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Published on August 16, 2009

Author: Hrootbeer


Lilith SuccubusDemoness out of Hell : Lilith SuccubusDemoness out of Hell What happens when Satan kicks you out of Hell and forces you to live in Sunset Valley with little more than the dress on your back? This is an official Legacy Using Aaroc’s rules : This is an official Legacy Using Aaroc’s rules Official Handicaps Matriarchy: Only girls can be heirs (only women can be succubi) Storyteller (obviously that means I’m publishing it) Family Trait: This is a family descended from a succubus…the family trait is flirty. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Additional Handicaps Can Never Marry: Succubi don’t get married. They were created for pleasure. (Obviously anyone moved out of the lot can marry but heirs and spares cannot.) 10 Boyfriends: Heartbreaker LTW. Satan’s condition for allowing Lilith to return to Hell is for her to have 10 boyfriends. Although her heirs don’t have to have this LTW, they will also need to have 10 boyfriends to complete this handicap. Slide 3: Meet Lilith Succubus. Yes, she really is a Demoness. A succubus, in case you didn’t know, is “a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep” ( According to myth, succubi would fornicate with a man so much that he would die. Satan isn’t pleased with Lilith. She refuses to kill her lovers. So, he’s banished her from Hell until she and her decedents have made 100 male conquests. (In other words, she and each of her female heirs must have 10 boyfriends). Slide 4: Easy, you say? She’s a beautiful woman reminiscent of Betty Page, so she should have no trouble at all, right? Wrong. Even though Lilith has the right traits to attract lovers, (she’s flirty and a great kisser), she has some less than desirable qualities as well. She’s evil, for one thing. But duh, she’s a demon! She’s also a bit of a schmoozer since she’s had to suck up to Satan for millennia. And, most importantly, she’s also hydrophobic…but wouldn’t you be if you were used to the fires of Hell? Slide 5: “Besides, damn it! Most of the guys in Sunset Valley are married!” It ain’t Hell, sister. This is Sunset Valley. Sleepy Little Seaside town. (That’s on the brochures). Slide 6: Another problem facing poor Lilith is that she was plunked down here by the Prince of Hell who decided she should suffer by having no money, a huge bit of land and be surrounded by water everywhere! Lilith is forced to face her fear of the wet stuff and fish to earn some Simoleons. Slide 7: “God, Satan himself couldn’t have built a smaller fish!” Lilith knows for a fact that size does matter, so she casts her line for a big one. Unfortunately, this was about par for the course. It did earn her about $28 in all. Slide 8: Luckily, Lilith spied a few wild plants near her barren plot of land and the fishing pond. She harvested a few apples and melons and ate them for breakfast. They weren’t too bad. Better than tiny fish. Slide 9: Forcing herself to face the water, Lilith heads to the beach. That’s where she met the married guy, Beau Andrews. She also met her neighbor, Illiana Laandgrab. Illiana was also married but seemed to find Lilith attractive. “Look lady, I only do guys. I can set you up with an incubus I know, though.” Slide 10: The beach was a total bust, so Lilith headed to the gym. “What’s with all the water? Does a beach town really need a pool?” This guy, Thorton Wolff, was also married. Lilith was batting a thousand. Slide 11: He was also a total weirdo. Lilith had been seducing men for ages and never had this happen before! Slide 12: Lilith liked this guy’s hair, but he was married to Vita Alto and they were her other neighbors. Well, Lilith couldn’t win in the gym either. Satan was probably laughing his fiery red butt off! Slide 13: The gym was a bust. Lilith said to Hell with it and fiendishly helped herself to a little snack from the fridge. Slide 14: Lilith obtained a job the following morning. Maybe she’d meet men at work. Her career of choice was a criminal. She was evil, after all. After work she discovered some more plants back by the dumpsters. Lilith helped herself. Slide 15: Then it was back to the gym. She met one of her co-workers there. His name was Artie Page (I suppose there is some irony in that since I modeled Lilith’s look after Betty Page). It turned out he was single! Huzzah! Slide 16: Well she’s not a great kisser for nothing! Slide 17: Do you remember the definition for succubi? Yep, she’s good at her job. He was putty in her manicured red hands. Boyfriend #1, check! Slide 18: Boy did he ever check! Check and mate! BTW, Lilith could have bought a shower or something, but no…she bought a huge bed. Slide 19: So, Artie stayed over a few times…long enough for him to witness this, anyway. The toilet was overflowing so Lilith was sick right on the lawn. Slide 20: So, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have a baby when one barely has a bed, wall, toilet and sink. But, Lilith knows the rules. 