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Information about Lice Shampoo

Published on June 18, 2018

Author: DevisSmith


Slide1: LTC (Lice treatment center) is one of the most trusted lice removal service which provides effective and efficient head-lice removal techniques done by our experienced and caring technicians who are fully equipped with the best lice removal products like lice shampoo , stainless steel combs and many more. For more visit on: Slide2: LTC (Lice treatment center) offers a variety of products related to lice removal. Our special Lice shampoo, conditioners and other products are specifically made from organic substances to avoid any allergies or irritation to our valuable customers. Our lice shampoo focuses on easy removal of lice and keeps it from recurring. For more visit on: Slide3: At LTC (Lice treatment center), we have highly caring and trusted lice removal technicians who excel in the treatment of head-lice. Our expert technicians use a special kind of Lice shampoo specially designed to fight head-lice and enhances the removal process eliminating it effectively and efficiently. For more visit on: Slide4: LTC’s anti lice product, the Lice shampoo or the treatment shampoo- Jolis cheveux is highly effective and efficient against head-lice and nits. These shampoos are developed using powerful anti-lice organic agents like tea-tree oil, cinnamon, lavender and many other natural elements which help smoothen the lice removal process for our technicians and preventing head-lice from coming back. These Anti-lice products formulated by LTC are clinically proven and lab tested to make sure it doesn’t hamper your health. Slide5: Trying to get rid of head-lice and nits can be quite challenging because these lice and nits are known for clinging to our hair strands very tightly and firmly. And special and effective products are needed for the best and smooth lice removal . LTC (lice treatment center) provides the best lice shampoo and anti-lice products to help with the removal of head-lice and nits . For more visit on: Thank You….

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