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Information about LifeSeries3_MoojiTribute_Psiplex

Published on January 25, 2009

Author: Psiplex



LifeSeries #3 from Psiplex continues the quotations from the previous series, this time focusing on Mooji and his book 'Before I Am".

Mooji is a contemporary teacher currently residing and teaching in Brixton, London and is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja, the renowned advaita master. His pointings to the Absolute truth have inspired and liberated many seekers of the True Self. For more information, please go to Mooji's web site at:

Mooji Before I Am arunachala press © 2008 Mooji Selected book quotes a tribute from Psiplex LifeSeries

'Before I Am' is a book of satsang dialogues with Mooji, which points unwaveringly to the core message that quot;we are not our mind, nor personality, but the non-dual being - already perfect, whole and blissfully content.quot; arunachala press © 2008 Mooji

Before I Am

LifeSeries Self-inquiry brings the mind back to ground zero, to the bare ‘I am’. Witnessing of this ‘I am’ occurs in the Absolute.

LifeSeries All these concepts have become very heavy, very burdensome. Put them down. If you pick them up, they will weigh you down and give you strenuous and valueless tasks to accomplish. P. 23

LifeSeries Selfishness, arrogance and insecurity lose their hold as the self within is seen to be the same one Self within all beings, and effortless compassion flows outward towards all life. P. 36

LifeSeries Knowledge must be experienced. When knowledge and experience are one, there is no separation. When they are one, knowing is being. P. 37

LifeSeries As maturity grows, recognizing the false, intuitively experiencing the Self, will be as swift as looking into a mirror and recognizing your face. P. 38

LifeSeries Real self-discovery is the recognition and realization of what this “I” is. The whole- hearted realization that “I” is the supreme Self and not a ‘person’ is what is called Liberation. P. 46

LifeSeries Don’t get rooted in the ego, break off from this ‘I-me’ sense by constantly recognizing it as a phenomenon appearing in the space of your self, the unchanging reality. P. 97

LifeSeries As ultimate understanding ripens, it dissolves the personal idea of self. Things are not happening to a ‘me’ anymore, they merely happen of their own accord — but there is no chaos here. P. 115

LifeSeries Enjoy, with gratitude, your life — as a gift from Life, as an expression of God, as the dance of the cosmos — while remaining throughout as the formless seer. P. 121

LifeSeries Don’t suppress your dance in order to play some role. Be yourself. P. 128

All beings, graced with the urge to simply be, respond to Truth. Before I Am

Big Respect and One Love to Mooji and the wonderful team UK • USA • India • Worldwide Before I Am

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