi, ganodermam lucudum or shiny, hard skinned fungus. This method has been used thousands of years ago by and for Chinese kings who have kept this knowledge to themselves. Today this knowledge and practice is no longer a royal secret but has already been made available to the world by DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd , the company founded by Dr Lim Siow Jin who researched and commercially Why Lingzhi Health : Why Lingzhi Health Because it is the simplest and most effective of all the available techniques of overcoming contemporary health problems** right up to the attainment of total health aka eternal youth. It has been practiced and has helped overcome many health problems. It is affordable and available to all. What is total LH Program? : What is total LH Program? Total health means that the body undergoing LH would have to go through the five stages as follows: 1. Scan (1-30 days)2. Detoxification (1-30 weeks)3. Regulation (1-12 months)4. Building (6-24 months)5. Regeneration (24-60 months) It is only during the Regeneration stage (after 2 - 5 years depending on the individual's body condition) that eternal youth becomes a reality. What are the basic principles of LH? : What are the basic principles of LH? There are four principles which must be understood before one goes on LH. 1. There are two causes of ill-health. a. toxins in the body and b. disharmony in body functions (body organs don't function the way they should thus causing the condition of "imbalance"). 2. Lingzhi does not cure illness but it can help balance-up our body system and improve immunity against diseases. Lingzhi may be likened to garbage trucks which body cells recognize and therefore deposit into these trucks the garbage from the cells. After the garbage is collected, the body expels the toxin-loaded lingzhi, thus freeing the body from the garbage, enabling the body to heal. Because it is the body which does the healing,  the dictum "our body is our best doctor" applies. 3. The toxin-loaded lingzhi just do not disappear from the body but must be physically taken out. The natural process of taking garbage out from the body is called reaction. Any reaction experienced is naturally caused by our body system and not by the intake of lingzhi. 4. The dosage of lingzhi taken is irrelevant to diseases. LH recognizes only three body conditions - normal, sick and very sick, whatever the health problem may be. The normal would go on normal dose, the sick would go on the medium dose and the very sick would go on the large dose. How do I get on LH? : How do I get on LH? The task of any LH practitioner is to bring lingzhi into the body in whatever way possible. Although lingzhi is primarily consumed orally (eat it, drink it), lingzhi may be applied to the body by rubbing, wiping, massaging and can also be used as masks, suppositories, depending on the specific health problem. To help the LH practitioners, DXN has also made available, apart from raw lingzhi in capsules and powder form, lingzhi in beverages, personal cleaning products, cosmetics, etc. See Product List What do I consume? : What do I consume? There are two types of DXN lingzhi for consumption - the young mycelium (harvested at the age of 3 weeks) and the matured fruiting body (harvested at the age of 3 months) of six red lingzhis. Both are available in capsules and powder form. Matured lingzhi is trade named RG (from Reishi Gano) and the young mycelium is trade named GL (from Gano Lucidum). Simply, we consume RG-GL   Cultivated and Bottled DXN Lingzhi (RG & GL) What does lingzhi contain? : What does lingzhi contain? RG (fruiting body of matured lingzhi) contains 1. Polysaccharide (Cleanser)2. Organic Germanium (Balancer)3. Adenosine (Regulator)4. Ganoderic Essence (Regenerator)5. Protein6. Fibre GL (mycelium of young lingzhi) contains 1. Polysaccharide (4X more than in RG)2. Organic Germanium (less compared to that in RG).3. Vitamins and4. Minerals How much lingzhi must I take? : How much lingzhi must I take? It depends on our body condition. LH knows only three body conditions as follows: 1. Normal: Defined as being able to move about with daily activities. The dosage is known as Dosage 1246. 1 pair per day (ppd) in the first week, 2ppd in the second week, 4ppd in the third week and 6ppd in the fourth week and after.2. Sick: A condition when our daily routine is disturbed requiring us, for example, to obtain medical leave. The Medium Dose goes up to 15ppd. 3. Really Sick: A condition when we cannot already freely move about, like being in bed. The Megadose may go up to 30 or more ppd. What happens to me when I take lingzhi? : What happens to me when I take lingzhi? Our body shall experience reaction. Our body cells recognize the matured lingzhi (RG) and shall deposit the toxic materials in it. Because these toxic substances cannot just disappear, it shall be expunged or taken out of the body. This natural process of detoxification is known as reaction. With organs that function without toxic substances, we shall be free from health problems and be protected from imminent ones. Reactions also serve as ailment reflection i.e. when the body communicates to us what is wrong with it before the body goes on to heal it. How do I handle a reaction? : How do I handle a reaction? Just go through it. We shall get the hang of it after a while. Who needs to be on LH? : Who needs to be on LH? Simply, LH is needed by those who want to be holistically healthy like the following groups of people. 1. Pregnant mothers (pleasant pregnancies and healthy babies)2. Babies, toddlers, children (brain and overall development)3. Teenagers (beauty and youthful health)4. Newly Weds (extra energy)5. Couples and the young family (better relationship)6. Elderly (prevention from health problems)7. People with health problems (overcoming diseases)Lingzhi is also good for pets and other animals. Who have been on LH? : Who have been on LH? See cases. There are lot of testimonials from many countries who have been cured many incurable ailments by consuming lingzhi. Where can I get Lingzhi? : Where can I get Lingzhi? There's so much lingzhi in the wild (see wild lingzhi) that u won't believe it, but to get lingzhi for consumption as described here, it is best to get the researched, cultivated, processed and packaged raw lingzhi. And we suggest that produced by DXN. There are more than 2 million distributors worldwide in more than 150 countries. In Malaysia alone, each state has a Center, Stockist and/or Distributors. Because the products are direct from DXN without middlemen, DXN's ensures it is Low Cost, High Quality. You can also get it from us, 1BLinework, the direct distributors of DXN lingzhi products although not online yet (we're working on one now)

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