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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: nmanleyy1


LIIAR of a music magazine

Magazine 1

Front cover: Language Masthead Headline Lure Left third Main Image Barcode

Front cover: Institution • Q Magazine’s publisher: Bauer Media • Bauer Media is Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group. The group is a worldwide media empire that offers over 300 different magazines to 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. • Q Magazine was launched in 1986 and has been the UK’s best selling music monthly magazine since.

Front cover: Ideology • Q Magazine was launched in 1986 as a magazine which focuses solely on music. • Q attracts an older audience in comparison to other music magazines such as the famous NME. • As well as indie music, Q focuses on including genres such as blues, some country, alternative, and even a small amount of pop for example some Robbie Williams or take that. • The magazine is lay out in a sophisticated setup and this is why it attracts an older audience.

Front cover: Audience • Founders of Q Magazine Mark Ellen and David Hepworth felt the elder generation of music buyers were being ignored. • Therefore set out to target their magazine at people 25 years or older. • Since the magazine is aimed at an older audience, this means that it can be priced slightly higher as it is affordable for them. • It is strictly aimed at music fans with a particular taste in music. Young children who are into hip-hop and pop music will not enjoy this read.

Front cover: Representation • The image is Noel Gallagher in black and white. This is effective as it clashes with the bold red ‘Q’ Masthead. • The zoomed in detailed image of Gallagher shows a serious expression. This creates a professional rock n roll effect, which is what the magazine wants for it image. • Gallagher’s face is the only image on the cover of the magazine which represents its importance. You would usually see other smaller images around the edges however Q magazine has decided to focus only on Gallagher’s face.

Magazine 2

Front cover: Language Masthead Kicker Main Image Headline Cover lines Splash

Front cover: Institution • NME Magazine’s publisher: IPC Media • IPC Media Ltd is a consumer magazine and digital publisher in the United Kingdom, with a large portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. • IPC Media is in charge of many brands, these include famous ones such as NME, Now, Pick Me Up!, Soaplife, Nuts and many more.

Front cover: Ideology • The big idea for the magazine is to mainly be the best out there and to even have artists who want to be in the magazine. • The NME promotes the consumption of new indie music. Their audience is centred around 70% male. It focuses heavily on acts that are not yet commercially successful and aims to promote new music and artists. • The magazine layout shows one main image spread across the page drawing attention to the artist presented. In this case Tyler, the creator is shown as he corresponds with the magazine style. Tyler, the creator is only just finding his feet in the music world therefore is perfect example of artists NME would like to promote on their magazine covers.

Front cover: Audience • From first glance of the magazine cover I would predict that the audience of this magazine would potentially be young people interested in music. The audience would also not be stereotypical mainstream lovers but quite indie and newly discovered artists. • Research shows the target audience is aimed at around 15-30 year olds (Male and female, more male). • Rock/indie fans would particularly love this magazine and even sometime pop. The magazine may also interest non-music lovers as many celebrities are interviewed. Some people may just buy for the good read on their favourite celebrities.

Front cover: Representation • The magazine is set out and done up in very bright and bold colours. Lots of reds and blues are used to attract attention. • The image of Tyler, the creator stands in front of the masthead for effect. This makes the reader notice Tyler, the creator straight away and know exactly what story will be waiting inside.

Magazine 3

Front cover: Language Masthead Cover lines Main Image Splash Headline

Front cover: Institution • SPIN’s publisher: SPIN Media • Buzz Media was founded by Anthony Batt (CEO), Marc Brown, Kevin Woolery, and Steve Haldane under the name Buzznet. It acquired Spin Media, publisher of Spin magazine in July 2012. After shutting down the print version of the magazine, reducing its staff to about 200, and focusing on advertising, it rebranded itself as Spin Media in March 2013. At that time, Steve Hansen became its chief executive. In April 2013 it acquired Vibe magazine.

Front cover: Ideology • The main idea of Spin magazine is a way to get new music and new artists heard. For example, right now in their latest edition they have included up and coming artist Majestic and Mac DeMarco. • Spin also include news from the music industry and information on concerts and gig coming up.

Front cover: Audience • Like the previous two magazines spin would be seen to be targeted at music lovers interested in their favourite artists and who enjoy remaining up to date with their music. • From looking around on the website ( it is clear to see that spin magazine is aimed at young music lovers. Genres include rap, grime and new indie. • Spin magazine is not a usual basic music magazine, on the site you can see there are many option to explore. These vary from looking at the photos of shoots that celebrities have participated in to reviews on various albums out now.

Front cover: Representation • The front cover of spin magazine is extremely colourful and eye catching with straight will grab any readers attention. • The face on the front cover is Azealia Banks. Known for her fresh new image, she brings a sense of youth and culture to magazine appearance which helps sell and appeal to a younger audience. • Not much information is presented on the cover which comes across as unusual. The masthead is also not in its usual place of the top left corner but is placed in the middle on top. This could be because spin magazine is going for a new look in an attempt to stand out from the other magazines.

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