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Published on March 17, 2016

Author: CarlaEstebanSilvestr



2. Card of the book Title: Tales of the Alhambra Author: Washington Irving (1783-1859), North American writer and historian, he centred his works on the Spain of the 15th century with books about Christopher Colón, the Arabs and the Alhambra. Tales of the Alhambra was published in 1832 and it’s translated in many languages and is considered to be one of the most important works of his author. Characters: The moor’s legacy:  Peregil (Protagonist): He is a humble man who works collecting clean water in jars. He’s a generous, kind and good person; he isn’t very strong and not very beautiful.  Wife of Peregil: she’s moody, lazy, not very good person and always shouting. When she’s rich women, she changes and becomes nice and friendly person.  Muslim: he’s a man very sick and dies quickly.  Neighbor: he is an avaricious, envious and a bad person that cannot trust with him.  The Mayor: he’s as bad person as the neighbor.  The Mayor’s Servant: he’s a loyal and good person. The Enchanted Soldier:  Don Vincent (Protagonist): he’s a very handsome popular young man. He has a beautiful voice and is poor student who loves Emmeline.  Emmeline: she’s a pretty young maiden who captivated Don Vincent’s heart. She’s very shy and good person.  Father Thomas: he’s a fat priest who loves eating and isn’t very beautiful.  The Soldier: he’s an old man who is a soldier and prisoner ghost. He has got a grey long beard and wears a suit of armour, a shield and a sword. He’s tall and very thin. The Arabian Astrologer:

3.  King Aben Habuz (Protagonist): He’s the king of the Granada’s kingdom, is a strong and old person, but he’s lazy, low and avaricious, that is to say, what he wants and has to have it.  Ibrahim Ebn Abu Ayub: He’s an old Arabian astrologer who arrived at the palace from Egypt and become the King’s advisor. He has got a long grey beard and mysterious eyes, and he does magic spells. He’s very intelligent and arrogant.  Princess from Guadix: she’s a young beautiful lady who wears bright jewels on her forehead and a gold bracelet on her man, and she’s the daughter of a Gothic prince. Summary: This book tells about three histories that happened in the Alhambra and now I’m telling you a summary of it. Legacy of the Moor treats about a man called Peregil that when he’s working, finds a Muslim who is sick and when who died gives him a box that has a parchment and a candle. With help of the Muslim shop owner manage to discover the treasure hidden in the Alhambra. Unfortunately, they have to share with three avaricious persons, but Peregil and the Muslim enclose them in the tower. The Enchanted Soldier treats about a young poor student who knows a soldier of the Kings Católicos, he’s a prisoner guarding the treasure of the Alhambra and he promises to Don Vincent that if he breaks the spell, the soldier makes him a rich men. To do it he needs a good priest and a beautiful lady, who the young Don Vincent falls in love. Unfortunately, they couldn’t break the spell; this meant that the soldier isn’t free. The Arabic astrologer treats about the advisor of the king Aben, the astrologer, that he builds an enormous tower that protects the king of his enemies. One day, the princess from Guadix comes to the palace and who did that the people of the village was getting angry and that the king was trying to escape to a magic garden. The King promises the advisor that would be the first living creature to enter the garden, but the King breaks this promise and the princess belonged to the astrologer forever. Vocabulary:  HILL: Colina – p.8 -Behind this hill, there is a village so called Eustachio.  DONKEY: burro -My grandfather had a donkey to carry the oranges of his field.  MUSLIM: musulmán -I have a friend who is Muslim goes always to the mosque.

4.  REWARD: recompensa – p.9 -The police said that the one, who should find the thief, would gain a reward.  GOSSIPING: cotilla – p.10 -My gossiping friend always wants to know everything.  PARCHMENT: pergamino -My father has a parchment written by the Egyptians.  COURT COSTS: costes del juicio -The court costs are very expensive and many people cannot pay them.  OWNER: propietario – p.11 -The owner of the shop of music is Jose, the father of Mario.  SPELL: hechizo - July took the spell of the bad witch to discover the castle.  STEPS: pasos – p.14 -While I was doing my homework, I listened to a few steps.  DEEP: profundo -My shoes are in the deepest of the cupboard.  THUNDER: trueno -It was raining when I listened to a few thunders.  WARN: advertir – p.15 -The mother warned him that shouldn’t shout.  THEMSELVES: ellos mismos – p.16 -They built their house themselves.  ALLAH’S WILL: la voluntad de Alá -It was Allah's will that we found them.  BEGGED: suplicó, pidió - p.22, 49 - She begged the help of a doctor.  HANDSOME: hermoso -Her brother Eric is a tall boy with a handsome face.

5.  PRIEST: sacerdote - p.23 -The priest wishes good luck for us.  SQUARE: plaza - p.24 -The square of the city is filled of people who sing.  MOSQUE: mezquita -My friend Fran is Muslim and goes always to the mosque.  EVE: víspera - p.25 -In autumn eve my aunt marries John.  COUPLES: parejas -In Antonio’s class there are many couples.  BEARD: barba -This man has a long red beard and is bald.  SWORD: espada -The soldier of the queen takes always a sword.  SHIELD: escudo -In the ruins one found an old shield.  TRUST: confianza – p.26 -When you have trust with someone, you tell him secrets.  VAULT: sótano, cripta -The vault of my house is the biggest of the world.  DEFEATED: derrotado - p.27 -The king was defeated by the soldiers of his own army.  LOCKED... UP: encerró -She was already here when they locked me up.  LOCK: cerradura - p.30 -The lock broke when Carlos put the key.  TRULY: realmente - p.31 - Truly, I don’t believe what you are telling me.

6.  HURRY: prisa, apuro - She always arrives late and goes with hurries.  REPLIED: contestó - p.32 - She replied with the heart to the question.  STRAIGHT: directamente - p.33 -He went straight shopping centre to buy clothes.  TAKE PLACE: tener lugar - The disaster meant that the abandon of homes took place.  IN WONDER: asombrados, maravillados - When I was a child, I was looking in wonder at the old persons.  LID: tapa - p.34 - The lid of the box was opened and I took the photos of my grandmother.  VIGIL: vigilia - p.35 - Last year I did a vigil with my parents and we went to do a walk.  COCKEREL: gallo joven – p.41 - My grandfather has many cockerels in his field.  THREATENED: amenazó - His brother threatened to kill me.  SILKS: sedas – p.43 -My mother decorated her room with exotic silks.  THICK CARPETS: alfombras gruesas - In the King’s palace there are many thick carpets on the floor.  BEWARE: tener cuidado – p.45 - My mom answered that I would beware with the strangers.  REFUSED: rechazó - I refused the offer of work.  TROUBLE: problema -Those children have a lot of troubles.

7.  AGAINST: contra - p.48 - Esteban fights against Carlos.  MANAGED TO: consiguió, logró -My mother managed to convince me that the red dress was the most beautiful.  GET RID: deshacer - The killer got rid of the body.  CARVED: talló - p.51 - He carved it into each one of his victims.  SCORNFULLY: desdeñosamente, con desprecio - p.52 - Elsa was looking to Inma scornfully.  REMIND: recordar - p.53 - He reminds us that we should live happily.  STILL: todavía - Still I haven’t found my bracelet.  GATEWAY: entrada -The gateway of this room is magic.  FORTRESS: fortaleza - The king's soldiers are guarding the fortress and the treasure.

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