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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: kichanova


Conquering the Bear: The Rise of Libertarianism in Russia Vera Kichanova, ESFLC, 15 March 2014

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991

1990 19941992 20001993

Liberty advocates in Russia

Market-oriented reforms of the 1990s

“Back to the USSR!”

Putin meets Cato president (2004)

Cato Summer School (2008)

First Party Congress (2011)

Education vs. politics?

Round-table discussions


The Atlant newspaper

“It’s time to shrug”

The InLiberty Summer School, Georgia

The Hayek Institute, Saint-Petersburg

Adam Smith Forum (2011)

Adam Smith Forum (2012)

Adam Smith Forum (2013)

Free People’s Forum

Moscow Tea Party

Guy Fawkes Day

Laissez-faire slogans

Tea Party, Russian style

‘Freedom’ means ‘libertarianism’

Snow Revolution (December 2011)

100,000 protesters

Down with dictatorship! Yay capitalism!

Local elections

Local issues

Fostering international ties

Third Party Congress (2013)

Becoming a party…

…to take the helm

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