Lights and Optics - reflection, refraction and dispersion of light

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Information about Lights and Optics - reflection, refraction and dispersion of light

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: ButterflyWaltz


Light (along with all other forms of electromagnetic radiation) is a fundamental entity and physics is still snuggling to understand it. Light may be defined as electromagnetic radiation, which is visible to the human eye. It is also applied to radiation having frequencies somewhat above and below the range human sight. Many of the properties of light can be explained on the theory that light is a transverse wave motion with both electrical and magnetic properties. This theory satisfactorily explains the variation in the velocity of light as it passes through different solid, liquids, and gases.

It is a line drawn perpendicular to a line or plane. It is the angle between the incident ray and the normal drawn to the point of reflection.

the angle between the reflected ray and the normal drawn to the point of reflection. the incident ray, reflected ray, and normal to the surface all lie in the same plane

It is the ray that represents the light reflected by the surface. It is a ray of light that strikes a surface.

surface normal Incident ray Reflected ray Angle of Angle of incidence reflection 90° Point of incidence plane reflecting surface

reflected ray Incident ray normal r i boundary R reflected ray air glass

Substances Index of refraction (n) Vacuum 1.0000 Air (0°C, 101 kPa) 1.0003 Water 1.33 Ethyl alcohol 1.36 Quartz (fused) 1.46 Glycerin 1.47 Lucite or Plexiglass 1.51 Glass (crown) 1.52 Sodium chloride 1.53 Glass (crystal) 1.54 Ruby 1.54 Glass (flint) 1.65 Zircon 1.92 Diamond 2.42

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