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Information about LIGHT PHENOMENA

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: Mangeles9


PowerPoint Presentation: LIGHT PHENOMENA PowerPoint Presentation: The reflection of light is a phenomena where beams of light strike objects and bounce off objects , changing direction . Rays of light that bounce off objects are called REFLECTED RAYS. The Reflection Of Light And Mirrors PowerPoint Presentation: The reflection of light enables us to see objects. We take advantage of this phenomenon when we make mirrors . The Reflection Of Light PowerPoint Presentation: Light dispersion is a phenomenon in which light is separated into colors when it passes through certain media, like for example when we see the rainbow and the colors appear thanks to the Sun light and the water drops of the rain. When light strikes an object , it absorbs some colours and reflects others . An example could be a banana: it is yellow because it reflects yellow light and absorbs all other colours . The Dispersion Of Light And Lenses PowerPoint Presentation: The refraction of light is a phenomenon wherein beams of light change direction when they pass from one medium to another , such as from air to water . The Refraction Of Light And Lenses PowerPoint Presentation: Converging lenses , like the ones in magnifying glasses , make the objects we see through them look bigger . Diverging lenses , like the ones in glasses to correct short- sightedness , make the objects we see through the lens look smaller . . Types Of Lenses PowerPoint Presentation: What is the reflection of light? What is light dispersion? It is an optical phenomenon where light is separated into colours. It it a phenomenon where light changes direction, when they pass from one medium to another. It is a phenomenon where beams of light strike an object and bounce off them , changing direction . What is the refraction of light?

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