Life history of the 6th imam -Jaffer Al-Sadiq (as)

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Information about Life history of the 6th imam -Jaffer Al-Sadiq (as)

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: wafa786



The life history of Imam Jaffer Al Sadiq,(as) the great grandson of the holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) and the 6th in line of the divinely appointed imams after the Prophet.

His mother was very surprised and asked Zakariyya what had made him become so kind towards her. Zakariyya explained that his Imam, our 6th Imam (A.S.), had told him to act in this way. His mother wanted to know what else the religion of Islam had taught her son. Zakariyya sat with his mother to tell her all about the teachings of Islam and when he had finished, his mother became a Muslim

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