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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: abdullah


The Deception of the Corporate Dream:  The Deception of the Corporate Dream Finding the right career path in which to invest your time and talents is becoming increasingly difficult in today's uncertain market. The corporate axioms of career development, company loyalty and lifetime employment have given way to downsizing, re-engineering and lateral moves. The deception of the corporate dream is a reality for most business people, who simply face to o many obstacles beyond their control to achieve true business success. The Deception of the Corporate Dream:  The Deception of the Corporate Dream NO CONTROL OF YOUR INCOME In most typical job situations, they're paying you just enough so that you won't quit — and you're working just hard enough not to get fired. The fact is — corporate America pays “jobs” not “people.” How often have you been in the situation where a co-worker isn't working nearly as hard as you are, but still receives the exact same pay — or even more? The Deception of the Corporate Dream:  The Deception of the Corporate Dream NO CLEAR PATH FOR ADVANCEMENT It is impossible for everyone to achieve the promotion they want, because there are only a few positions at the top. Most people find themselves in the position of waiting for someone to quit or die on the off-chance they might be considered for the position. Have you ever been passed over for a promotion because someone else received it based on who they knew or who they're related to, instead of on their own merits? The Entrepreneurial Myth:  The Entrepreneurial Myth Even if you survive the low pay and the politics of corporate America, you still face the possibility of being relocated, and the devastating reality that you could be laid off tomorrow. Layoffs, reorganizations and cutbacks are simply a way of life in today's economy. The Entrepreneurial Myth:  The Entrepreneurial Myth THE BOTTOM LINE When you work for somebody else, you really are just making a living, not making a life. In essence, you are renting out your time, talent, effort and energy for someone else's benefit, instead of your own. The only way you can achieve true business success and gain complete control of your life is to have a business of your own. But that creates an entirely new set of challenges and obstacles, including the fact that a startling 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. The Entrepreneurial Myth:  The Entrepreneurial Myth AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME Our Group has cutting-edge solutions for people from diverse business backgrounds who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Slide8:  We have innovative solutions to the problems you face being in business for yourself. PROBLEM: MAJOR FINANCIAL INVESTMENT:  PROBLEM: MAJOR FINANCIAL INVESTMENT Start-up costs for a new business can be $500,000 or more, causing people to risk everything — going into serious debt or even wiping out their life savings. We offer you the opportunity to start a business of your own for only $250.* There are no overhead costs since you don't need to lease office space, buy expensive inventory and equipment or hire employees to get started. Where else can you start a business with tremendous upside potential for such a small investment? * In order to market the products of the product provider companies, additional licensing, training, branch office registration fees, etc. may be required. These fees will vary from state to state. You may review these fees and/or additional requirements by the asking PROBLEM: PROFITABILITY:  PROBLEM: PROFITABILITY Most new businesses do not earn profits for at least two years, and may require multiple locations to generate a six-figure income. We put you in position to have a profitable business almost immediately. If your business develops only four new clients a month, it can generate a six-figure cash flow. By expanding your business to multiple outlets, you can dramatically increase that income. PROBLEM: LOSS OF SECURITY:  PROBLEM: LOSS OF SECURITY Most people can't afford to take the risk of quitting their job to start a business — that may or may not succeed. We offer you the opportunity to start your business on a part-time basis. This is the perfect bridge for entrepreneurs to transition from their current jobs to a business of their own without the traditional risks. Imagine having the opportunity to build a business without the usual pressure of paying your bills while getting started. PROBLEM: DEMANDS ON YOUR TIME:  PROBLEM: DEMANDS ON YOUR TIME Starting a business generally requires a commitment of 12-16 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week, according to the Small Business Administration. Our solution gives you the flexibility to build your business at your own pace. We give you the flexibility to build your business at your own pace. You have the freedom to control your time since you set your own schedule. How many times have you wished you had this kind of control of your life? PROBLEM: A MARKETABLE IDEA:  PROBLEM: A MARKETABLE IDEA If you don't have an idea or product that fills a huge market need, your business is doomed to fail. Through our network of product provider companies, markets consumer-oriented concepts that have a huge impact on families, and most people don't even realize that these revolutionary new ideas exist. PROBLEM: HIGH BARRIERS TO ENTRY:  PROBLEM: HIGH BARRIERS TO ENTRY Most businesses have slow start-up timeframes due to regulatory hurdles, licensing requirements and various logistical challenges. