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Published on July 24, 2007

Author: kvdoglover



The King's back...but this time it's not personal, it's just business!

Send him in. Send ‘em in!


You rang?...

A matter of fact I did, “thanks for checking”!

What, who do you think you are?! Get the heck out of my office and off my chair, you EYESORE!!

Yeah, I might be an eyesore but not as much as that-whatever that is on you head! Oh, and as to “who do I think I am?” I think I’m the big tycoon who owns the big chair and the big office, my hair club friend.

Okay, what do you want money, my new Rolex , what!?

I don’t want your garbage Donald! I still don’t feel content about when you fired me. You disgraced my name, publicly humiliated me-




Who could say such horrid things-

to such an…

, innocent



Innocent, innocent-

Are you through?


-I got a few more- Innocent, innocent…

Okay, okay I get you! I fired poor, ugly, “ innocent ” faced sucker- now I feel really bad, bad Trump!

You're not taking this seriously are you?

No, no not really…

Well you’ll take it seriously once I show the world what you really are,-

-an on orthodox, egomaniacal spaz, jigging in a doorway on payday!!!!






What that’s not me!!! That’s-that’s, photoshopped…or something!

Yeah, uh huh, sure…

Right Gary?


Errrr, NEVER MIND!!!!

I’ve been totally framed!!!

What sucker could have done this!?

The KING , baby!!

Now where was I? Oh yes- YOU’ Are FIRED!!!!!!!!!


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