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Information about Life - pass it on oti slide show 3-21-12
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Published on August 9, 2012

Author: bobsnewheart



Slide show on organ donation. Needs a presenter. Open to notes view and all instructions are there including suggested language. No permission needed for use only attribution.

ATTENTION SLIDE SHOW PRESENTER. IMPORTANT INFORMATION!Life! Pass It ON! Is NOT a stand-alone slide show. Itneeds a presenter in order for the viewer to get thecomplete story. Please click VIEW on your taskbarthen click on NOTES PAGE . When it opens you’ll seethat each slide has notes just below it. The notesexplain how to use each slide, when to click and evensuggested language. You may, of course, use your ownlanguage if you choose to do so as long as it coincideswith what’s on each slide. © 2012

Presen ts Life!Pass It On! © 2012

They are dying and they know there are not enough transplantable organs for everyone. © 2012

Betsy Ross (Add a title if you like)• Liver recipient• Caregiver• Mom• D o n or © 2012

© 2012

Annually only 28,000 transplants are performed in the United States © 2012

Americans bury or cremate about 20,000 transplantable organs yearly. © 2012

Presen ts Life!Pass It On! Written and produced by Bob Aronson 2007 heart transplant recipient © 2012

How many people can one donor affect?Just one blood, tissue ororgan donor can save orpositively affect up to 60 lives. © 2012

Face Kidney Living donor lungs Caregiver Kidney recipient with living donorA new liver © 2012

 113,000 waiting2 million deaths 17,000 donors 7,000 will die waiting Becoming a donor costs nothing, takes little time and saves lives © 2012

Register as a Donor Now! It’s really easy just go to: And follow the directionsPlease -- give the gift of life © 2012

After you register to be a donor: Mark your decision on your drivers license Tell your family about your decision Tell your physician, faith leader, and friends Include donation in your will, and living will © 2012

The agony of waiting There are only about 28, 000transplants performed each year in the U.S. © 2012

 88,000 waiting for kidneys 2,200 waiting for kidney/pancreas 16,000 need liver transplants 3,200 need hearts 2,000 need heart/lung combinations 2011 data courtesy Organ Procurement & Transplantation Network (OPTN) © 2012

“Dont think of organ donation as giving up part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. Its really a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep part of you alive.” © 2012

“Unless someone like you cares awhole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.” ~Dr. Seuss © 2012

The Mission of Organ Transplant Initiative is to ensure that anyone who needs a blood, tissue or organ transplant can get one regardless of age, gender, sexual preference or religion. © 2012

Urban Myths are Killing PeopleMyth: Minorities should refuse donation because organs may not be given to minority patients .Fact: Wrong! Although African Americans comprise 12% of the population and 12% of kidney donors they receive about 21 % of the kidneys donated . © 2012

Urban Myths are Killing PeopleMyth: A traveler has a few drinks with a stranger & wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with staples in his back & no kidneys .Fact:  It never happened. Stop the myth!  The incision would be on the side not on the back.  It is impractical, unprofitable & illegal. Without pre - transplant testing the kidneys would likely die before they could be used. © 2012

Urban Myths are Killing PeopleMyth: If I agree to donate my organs, the hospital staff wont work as hard to save my life.Fact:  Youll be seen by people with a moral and legal commitment to save your life. They have nothing to do with transplantation. © 2012

Urban Myths are Killing PeopleM y t h : People can wake up frombrain death Fact: Unlike coma patients, there is no possible recovery from brain death . © 2012

Medical Definition of Brain Death Irreversible brain damage - loss of brain function evidenced by cessation of breathing and other vital reflexes Unresponsiveness to stimuli Absence of muscle activity Flat electroencephalogram © 2012

The Donation ProcessWhen death is declared, the donor body isplaced on “mechanical organ support” tomaintain blood flow and oxygen until organsare recovered for transplantation . © 2012

The Donation Process In accordance with federal law,physicians who are responsible for the patient’s care prior to brain death determination, cannot be part of the recovery of organs process. © 2012

The Donation Process Medicare -- hospitals must notify OPO when there is a death. OPO specialist evaluates suitability as a donor If patient is a registered donor next of kin is fully informed of situation If wishes are unknown coordinator offers options © 2012

The Donation Process OPO works with hospital to manage clinical activities Coordinates with (UNOS) and transplant centers to match donor’s organs with potential recipients Arrange for surgical recovery teams Complex process can take a day or more © 2012

