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Published on September 24, 2015

Author: healthskool



2. Childbirth is a magical and the most unique event in a wo a ’s life. But the whole journey from conception to birth also tends to be very confusing. It is without doubt, full of anxieties, worries and challenges – physiologically, psychologically as well as socially. Dr Peddi’s Clinic by Healthskool –the most trusted partner for parents for all things concerning your child’s health and wellness - has brought some of the cou tr ’s most reputed pediatricians together, to design an antenatal education program – the LAP program - specifically for expecting parents such as yourself. The LAP program aims to alleviate the fears and anxieties associated with pregnancy, delivery & early parenting, and is conducted in a caring, compassionate and fun manner., so you can look forward to life’s most amazing privilege –the birth of your baby.

3. • You'll be able to discuss your plans and any worries with our healthcare professionals and with other parents. • It will provide you with confidence and information. • Classes are also a good way to make friends with other parents who are expecting babies around the same time as you. • These friendships often help parents through the first few months with a baby. • Classes are always informal and fun. Why do the Life’s A azi g Privilege (LAP) Program?

4. Structure of LAP program Our LAP PROGRAM is divided into 4 sessions covering different milestones of this amazing journey:  What to expect when you are expecting- (First trimester)  Have a Breather- ( Second trimester)  Ready to fill the Lap- (Third trimester)  Care for your bundle of joy – (within 72 hours of birth)

5. Highlights: • Information on physical and emotional changes during pregnancy • Strategies to cope with these changes • Diet and nutritional needs • Physical fitness, exercise, and posture • Frequently asked questions What to expect when you are expecting- (First trimester) The first trimester of pregnancy can be overwhelming. It is marked by un- noticeable but amazing transformations. Due to hormonal changes, your body starts nourishing the baby even before you get the confirmation of pregnancy through test reports. Duri g this classroo sessio where ou’ll get to ake frie ds with other e pecti g pare ts i our neighborhood, our pediatrician and gynecologist will provide you information and help you understand the changes you may experience and how to take care of yourself during this exciting time. Knowing what physical and emotional changes to expect during the first trimester can help you face the months ahead with confidence.

6. Highlights: Fetal development. Pains and postures. Weight gain issues Dietary guidance Fun games Breathing & relaxation technique Frequently asked questions Have a Breather- ( Second trimester) Usually the 2nd trimester is considered the easiest & and the most enjoyable period of pregnancy. Although you should be feeling better now, big changes are still taking place inside your body. In this classroom session, our pediatrician and physiotherapist will conduct exercises to help you cope with the remaining few months of your pregnancy, and educate your husband on his role as well.

7. Ready to fill the Lap- (Third trimester) The third trimester of pregnancy can be tiring, uncomfortable &emotionally challenging. You might be tired of pregnancy and eager to move on to the next stage. As anticipation grows, fears about childbirth might become more persistent. How much will it hurt? How long will it last? How will I cope? During this one on one session with your pediatrician, we focus on what to expect as your due date approaches and the first few months after delivery. Highlights: Information regarding labor and delivery. Reasons for caesarean Exercises Postpartum care of mother Neonatal care Diet, hygiene Vaccination schedule Frequently asked questions

8. Care for your bundle of joy – (within 72 hours of birth) This is the final and most critical session – where your child establishes the foundation for his/her lifelong friendship with their pediatrician. The 72 hour visit is a 30 min long individual session with your pediatrician, which covers all the medical as well as parenting essentials for your baby Highlights: Anthropometry Vaccination Feeding patterns Sleeping patterns Massages Breast feeding Common illnesses And literally anything else you want to talk about

9. Cost of our program: Free! We just want you to come and fall in love with us. Call us now at 9811220617 to schedule your first visit at your nearest healthskool clinic today.

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