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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: erinfranc



Magazine cover 1

Magazine cover 1 Logo- magazine identity Main image- celebrity, eye catching. Price, date and barcode, a common convention. Headline- celebrity name makes it Splash, other stories to interest the buyers even further kicker

The logo- The logo is conveniently placed in the left hand top corner. This is a common convention because people naturally read from left too right. Therefore they will know instantly that this magazine is by Q. The headline- the headline is at the very top of the magazine and contrasts with the colour of the background. It also personifies the magazine as there is a quote from a very famous singer Main image- The main image is also the background on the magazine. It is strong because the hair of the model matches the colour scheme of the magazine. In addition to this the model is famous therefore readers of the magazine will be more engaged as the magazine of how idolized Florence & the Machine is. Pull interview- There are two interviews advertised on this page and they are both with celebrities. One with a “new Simon Cowell” and Florence and the machine. From my questionnaire in learned that people love to hear celebrity gossip in magazines and it is a key motive in why people buy them which is why these interviews are affective. The lure- the Lure is a quote from Florence which tempts the reader. This small part of the main story is quite radical and would make the reader want to read more as it says “ I feel so alone” Media language

Institution • Q magazine is published monthly by “EMAP” it was first published in October 1986. • It was different from other magazines and was seen as a better standard at the time because of the high standard of photography and printing. • The magazine also ignored the older generation and only focused on modern music. • EMAP is content subscription and networking business. This means that a magazine like Q could get a contract with EMAP to publish there magazine every month for a period of time.

ideology • Q magazine varies on music genre focus although it does mostly focus on contempory music and less on older music. From this I would gather that the target audience is teenagers as it focuses on their generation meaning the magazine would be very popular. People are more likely to want to read about popular music of the present day. • Q was originally meant to be cue (as in the sense of cueing a record) although q magazine were worried about the magazine being mistaken for a snooker magazine so it was changed to Q.

Representation • The specific issue of this magazine is represented as indie pop. This is because Florence and the machine is the main feature and her music is generally indie pop therefore the reader would believe it was an indie pop magazine although the kickers also include Skrillex which is Dubsteb. This shows that Q magazine doesn’t just focus on indie pop which would make it more popular as there is more for the readers to hear about.

Audience • The target audience of q magazine is for people around 30 as it is more sophisticated than magazines such as “kerrang”. Q magazine only focuses on the music instead of fashion which it is why it has a more mature target audience.

Magazine cover 2

Magazine cover 2 Kerrang Logo headline Main image barcode Secondary images Buzz words

Media language • Logo- this lets the reader/buyer know which magazine this is. the logo is at the very top and is in the biggest print. This makes it stand out to the buyer. • Headline- The headline is “Green Day” which is a very popular band. This would mean more people would be likely to buy the magazine to hear about them. In addition to this Green Day is exclusive to kerrang therefore this is the only magazine that anyone can read about Green Day in. • Main image- the main image is the members of Green Day which is a strong image because there pose engages the reader with eye contact. • Barcode- the barcode is quite small and on the bottom right which is naturally the last place the human eye looks as humans naturally read from left to right. This is a convention to stop the buyer seeing how expensive the magazine is. Kerrang is quite expensive. • Buzz words- buzz words also engage the reader because from these they can see what else is being offered to them by reading this magazine. The secondary images also add to this because the buyers can see who else is featured in this magazine before they buy it.

institution • Kerrang is a rock magazine published every Wednesday for £2.20. Bauer consumer media publish it in the UK. • Bauer media group is a massive German publishing company based In Hamburg. It publishes in 15 different countries such as the UK. • To help publish and advertise Kerrang it also has its own radio station- “kerrang radio 105.2” • There is also a Kerrang tour which is a tour od different rock concerts around the UK. This also contributes to advertising of the kerrang as many parts of the UK are introduced to it.

ideology • Kerrang is a music magazine mostly devoted to rock music. This is because most of the bands that they feature are of rock genre and Green day are a rock band and are exclusive to Kerrang meaning they only get featured by Kerrang. • Other characteristics of the magazine show that it is a rock magazine. For example the dark use of colour on the front of the magazine conforms to rock. Bright colours such as pink and yellow wouldn’t represent the rock genre correctly.

Audience • The target audience for Kerrang magazine is 16-23 year olds. The magazine is also relevant to both male and females, although it is less aimed at woman because the colour scheme is predominantly masculine ect. • The reader of kerrang would most likely be interested rock, indie pop and classic rock. This is because these are what are featured mostly in Kerrang. • In addition to this even the magazine is very influential and I would expect the reader to be influence by magazine even in the way they dress. Also the reader would go to gigs as many gigs dates and prices are featured within the magazine.

Representation • The front cover of this magazine represents a rock magazine. This is because of the bold dark colours featured. In addition to this it is predominantly masculine which is a convention of rock. It looks masculine because the models featured on the front are all men. They’re also all in black leather to show that the conform. They have serious faces on why shows the serious aspect to the nature of rock songs.

Magazine cover 3

Magazine cover 3 Logo- magazine identity Main image- celebrity, eye catching. Splash, other stories to interest the buyers even further Buzz words

Media terminology • Logo- the logo is the same as the headline- “billboard” this is an indicator the identity of the magazine. Automatically the buyer will be aware that the provider is billboard, • Main image- the main image is a close up of Adel. She has very nice makeup on which not only shows the professionalism of the magazine but also make the magazine more attractive. • Splash- the splash on this page is very small although it still could be enough to entice the buyer because of the use of colour and the fact that there are other interesting stories within the magazine. • The buzz word in this is just music. This also gives the magazine identity because it represents the magazine automatically as a music magazine • Lastly this magazine isn't very conventional because it hasn’t got secondary images, a barcode, or the price posted on the front of the page. Reasons for this may be that the magazine is very expensive so the supplier is attempting to hide this.

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