How Do They Decide Who Gets the Organs? OPO gathers enters relevant information on donor in UNOS computers Recipients list is generated including physical match between the two. List has no names, no social status Purpose is to choose a recipient who is a good match & with good chance of recovery. Also considers time on list. Read full policy at http :// © 2012

Why the Organ Shortage?The present donor system depends on people voluntarily becoming donors. While over 90% of Americans thinkdonation is a good idea about 60 % of adults are NOT organ donors © 2012

Being a Donor in the U.S.Under current U.S. law you are not an organ donor unless you sign up or “Opt In.”Despite being in effect for 25 years the gap between supply and demand is widening every day. © 2012

Presumed Consent, an Option Proponents claim PC will increase the number of transplantable organs and in some countries it has. Under PC it is presumed that everyone wants to be a donor. If you “Opt Out” you would carry a “Not a donor” card. © 2012

Financial Incentives another option It is illegal in the U.S. to buy or sell human organs. Some suggest giving donors highly regulated benefits like tax credits, contributions to retirement plans or early access to Medicare. Cash payments are distasteful to most people . © 2012

Miracles of Science and TechnologyRegenerating your own damaged organsTherapeutic cloningMechanical organs © 2012

Human Organ Regeneration The body can already regenerate some of its parts, like the liver . Stem cells can be grown to repair or replace damaged organs or tissues like skin, brain cells, spinal cord cells, hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys & more. © 2012

Therapeutic Cloning Still experimental with mixed results. Very expensive. Duplicates a body part not the entire body Could nearly eliminate the organ shortage Anti-rejection medicine would be unnecessary because the body won’t reject its own genetic makeup . © 2012

Other Potential Benefits Leukemia -- clone bone marrow for leukemia patients. Could be one of the first benefits of therapeutic cloning. Cancer – A cure if we learn how to switch cells on and off. Spinal Cord -- regrow nerves or the entire spinal cord when they are injured . © 2012

Mechanical Organ Replacements Artificial hearts being used & improved Implantable artificial kidney is designed Bio-lung under development Work underway on artificial liver © 2012

A Paralyzing Paradigm If we didn’t systematicallydestroy our own organs therewould be no organ shortage . © 2012

A Paralyzing Paradigm Human nature dictates that we will almost always seek to treat symptomsregardless of cost rather than eliminate the cause no matter how simple © 2012

Preventing Organ FailureA Very Simple, Practical Solution Pogo Cartoons were done by the late Walt Kelly © 2012

Keeping Your Organs HealthyYou can’t continually abuse your organs and expect them to be healthy.You have choices depending on how badly you want to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. © 2012

Almost all of the diseases that affect your organs are preventable “Most of the solutions for organ disease prevention involve changing environmentalinfluences that may affect personal choices.” United States Department of Health and Human Services © 2012

Heart Health HazardsSmokingLack of exercise Change just one of these habits andOverweight you will bePoor eating habits healthierToo much alcohol © 2012

K e e p i n g Y o u r L u n g s H e a l t hy“You will never fully appreciate yourlungs until you have lung disease -- and then it may be too late.” Bob Aronson COPD sufferer © 2012

Taking care of your lungs Aerobic exercise -- get respiratory rate up to 20-35 breaths per minute Do not smoke or stay in smoky rooms Work in well -ventilated areas when around cleaning agents, dust or toxic chemicals Do breathing exercises -- singing is a great one © 2012

Taking care of your liver Eat raw fruits , veggies & unprocessed food Restrict drugs and alcohol, they can kill your liver Practice Safe Sex Exercise (activity may not be exercise) Drink Plenty of water © 2012

Taking care of your kidneys Check and control blood pressure Watch for changes in urine Watch for anemia symptoms Exercise 30 minutes a day 3 days a week Drink lots of water -- pure water © 2012

If each adult American convinced oneperson a year to become an organ donor, the supply/demand gap would narrow considerably © 2012

Register as a Donor Now! It’s really easy just go to: And follow the directionsPlease -- give the gift of life © 2012

After you register to be a donor: Mark your decision on your drivers license Tell your family about your decision Tell your physician, faith leader, and friends Include donation in your will, and living will © 2012

Has Presen ted Life!Pass It On! Written and produced by Bob Aronson 2007 heart transplant recipient © 2012

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