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to help you start your business today. Our unique start-up business model allows you to begin building your business in a matter of days — not months or years like most traditional businesses. There is nothing more powerful than having a business that can have an immediate impact on your personal financial situation. PROBLEM: NO EXPERIENCE :  PROBLEM: NO EXPERIENCE Most people fail in business because they lack the necessary experience and knowledge. With us, no experience is required. We help people from diverse business backgrounds, with all types of experience, build successful businesses. Our comprehensive training program provides you with the knowledge and experience you need. PROBLEM: BUSINESS PLAN:  PROBLEM: BUSINESS PLAN Even if you have the right idea, you will still fail without a detailed plan of action. The key to our opportunity is the Leadership Format System. This system gives you a step-by-step blueprint to build a successful business of your own. You run the system. The system runs and helps build your business. PROBLEM: NO MENTOR:  PROBLEM: NO MENTOR In most businesses, you don't have access to a leader in your field when you need advice. We provide leadership from the top down to help you succeed. One of our great uniquenesses is that the architect of our system is still in place. Our Founder and CEO has vast experience building large, successful organizations and revolutionizing entire industries. PROBLEM: MARKETING SUPPORT:  PROBLEM: MARKETING SUPPORT Most people lack the resources and creativity to plan, develop and execute successful marketing campaigns. One of our greatest strengths is its commitment to world-class marketing. Our on-going efforts provide you with all the materials you need to help build a successful business across all mediums — print, video, audio and online. You don't have to have the creativity or the resources yourself — We have it all. PROBLEM: RECOGNITION:  PROBLEM: RECOGNITION Entrepreneurs never receive the recognition or promotions they deserve for a job well done. We provide the perfect inspirational marketing environment that helps motivate you to achieve more in life. We reward its top performers with powerful recognition programs ranging from Super Bowl-type rings to Rolex watches and luxurious trips to the world's dream destinations. There is nothing more exciting than being involved in a business that also allows you to fuel your competitive fire. PROBLEM: TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT:  PROBLEM: TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Keeping up with today's cutting-edge technology requires knowledge and resources that are beyond most people's means. We have all the technology resources you will ever need to give you the extra edge to build your business. From complete online business processes to personalized websites and a vast communication network, we provide everything. We keep up with technology so you don't have to. PROBLEM: ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT:  PROBLEM: ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT Dealing with accounting, human resources and legal issues overwhelms most business owners. We handle these types of time-consuming and costly processes, allowing you to focus on the more important task of building your business. Our Executive Headquarters serves as your base of support in these critical areas of running your business. Imagine building a huge marketing team and never having to cut a paycheck. PROBLEM: ECONOMIC DOWNTURN:  PROBLEM: ECONOMIC DOWNTURN Any downward shift in the economy can seriously impact or completely devastate a business. Our leadership business model is virtually recession and inflation proof because it thrives during a struggling economy. When times get tough, there is an even greater need to reduce expenses and find sources of additional income. We have the answers when you need them most. PROBLEM: GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATIONS:  PROBLEM: GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATIONS Many businesses are restricted to a certain market area and control where you have to live. You choose where to build your business and raise your family. There are no territorial boundaries, so you have the option to expand your business into any market. You also have the freedom to live where you want, never having to worry about uprooting your family for a corporate relocation. With us, the choice is yours. Does Your Business Pass the Test?:  Does Your Business Pass the Test? When you consider all the aspects of starting your own business, you must give serious thought as to whether you are making the right decision. You need to know that you have the solutions to all the problems you will face. 1. Can you start your business without having to invest your savings or borrow any money? Yes No 2. Are you financially able to work for a long time without making any money? Yes No 3. Are you willing to quit your job and give up your security to start your business? Yes No 4. Can you work 12-hour days, 6 or 7 days per week? Yes No 5. Do you have a marketable idea or unique product that fills a vast market need? Yes No Does Your Business Pass the Test?:  Does Your Business Pass the Test? 6. Can you get started immediately without time-consuming and costly delays? Yes No 7. Do you have the experience and knowledge required to be successful? Yes No 8. Do you have a system or plan for building your business? Yes No 9. Is there someone you can turn to for advice, counsel and mentoring when needed? Yes No 10. Do you have the resources to develop your own marketing campaigns? Yes No Does Your Business Pass the Test?:  Does Your Business Pass the Test? 11. Will you be recognized and rewarded for your efforts? Yes No 12. Do you have the technology resources to stay on the cutting edge of your industry? Yes No 13. Do you have the capacity to handle payroll, human resource and legal issues? Yes No 14. Is your business recession-proof? Yes No 15. Do you have an unlimited territory and the freedom to choose where you live? Yes No Does your business stand up to the IBO Leadership Solution? 7:  7 A Company Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Our mission is to create more financially independent families than any business in history. We will achieve our mission by continuing to attract the best people from all business backgrounds to come here and do their best work. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of one of the most exciting movements in business history and make your family's dreams come true. Slide28:  To learn more, click here or call 727-804-9940

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