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Published on April 17, 2008

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Liberty Health Net:  Liberty Health Net The People’s Company Topics We Will Discuss:  Topics We Will Discuss Liberty Health Net – “The People’s Company” Exceptional Products at Affordable Prices Revenue Sharing Opportunity Ways in which you can participate Liberty’s Heritage:  Liberty’s Heritage Liberty Health Net was incorporated in February 2001 by Jim Price, owner, President and CEO. Jim’s experience in the Referral Marketing Industry influenced his vision of : redistributing the opportunity for personal wealth away from the corporate owners TO the average family Helping people reach their goals with out-standing natural products in a way for people to prosper by sharing these products with others A unique compensation plan that rewards the part-timer very generously so anyone can succeed. A New President:  A New President In early 2007, Jim offered Shelly Ferree the position of PRESIDENT Shelly accepted this position. She has extensive success and experience in the referral marketing field. Her VISION is to do everything possible to help people successfully promote personal wellness and the wellness of others, while quickly building a profitable enterprise. She believes LHN is all about people and good relationships. Liberty Health Net is now a 7 year old debt free company, shipping to countries world wide. Liberty’s Mission Statement:  Liberty’s Mission Statement “Liberating the lives of those we touch by helping them find balance in health, finances, family and community”. Our Wellness Concept:  Our Wellness Concept People everywhere are looking to lead healthier, more balanced and financially secure lives Physical Wellness:  Physical Wellness As we live longer, our health and financial concerns increase Today’s Health Concerns:  Today’s Health Concerns How many of these health concerns affect you or people you know? Arthritis Weight Management Diabetes Cancer Heart Disease Alzheimer’s Stroke Hypertension Fibromyalgia Allergies High Cholesterol Asthma Multiple Sclerosis Excessive Stress Osteoporosis Compelling Facts:  Compelling Facts The leading causes of death in 2000 were heart disease (36%) cancer (27%) and respiratory diseases (5.1%) as well as medical mistakes. More than 2600 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day (American Heart Association, 2003) By 2020, nearly half of all people over the age of 50 will be affected by arthritis. More than 60 million women will suffer from osteoporosis. (Centers for Disease Control) The average obese person will die 13 years earlier than a person of normal weight. 63% of Americans are overweight now, and 34% of them are clinically obese. (New England Journal of Medicine, 2003) 784,000 people die every year from conventional medical mistakes. (according to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith) The Liberty Health Net Difference:  The Liberty Health Net Difference Isn’t it time we take responsibility for our own health? Give your body the nutrition it deserves. Liberty Health net has over 16 natural and safe nutritional products for our body’s support. Weight Management:  Weight Management Weight Loss Plus Alligin Coral Calcium O2 Basic Essential Bonus! Vitamin Plus Weight Loss Plus Alligin Coral Calcium O2 Basic Essential Bonus! Vitamin Plus Weight Management Pack Weight Loss Plus Alligin Coral Calcium O2 Plus Bonus! Vitamin Plus Obesity is on the rise and approaching epidemic proportions. These products are synergistically combined for optimum fat burning and energy production. Sports Nutrition :  Sports Nutrition Creatine supplementation in the proper amounts and for the proper duration can certainly aid in improving anaerobic performance in athletic activities such as weight lifting, sprinting, rowing and more. The benefits of Creatine can include: More energy during workouts due to ATP regeneration. Enhanced strength during workouts . Less dependence on glycolysis - reducing lactic acid Quick muscle weight gain in just weeks Pamper and Nurture Your Skin!:  Pamper and Nurture Your Skin! The complete line of Expression Facial Care products is formulated expressly for LHN by our personal manufacturer utilizing natural active ingredients.  LHN products are specifically formulated to be free of all unnecessary and harmful chemical additives. Expression Facial Care Line ingredients are not only of the highest quality but are concentrated in the purest form to give immediate response and gratification. Balance your pH:  Balance your pH ACIDOSIS - a scary-sounding word. Perhaps that's because "Acidosis" (too much acid waste in our body), is considered by many researchers to be the basic foundation of all disease. It's a real silent killer. The simple process of alkalizing our body and the important role a properly alkalized body plays in restoring and maintaining our overall health, is paramount in any serious pursuit of wellness. Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in his book Alkalize or Die, shook the scientific community when he reported: "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause... TOO MUCH ACID IN THE BODY! Products That Support pH balance:  Products That Support pH balance O2 Plus - "We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all disease." …and pointed to oxygen deficiency as the underlying cause of degenerative diseases, and ultimately the death of the cell. pH Plus - is the perfect companion supplement with O2 Plus. Together they effectively address the two critical elements in chronic illness, an acid pH and lack of oxygen.. More on Products for pH balance:  More on Products for pH balance Super Greens Plus *new* Super Greens Plus oxygen enhanced formula energizes and alkalizes the system, improves the intestinal environment, and helps to cleanse and deodorize the body. Coral Calcium - can raise your body's pH levels while boosting protective powers for your immune system.  With it's ultra high mineral content, Coral Calcium actually helps to increase your body's alkaline (high pH) state. With a high pH level, your body is healthier, oxygen rich and can have the ultimate in immune system protection Financial Concerns:  Financial Concerns CONCERNS Credit Card Debt Household Debt Lack of Personal savings Rising cost of Health Care Rising costs of Education Job Insecurities Unprepared for retirement OPTIONS Second Job Inheritance Risky Investments Traditional Business Franchise Win the Lottery Start a Micro-Enterprise Home based business Average American Family Incomes:  Average American Family Incomes Americans can save less than 2% of their income after taxes. Most are 2 – 3 paychecks from bankruptcy 37 million are already living in poverty Let’s Compare how to create $1500 in residuals a month:  Let’s Compare how to create $1500 in residuals a month #1 is $50 a month placed in a savings account at 5% interest #2 is $500 a month placed in a savings account at 5% interest #3 is $500 a month placed in stocks, bonds, mutual funds at 15% interest #4 is money placed in your own Micro-Enterprise. What IS a Micro-Enterprise:  What IS a Micro-Enterprise For a low investment, you establish a distribution network where by you can avail yourself of tax write-offs that the average tax payer cannot. You partner with a company such as LHN who takes care of administration factors so that you have ~ NO inventory on hand NO processing the customer’s purchases NO shipping the orders NO billing the customers NO collections NO complicated paper work NO research and development NO web maintenance NO repeat sales presentations NO RISK! The Revenue Sharing Concept:  The Revenue Sharing Concept Become a "Professional Referrer" - direct your interested party to the information that will address their concern. Liberty Health Net’s revenue sharing program offers a combination of the most lucrative bonuses and residual income. There are Three Ways to Earn Money with LHN 1. The Initial Sales Referral Bonus:  1. The Initial Sales Referral Bonus Tell Somebody Earn a 60% referral bonus on the first purchase made by your personally sponsored members for having introduced the new customer/distributor to the company and the products. 2. The Retail Plan:  2. The Retail Plan Everyone is a potential customer. You sell any of the products you purchase at the retail cost to your customers.  You can start making money your first week in business using The Retail Plan.  You can earn up to 300% on every bottle you re-sell to your customers.  That’s $30 per bottle!   How to Retail:  How to Retail HOW? In any month in which you purchase $100 worth of product, you are qualified to purchase additional products for $10-$20 each. Sell those $10 products at the retail cost of $40, and you’ve made $30 a bottle. If you are a recruiter, The Retail Plan will also increase your monthly earnings.  3. The 4 x 5 Matrix:  3. The 4 x 5 Matrix How does the Matrix Work?:  How does the Matrix Work? Simply refer people to your enterprise. Fast Start Bonus ~ get paid a fast start referral bonus of 60% on your customers’ FIRST order, As your 4 x 5 matrix is filled you get paid ~ Level 1 5% Level 2 10% Level 3 10% Level 4 40% Level 5 10% That adds up to a huge 75% paid out on 5 levels! Qualify for our CAR BONUS which is an additional 5% paid on the total sales orders in your group. The potential payout for your matrix is over $21,000. + a potential of $6000 in a car bonus payment. Income Example – potential payout $5,530 per month based on purchasing $50 a month by you, and by each of your customers:  Income Example – potential payout $5,530 per month based on purchasing $50 a month by you, and by each of your customers How do you fit in?:  How do you fit in? Do you see yourself replacing your current income? As a full-time person you can eventually build this to a six figure income a year or more. We have fast track plans on how to build this quickly. Do you see yourself as a part-time builder, supplementing your current situation with a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month? Do you wish to be a customer ordering exceptional products to support your body’s health and receive a little thank you check, up to $300 a month? Get back to the person who took you to this presentation, and let’s get started

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