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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: JaclynHunt



How can Life Coaching help Parents of Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

February, 2014 VOL #1 ISSUE #2 Life Coaching For Parents of Autistic Children and Adults Jaclyn Hunt, MA Benefits of Life Coaching for Parents: Importance of Parental Life Coaching: Parents hold the enormous responsibility of raising a • Better understanding of Autism • Increasing meaningful communication with your child contributing member of society. This, for many, is Reducing self-doubt in your parenting abilities children on the Autism Spectrum the task is even • Assisting your child in setting better goals Raising a child on the Autism Spectrum can be • Developing more effective parenting skills • Lower stress levels • Learning how to reduce expectations • Understanding of how to not take your child’s autism personally • Discovering how your child’s mind works • Have access to a person who understands the daily stress and frustrations you are experiencing • Learning to set realistic desires and goals • Understanding how to take care of yourself without sacrificing the care of your child • child and making him or her a productive and the most difficult job in the world. For parents of more daunting. frustrating, draining, confusing, and at times seemingly impossible. On the other hand, when these children do succeed the rewards for the parent are enormous. Obtaining a coach to help with parenting skills specifically designed to work with children on the Autism Spectrum is essential. What may work with a typical child may have the opposite effect on a child with autism. “Do not do everything for your child, instead teach him how to do everything for himself.”

An Important Area of Intervention for Parents of children with Autism Everyone on the Autism Spectrum must learn Real Life Skills, Communication Skills, and Social Skills; this is mandatory. Successful Parent/Child Interaction. Parents must learn which skills are a priority, before moving on to more complex and unessential tasks. For instance, many parents are adament that their child learn how to write his name. This task is not important if the child is not yet potty trained. In order to succeed in society, a person needs to be able to take care of themselves in the bathroom before they can go to school, gain employment, and function out in the world. The main goal for all those on the spectrum is to be able to function independently in the world. Many parents argue this idea because they are focused on their child’s exceptional abilities. These abilities are wonderful, but will be of no use to them unless they learn basic skills first. There are no doctors, lawyers, or Effective Parental Communication. world leaders who are unable to take care of personal daily needs on their own to a reasonable degree. The exceptional abilities will still be around to cultivate long after the basic needs are mastered. Everyone on the autism spectrum is capable of achieving an acceptable level of independence. Every parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum must keep that goal in the forefront of their thoughts. Basic skills must come first, even if your child exceeds in higher level tasks at a very young age. If your child is reading at 2 that does not simply mean he or she is a genius, it means they are not socializing and interacting appropriately for their age and the sooner that is addressed the better. If you are uncertain how to prioritize your child’s learning and development, consulting with a coach who has experience with autism can be highly beneficial. “Success is raising a happy and healthy human being.”

FEBRUARY, 2014 VOL #1 ISSUE #2 Method for Successful Parenting For Children on the Autism Spectrum Make Purposeful and Meaningful Changes Set Smaller Goals Lower Parental Expectations Give Patience, Love, and Support in Abundance Make Time for Yourself and Your Spouse Communication, growth and peace for the child and parent alike. When a parent first comes to me I quite often find the entire family stuck in a very specific pattern that is clearly not working. The parent feels they must persist or the child will never succeed, and the child feels like they must fight it with all their being because it is uncomfortable and undesirable. This leads to conflict, destruction, frustration, and feelings of helplessness. This is when the implementation of purposeful, meaningful changes must take place. As a coach I evaluate each family individually and come up with those changes and instruct the parents on how to make those changes happen. Sometimes a parent sets a goal that is too lofty for a child to accomplish successfully. For instance, doing 20 math problems because “she can do it, she just gets lazy!” In this case, 20 problems is an arduous attention task, even for an autistic child who excels in math. Therefore, I work to convince the parents to only have the child complete 3-5 problems and move on. The child succeeds, builds her self-confidence and perhaps does more work the next time around. This is one example of many possible goal-setting issues. Similarly, parents often see the full potential of their children and wish to push them there before they are ready. Children on the autism spectrum look like everyone else, and it is sometimes difficult to see the internal struggle they go through every single day. I have to remind parents to set aside their expectations and accept what does get accomplished in a day. Having no expectation means no disappointment. Any child can sense disappointment in a parent, and would rather not attempt a task out of the fear of disappointing mom or dad rather than giving it a shot. Do not show or feel disappointment around your child, only provide a supporting, loving environment where patience is abound! Finally, the most difficult area for parents is pulling themselves away from their child’s needs and finding time for their own. As a life coach I find it almost impossible to convince parents that if they take care of themselves and their marriage there will be a better home environment for the child to thrive in. Parents believe if they let up for one moment the child will regress. I am here to support you through the times when it is essential for you to take a break and recharge so that you can perform at your peak when working with your child. Think about it, your child is in a constant state of stress, and having a parent in that same state does no good when trying to teach anxiety reduction and productive real life skills. “Relationships are extremely complicated. Don’t expect your child to understand the complexity of any relationship until you explicitly teach them in a way they understand.”

Provider Profile: Types of Clients: Jaclyn Hunt MA, CAS Certified Autism Specialist • Adults on the Autism Spectrum • Parents of Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum specializes in Autism for all those who are affected by it. • Spouses and Significant other of Adults on the Autism Spectrum In terms of adults on the Autism Spectrum, she works to get • Siblings, Grandparents, and other relatives of those on the Autism Spectrum • Educators, Doctors, and other Professionals that work with those on the Autism Spectrum • Anyone affected by Autism or other related Special Needs Jaclyn is a Certified Autism Specialist and Life Coach that them organized, motivated, socialized, and out into the community. She assists in the successful navigation of social, employment, and romantic relationships. For parents of children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, Jaclyn’s job is to assure them that they are on the right track, steer them in the correct direction when dealing with their children, and also helping them remain healthy by establishing and maintaining their own identity separate from their children. Services Offered: • Phone Sessions • Skype Sessions • In-person Sessions • Email availability • Speaking Engagements • Workshops • Educational Opportunities growing number of people enterning adulthood with an Autism • Group Sessions and Classes Spectrum Disorder. • FREE! Initial Consultation by Phone! Spouses of adults on the Autism Spectrum often need guidance and support in dealing with the emotional challenges and lack of adequate emotional reciprocity by their partners. Jaclyn is also skilled at bridging the communication gaps between spouses in autistic relationships. Adults on the Autism Spectrum have needs and requirements that many professionals are unfamiliar with at this time. Jaclyn’s goal is to spread knowledge and awareness about the Website: Email: Call: 732-675-6876

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