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Published on November 26, 2008

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Lifetime and Leisure Activities : Lifetime and Leisure Activities Power Point By Billy Wolfe 03-17-05 Benefits of Staying Active 4 life : Benefits of Staying Active 4 life Keeps you in good physical condition Being in good physical condition helps your body fight off disease and sickness Staying active can help keep your bones strong (Especially in women who are at risk for osteoporosis) Benefits Continued : Benefits Continued Having a strong healthy body can help reduce pain cause by achy joints Arthritic conditions are lessoned by taking care of your body and staying active Staying active can reduce your risk of becoming obese Not being obese drastically reduces your risk of heart disease What are some ways I can stay active for life??? : What are some ways I can stay active for life??? There are many ways one can stay active for life: Hiking Bowling Biking Lifting Weights Camping Recreational Sports Badminton Swimming Golf Racquetball Fishing Anything you enjoy doing Badminton : Badminton Badminton is a great game to play indoors or outside.  It is also a game that can be enjoyed by any age group.  Young child can have fun hitting the birdie back and forth over the net.  Young and older adults can be challenged with an opponent of equal or greater skill.  The game can be played as slow or as fast as the participants playing. Badminton Continued : Badminton Continued Badminton can be played for fun or Competition. It is a good game to help keep you physically fit Bowling : Bowling Bowling is an activity that has really grown in this country over the past 10 years.  It is a game that allows anyone to have fun and spend time with their friends and loved ones.  Virtually anyone can go bowling.  People can join a league, or just go to their community lanes during open bowl hours. Scoring in bowling : Scoring in bowling In each of the first 9 frames, a bowler gets 2 chances to knock the 10 pins down If a player knocks all ten pins down on the 1st ball, this is a strike If a player knocks all 10 pins down on two balls, this is a spare If a player gets a strike, then under that frame you will add on to the previous frames score plus the strike (10) and the total of your next two thrown balls. If a player gets a spare, then under that frame you will add on to the previous frames score plus the spare (10) and the next ball's total In the 10th frame, just add up the total number of pins Fishing : Fishing Take a Kid FISHING!!!            Fishing is one of the best activities I have found to relieve stress.  It can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone!  But, the important thing is to get started as early as possible.  That is why I encourage everyone out there to take their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews fishing.  Fishing gives you a chance to bond with them.  It can bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially when they get to real in the “Big One!” Fishing Continued : Fishing Continued Start Fishing Yourself!!! If you are in high school, college, or in the professional world, now is the best time to start learning how to be an angler!  Along with relieving stress and getting to the outdoors, fishing can actually stimulate your brain!  If you are someone who likes challenges or solving trivial things, then you and fishing just may be an excellent match.  With fishing, you can study weather patterns and barometric readings.  Read up on fish tendencies and habits.   You can learn secrets and create your own methods on catching any kind of fish.  Fish like crappie, blue gill, bass, walleye, muskie, catfish, and pike all have their own unique habitats and tendencies.  Becoming a master of any of these fish can take years of FUN!!! Golf : Golf Golf is a game in which you can play at your own leisure. It is good for everyone to play, but it is great for aging adults as it allows you to walk a great distance at pretty much your own pace. Golf Continued : Golf Continued People sometimes think that golf is an expensive game. It can be, but it can also be very affordable. You will need clubs, a bag, balls, tees, etc. All of the expensive items can be bought at affordable prices second hand There are many golf courses around the country and probably near you that are very affordable. At a nice public course, rounds can be as little as 5-10 dollars on a week day and 10-15 dollars on the weekend. Hiking : Hiking Hiking is a great way to stay active It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and breathe some fresh air There are many places to go hiking There are also many different trails which means that you can take an easy hike or go to places which challenges your physical strength and endurance (If I had to choose between a stair climber or the woods, I’d definitely choose to exercise OUTSIDE!!!) Stay active for life!!! : Stay active for life!!! The goal of lifetime and leisure activities is to keep you active throughout your lifetime. By keeping your body in shape you receive many health benefits as you age and reduce your risks for things like stroke and heart disease. You also minimize aches and pains. Also, exercising and keeping active helps to reduce your stress levels. So… STAY ACTIVE!!! And have fun doing it!

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