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Published on February 27, 2009

Author: Psiplex



LifeSeries #6 from Psiplex explores more of the quotations from Mooji, the 4th in the Mooji Tribute series from his book 'Before I Am". These quotations seek to guide the reader to the true Self and awareness.

Mooji Selected book Before quotes I AM 4 Arunachala Press © 2008 Mooji a tribute from Psiplex t r i b u t e LifeSeries

'Before I Am' is a book of satsang dialogues with Mooji, which points unwaveringly to the core message that quot;we are not our mind, nor personality, but the non-dual being - already perfect, whole and blissfully content.quot; arunachala press © 2008 Mooji

LifeSeries Who are you? Emptiness walking in the form of a human being. Forget yourself and discover your Self. P. 113

LifeSeries The unreal is changeful. It manifests as mind, mood, time and relationships. The real is the invisible within the visible. It is the single seer which cannot be seen phenomenally. P. 114

LifeSeries As ultimate understanding ripens, it dissolves the personal idea of self. Things are not happening to a ‘me’ anymore, they are happening of their own accord — but there is no chaos here. P. 115

LifeSeries Everything we do, everything we perceive, arises from and in emptiness. This emptiness is not stagnant, not sterile, not a blank. P. 115

LifeSeries Everything is experienced in and by consciousness. It is the all-possible, the unlimited. P. 119

LifeSeries Enjoy the all-encompassing movie called life with all its tears and laughter, dreams, desires and loathing, all its devotion, pranks and prayers. P. 120

LifeSeries The full spectrum of consciousness in expression is available and beautiful when seen through eyes emptied through understanding and grace. P. 120

LifeSeries There is no particular ‘way’ to be. Relax, be yourself and remain open and quiet in the face of all that life manifests. P. 120

LifeSeries Just remember: you are the seen, the seer and beyond both, as the unborn Awareness. P. 120

LifeSeries It could also be said you are the person, the knower of the person and the space in which you both appear. P. 120

LifeSeries Consciousness pervades all that manifests. Even the elements are consciousness. And the perceiving of them is consciousness. The perceiving happens in the unspeakable, the unnameable. And you are That. P. 126

LifeSeries Don’t touch the idea that something, some action stops you from being what you are. Examined, it is found to be untrue. Noting stops you except the idea that something stops you. P. 129

Enjoy, with gratitude, your life — as a gift from Life, as an expression of God, as the dance of the cosmos — while remaining throughout as the formless seer. P. 123

Understand and trust that Grace is already operating in you. Your being is impelled by grace. P. 123

Self reveals itself in a pure mind — Mooji quoting Papaji Before I Am

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