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Information about Library mobile app_design_using_wave_maker

Published on March 15, 2016

Author: ImagineaDesignLabs


1. The Purpose Wavemaker is a platform to quickly build apps for different platforms or devices. The main aim of building the showcase apps is to bring out the wavemaker’s ability to create visually stunning mobile applications.

2. Personal Book Library App The Book library app lets you to keep a track of all the books that you own, have read or want to buy in a visually applealing interface. The app lets you to easily add any book and also categorize them for easy access. All the book details are fetched from the amazon API. Features: • Visual showcase of the books • Add books by scanning or entering the details manually. • Create shelf and customize them. • Keep a track of the books you own, read, want, lent etc. • Rate the books and add a comment.

3. Design Process Research - A brief study of few of the existing book catalogue app to get an idea of their user interface. The pros and cons were observed which helped in making the proposed app more user friendly. Wireframe - Some quick ideas were sketched to see the different layouts and ui elements. Visual Design - Some quick ideas were sketched to see the different layouts and ui elements.

4. Wireframe Positioning of the main navigation was the most important part of the UI since this would let the user to perform different tasks. User testing with the rough paper prototypes were done to arrive at the most desired option. Adding a shelf or a category at the tab level should be very intutive. Shelf - Tabs in the Home pageMain Navigation Top vs Bottom Navigation

5. Wireframe Exploration of a flat view or a grid view for the listing page. The option to quikly edit the book details and to let the user change the category at a detailed page level. Book Detail PageListing page explorations

6. The Result One of the main aim of the design was to keep the user interface clear, clutter free with a stong visually appealing interface.The app should be a showcase of your books that you would like to see or share it with your friends.

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