Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Our Skin

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Information about Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Our Skin

Published on July 23, 2020

Author: vlccinstitute


Slide 1: 1. ALCOHOL -Alcohol is a toxin which deprives the body of its vitamin reserves, especially vitamin B and vitamin C which are necessary for healthy skin and also causes skin dehydration. 2 . SMOKING -Smoking means Nicotine (a toxic substance). It interferes with cell respiration & slows down the circulation. This makes it more difficult for nutrients to reach the skin cells and for waste products to be eliminated which leads with a tendency towards open pores. It also releases a chemical that destroys vitamin C leads to premature ageing. 3. STRESS -The symptoms of stress are seen in many different forms, including insomnia, poor digestion, headaches, muscular tension which leads to skin disorders. Slide 2: 4 . SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE -Lack of exercise results in poor blood and lymph circulation and poor muscle tone. 5 . DIET -Our body needs a nutritionally balanced diet to achieve a healthy skin appearance. Antioxidant nutrients in the form of C, E and beta-carotene are beneficial in that they reinforce the effects of the skin. 6 . HEALTH -Prolong medication or illnesses have adverse effects on the skin . Slide 3: 7 . EXPOSURE - Unprotected exposure to the environment allows evaporation from the epidermis which results in a dry, dehydrated skin condition. Ultraviolet exposure causes premature ageing as the UV rays penetrate the dermis. 8. FREE RADICALS -Highly reactive molecules which can cause skin cells to degenerate. 9 . ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS -lead, mercury, aluminum can accumulate in the body where they attack protein in the cells. Slide 4: https ://

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