Life casting more treasured than inanimate casting

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Information about Life casting more treasured than inanimate casting

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: artmolds2013



EnvironMolds and ArtMolds offers a wide variety of casting products, metal and stones powders, fibers, fillers, mounting and display, resins, silicone, casting kits and ancillary materials to assist in casting and finishing.

Life Casting - More Treasured than Inanimate Casting While both casting and life casting entail similar materials, supplies and techniques, there obviously are important differences between the two art forms. To begin with, it’s more than evident that while casts are made of ordinary and inanimate objects, a life cast involves making molds directly on a living body. And this is what makes the process of life casting much more challenging. It follows that the mold making and casting materials used in life casting have to be chosen carefully for safety and health reasons. Apart from being non-toxic and skin safe, they should be easy to wash off, especially from the hair. Even if the mold tends to heat up, it can cause burns or other injuries. Allergic reactions on the body, skin irritations and the possibility of fine body hair snagging in the mold material have to be considered as well. Therefore, it is always advisable to test a small sample on the inside of the wrist of the model to check for any negative reactions like redness or rashes. This is why gentle materials like alginates, moulage and plaster bandages are generally the medium of choice for making molds on the human body. Alginate is similar to the material that dentists use to make teeth impressions, but have a relatively slower setting time. While alginates are considered waste molds that cannot be reused, moulage offers the benefit of multiple reuses as desired. Plaster bandages are used primarily for making belly molds of the torso, as in the case of pregnancy casting. But obviously, polyurethane rubber or water glass can never even be considered for this task!

On the other hand, regular mold making and casting can employ a variety of material like ceramics, clay, wax, gypsum, silicone, latex, polyurethane or water glass without bothering about health and safety concerns. Then again, during a life cast the model has to stay still and motionless till the mold is complete and can be taken off. Therefore, quick setting materials are needed as it is not possible to hold a stationary pose for more than an hour or so. How to allow the model to breathe and stay comfortable and anxiety-free has to be kept in mind too. Adequate supports to help the model hold the pose are also needed. De-molding is also an intricate job as the mold has to be carefully removed from the model’s body without any snagging hairs or other injuries. But, molds of inanimate objects can be easily de-molded with the only concern being that the mold should not stick to the original piece or get damaged during the removal process. Therefore, making a life cast requires greater care and attention, but the final life cast is bound to be a more treasured and arresting than any regular cast! The level of realism is truly beyond words.

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