Line network word illusions

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: josephturek3297


Line Network Word Illusions- Criteria & Objectives • Students will use diagonal line networks to create a word illusion. • Students will use a pen, straight edge, and sheet of 9 x 12 in. paper with a 1 in. border. • Students must use a straight edge to create a 1 in. border. • Students can use any word to create their illusion with. The word must be school appropriate. • Students must make a mark for their diagonal lines every eighth of an inch. They can be tighter, they can also be improvised so long as the lines are parallel and the spacing is even. • The objective of this lesson is to make an optical illusion that obscures a word using a diagonal line network. • The secondary objective is to make a balanced composition using simple line networks

Student work

Kiss - Bridget Riley 1961 122x122 Tempera on board

Sascha Braunig

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