Life Cycle of Stars - Revision

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Information about Life Cycle of Stars - Revision

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: littlevagabond



A quick revision on the life cycle of stars, aimed at year 10 level.

NEBULA _____________: A dense cloud of gas and dust

gravity The nebula begins to contract due to __________ and the pressure PROTOSTAR and temperature increase and becomes a ________________.

fusion When the temperature gets hot enough, a _______________ reaction begins and a _______ ____________ star is born. MAIN SEQUENCE

A star loses ____________ during fusion as energy is released. This mass decreases the star’s gravity. RED GIANT Over time, a star will expand, becoming a ___________ ____________, when the outward force of ________________ is greater than the fusion gravity inward force of ______________.

After swelling to around 300-400 time its size, the red giant cools and dust the outer layers of _____ and ______ expand and surround the star. gas This planetary body is know as a ___________ ____________. PLANETARY NEBULA The core of the star shrinks in size and cools down, becoming a WHITE DWARF _________ ____________. White Dwarf

SUPERNOVA explosion A ___________________ is an _________________ that marks the end of a very massive star’s life. When it occurs, the exploding star can outshine all of the other stars in the galaxy in total for several days and may leave behind only a crushed core.

The life cycle of stars depends on their mass. BLACK DWARVES Small and medium stars become __________________ once they die. NEUTRON STARS Larger stars become novae and die as: ______________ A neutron star is an imploded core of an exploded star made up almost entirely of neutrons. A teaspoon of their material would weigh more than the weight of all of cars, buses and trucks in the Australia The most massive stars become supernovae and die as a: BLACK HOLE ______________________ A black hole is an extremely massive remnant from which _______ cannot escape light

Worksheet :D **Missing Labels on page 2** Blue Red

1. What is infra-red technology? 2. How is infra-red technology useful for seeing things in space? 3. Why would we want a telescope on a plane? 4. What are light curves? 5. What does a light curve tell us about a stars life cycle? 6. What is spectral analysis? 7. What does spectral analysis tell us about a star?

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