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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: janhendriksenf



2014 Edition: Tipps & Tricks on how to be more effective and efficient via (mostly) cloud-based and (mostly) free tools and services for team-collaboration, social media-operation and self-organization. A quick (and non-theoretical) overview taking a look at some great little helpers to unleash the force, switch locations and devices easily, waste less time and get stuff done.

Life- and Workhacking with Digital Tools Jan-Hendrik Senf @_SENF_ Consultants for Digital Communication - Social Media Marketing •  Strategies and Concepts •  Setup and Realization •  Coaching, Training, Seminars and Workshops •  Audits, Second Opinions, Optimization •  Websites: Concepts, Realization, Relaunches •  Social Media Monitoring and Dashboards •  Personal Branding and Reputation •  Employer Branding and Enterprise 2.0 •  Issue- and Crisis Communication

The Problem

The solution (forget it ;)

•  Effectivity: " To do the right things •  Efficiency:" To do things right"

THE classic read

THE classic system Enterprise 2.0: " Force self-control

Gen Y and the workplace •  All ideas compete on an equal footing •  Contribution counts for more than credentials •  Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed •  Leaders serve rather than preside •  Tasks are chosen, not assigned •  Groups are self-defining and - organizing •  Ressources get attracted, not allocated •  Power comes from sharing information, not hording it •  Opinions compound and decisions are peer-reviewed •  Users can veto most policy decisions •  Intrinsic rewards matter most •  Hackers are heroes

Understanding Gen Y

Becoming a Social Business

Kill Email It‘s killing your productivity.

Email is 40+ years old now

„Trapped“ in Emails are •  Knowledge •  Tasks •  Files" •  Hierarchies, Secrets, Power etc.

Email is THE„killer“-app •  Email is always intrusive, always „Push“ instead of „Pull“ •  Email is used very wrong VERY often (Chat, cc: deleted etc.) •  Email is killing time •  Email is killing productivity •  Email is very often the wrong solution for the job to be done •  Email is generating silos of knowledge •  Email can easily lead to misunderstandings regarding tone •  Email is the opposite of transparency •  Email has no built-in fun feature (no gamification included)

Killerfeature: No mailclient ;)

Email is NOT the only choice

Foto: flickr user RayBanBro66 (undercc-Licence) It’s possible. Let’s start today:)

Last warning: This is… •  Totally subjective •  Absolutely non-complete •  Inspiringly inspirational •  Hopefully helpful •  BIG TIME BORING " (at least when you know these tools)

Get a better mail client

Use Activity Feeds instead of Emails for ALL internal communication

Don‘t mail documents!

Don’t mail files!

Track worktime

List tasks and share lists

Track and record progress

Structure complexity with mindmaps

Put ALL notes into the Cloud

Put ALL contacts to the Cloud

Move your Phones to the Cloud

Put offtimes into the Cloud

Manage projects

Be better at meetings

Move meetings to the Cloud

Simulate a CoWorking-Space in the Cloud

Centralize invoices

Rule your passwords (everywhere)

Cluster your workday

Boost your focus

Kill visual clutter

Read stuff later (everywhere)

Use a custom startpage in your browser

Centralize content sources

Use (realtime) Dashboards

Use (cloud-) aggregators

Use alerts

Buffer ALL tweets

Only tweet with maximum reach

Try instant time tracking

Block sites that kill time

Block the Social Web

Block the Internet

Downgrade your smartphone to a plain phone (from time to time)

Hack your workplace: •  Institute „No-Meetings-Fridays“ •  Institute the „Rule of 2“: No more than 2 team members at any meeting. Then brief others. •  Disable new Email-Notifications •  Turn off Voice Mail •  Batch process Emails 1 - 2 times a day •  Block time for key projects and deliverables •  Get off non-essential Email distribution lists •  Apply David Allens’ „2 minute rule“ •  Limit the number of items on your daily To-Do-List •  Take Time-Outs to review goals and check process •  Work from home 1 - 2 days a week •  Color-code incoming Emails based on priorities to improve scan-ability •  Go digital with note-taking to make it easier to search and retrieve data from notes •  Slow down and reflect rather than just to react in the moment •  Delegate more •  Let others fix their own problems

Be productive

Work in the Now, with Flow

Understand the social dimension of our race to maximize our productivity Stream "Speed" (90 min.) in English on Vimeo (paid): Stream "Speed" (90 min.) in German on arte (free):

Discover natural Powerfoods For example: Acai Berries, Matcha Tea, Maca Powder, Chia Seeds etc.

Optimize your sleep Wake Up Light, Water Pillow, Fitbits Sleeptracking

Work hard

Play hard

Be happy:)

Sharing means caring: " What are YOUR tools and hacks?


Let’s connect: • • (page) • •  mail [ at ] senf-heinemann [dot] com •  +49 (0)30 - 86 08 537 •  +41 (0)44 - 520 58 29

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