10 generations. 100 boyfriends and at least one heir. She set out to learn as much about babies as possible. Slide 21: She also started collecting insects and other items for some extra cash. She sold the insects to the Science Lab. Slide 22: See, she earned enough cash to add a shower. And, if you look carefully, you can see that she started her own garden, too. She was ready for the new baby. “Shut up! This f’n hurts. Satan is torturing me for sure!” Slide 23: No hospitals for Lilith. She gives birth right there on the lawn. Meet Nefertiti Succubus. (Nefertiti was the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akenatan. She is an icon in popular culture and is considered the second most famous Egyptian queen after Cleopatra. She, like Helen of Troy, is often referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” (wikipedia)). Slide 24: Having a baby did not hinder Lilith in the least. Baby in tow, she headed to the market to sell the vegetables she had harvested. That’s when she met this red-headed hunk, Hank Goddard. Slide 25: But, sadly, Hank was married, so Lilith and Nefi returned to their grassy little home. Slide 26: Babies are essentially boring, so quite a bit of time passed without Lilith so much as looking at men (except for Hank). Then Nefi became a toddler. Nefertiti, by the by, has the traits of Brave and Virtuoso which were locked in since Lilith’s pregnancy pretty much sucked. Slide 27: Nefertiti will make a good little succubus. She’s already making eyes at the babysitter, Davy Linell. What a bright shade of yellow his hair is. He’s so tall, so handsome. (Can you see the start of a kitchen in the background?) Slide 28: While Nefi is flirting with the babysitter, Lilith decides to prowl the park. This guy can’t seem to believe that Lilith has breasts. “Yep, look up here honey. I’d like to see your eyes.” Slide 29: Nothing happened at the park, but Lilith learned that the boob guy’s name was Sammie Cartwright and that he was single. She set out to seduce him first by phone. Slide 30: But before Lilith could put her plan to invite Sammie over into action, she needed to clean up around her…house? Well, she needed to clean things up a bit, anyway. Slide 31: Lilith’s place wasn’t much to look at, but she and Nefertiti didn’t mind. Artie hadn’t minded when there was just a bed and a bathroom. Sammie shouldn’t be too picky, Lilith supposed. Slide 32: “This is where you live?” Ok, so she found out that he was rich and in politics. It would take a bit to convince Sammie to stay the night and to be her boyfriend. Slide 33: Lilith started with her strong suit, kissing. Sammie didn’t seem to care about the lack of walls, floors and roof after this lip-smack. He wasn’t her boyfriend yet, but he would be soon! Slide 34: Unfortunately, to obtain multiple boyfriends to fulfill her obligation to Satan, Lilith had to first break up with one boyfriend before she could obtain another one. So, the first one to get the axe was Artie. “See you, dude. Your genetics were appreciated. Bu-bye.” Slide 35: Little Nefertiti really has a thing for babysitters. This one is Denny Duckworth. Look how she’s snuggling with him. Slide 36: Lilith discovers you can earn a lot of Simoleons collecting space rocks. She found this one by the vegetable patch behind her workplace. Slide 37: Lilith invites Sammie over and woohoos him before she asks him to go steady. Slide 38: Some of the rock money was used to buy a table and a cake for Nefertiti. Lilith invited all of the baby sitters and some other men. Slide 39: Nefertiti didn’t age up to be a looker like her mom. Artie’s red hair clashes with Lilith’s skin tone. Her childhood was pretty sucky, too, so she had the trait Can’t Stand Art locked in for her. Slide 40: Lilith thought she might have eaten some bad cake, but then realized that she must be pregnant again. Sammie was the father this time. Slide 41: Lilith used her maternity leave (and the fact that Nefertiti was in school all day) to earn money to add a few more walls and a new crib. She got better at hooking the big ones in the pond across from her lot. Slide 42: She also headed to the library to read a few pregnancy books but became side-tracked. This guy, Steve Franklin, was married. Too bad. Slide 43: Marty Keaton was a hot one. Lilith tried everything to tempt him, but he ran away when she asked if he was single. Slide 44: Meanwhile, Nefertiti convinces Mortimer Goth to help her do her homework. You go girl! Slide 45: Annoyed at the men at the library, Lilith invited Sammie over for a little ‘fun’. