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Published on November 14, 2008

Author: 6socrates9


To Lie or To Lay? : To Lie or To Lay? To lie – recline; lie down; To lay – to put or place something + an object To lie – to be untruthful To Lie : To Lie To lie is a verb which does not need an object: The child is lying down for a nap. Slide 3: The woman has lain on the sea wall for an hour. The puppies are lying beside each other. To Lay : To Lay To lay is a verb which needs an object. The hen laid an egg. (active voice) The egg was laid by the hen. (passive voice) Slide 5: Mother laid the child on the bed. Affect of Effect? : Affect of Effect? Affect(v) – to influence; - Winning the lottery did not affect her relationships with her family and friends; the enormous amount of money she won had no effect on her relationships at all. Affect (n) – (Psychol.) feeling, emotion, desire - Psychology researchers clearly list the affects which will be part of their research. Effect? : Effect? Effect (n) – the result of an action; to create a result The filled river basin was the effect of the heavy rain. Effect (v) - to accomplish; to bring about; to cause to happen; (adv) - the heavy rain caused the river to fill the dry river bed. The heavy rain effectively(adv) filled the dry river bed. Rain affects (v) seeds; flowers are effective displays. : Rain affects (v) seeds; flowers are effective displays. Seeds are affected (v) when rain wets them, the sun warms them, and soil provides nourishment. The seeds germinate and grow into plants. What an effective (adj.) display these poppies are in my garden! Floods : Floods Sometimes heavy rainstorms affect (v) us adversely; they make rivers flood which, in turn, erode the land and damage buildings. The overall effect (n) is a devastated landscape. Thunderstorms : Thunderstorms What effect (n) does a storm have on you? Are you so affected (v) that you hide under your bed? Does lightning have a terrifying effect(n) on you? How do these pictures affect (v) you? : How do these pictures affect (v) you?

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