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to woo or hoo with Nefi so close by (see, this is why Lilith needed walls). Slide 46: So, Lilith sends Nefi out to the park to fish and collect bugs and other items for cash. Nefi wastes no time in begging Cyclon3 Sword to help her with her homework. Slide 47: Lilith goes into labor while Sammie was still in her bed. Lilith hadn’t even bought a crib yet. Those bugs that she allowed Nefi to keep in jars near her bed, those had to be sold. Slide 48: Nefertiti was less than happy to be woken up on a school night. Slide 49: So, Lilith left both Sammie and Nefertiti to sleep while she took a taxi to the hospital where she gave birth to another daughter, Cleopatra. (Cleopatra was a beautiful Egyptian queen. She seduced Caesar and then fell in love with his general, Mark Antony. She eventually committed suicide.) Slide 50: Somehow, enough was scraped together to get a crib. Cleo looks a lot like Sammie. She is not a red-skinned baby. Her traits were locked in with heavy sleeper and artistic. Slide 51: Funds were pretty tight, so Nefi had to spend the entire weekend collecting rocks, gems, and minerals. Slide 52: Lilith went fishing at the park…for men, too. This is Miraj Alvi. He was single, so Lilith started to work her magic on him. Slide 53: Then she had to break up with Sammie who didn’t take it very well. Slide 54: Lilith sacrificed the walls on the bathroom to enclose Cleo and Nefi in their own room. She didn’t want her new man to have performance anxiety because the girls could hear him. (The kitchen table was hocked, too.) Slide 55: Lilith met Miraj in the park again and then invited him back to her place. Slide 56: Having the girls in their own room worked. Everyone fell asleep satisfied (this is a cut away shot of the wall to show that they were all sleeping). Slide 57: Nefertiti meets new friends at school. This is Tory Andrews, the son of Beau Andrews whom Lilith met at the beach on her first day in Sunset Valley. Slide 58: She also met Arlo Bunch at the beach where he helped her improve her chess game. Slide 59: But mostly Nefertiti found herself cleaning up the messes left by her mother. She was not happy that her mother was seeing yet another man. She felt betrayed. Slide 60: Because it turns out that Miraj was not single like he said he was. And, Lilith was expecting yet again. Miraj was in fact, filled with commitment issues. While he was woohooing Lilith, he was also stepping out with some slut named Kaelynn. Lilith would just see about that. Miraj would be her boyfriend if it was the last thing she did! Slide 61: Lilith ran into Sammie outside of the library. He told her that he wanted to see her again. She told him that he was pathetic. She had moved on, if he couldn’t tell. “I’m carrying another man’s child. You need to find someone else, Loser.” Slide 62: Yet another crib needed to be purchased. Lilith sends Nefi out to find some cash. Slide 63: Nefi sometimes stops to make friends. This one was Sarna Ursine. They have the same hair. Nefi wondered if Sarna’s dad was also Artie Page. Nefi has a pretty warped sense of familial relationships. Slide 64: Lilith’s third child is born before she can convince it’s father to be her boyfriend, which is a little awkward. This is Helen Succubus. Helen is named after Helen of Troy. She has her mother’s skin, as you can see. Slide 65: Maternity leave and all of Nefertiti’s collected rocks and such have allowed for Lilith to make some improvements on her house. One is the sprinkler for the garden which she upgraded to autowater. Slide 66: After Helen was born, Lilith began to work on Miraj again. She reminded him what a terrific kisser she was and convinced him that his girlfriend, Kaelynn was not as good as she was. He agreed and broke up with Kaelynn right then and there. Slide 67: And, just like that, Miraj Alvi was Lilith’s third boyfriend. Seven to go! And she there wasn’t much time. She was approaching her birthday into full adulthood! Slide 68: Well, hello there! You must be boyfriend number 4. Good thing, too. Lilith turns into an adult today. Slide 69: Cleopatra ages up into a toddler. She looks a lot like Sammie and isn’t happy to have celebrated her birthday in the street. (Lilith had taken her to the park and they were returning home). Slide 70: Miraj, with his commitment issues, doesn’t get all broken up with Lilith tells him it’s over. Slide 71: Nefertiti realized that with her mother looking at a new lover, she better start collecting more gems. They’d probably need another crib!

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