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Information about LIA FJPPL

Published on March 30, 2008

Author: Florence


CNRS- IN2P3:  CNRS- IN2P3 CNRS National Center for Scientific Research Not only a funding agency Budget 2005: 2.3 B€ (including salaries) 26,080 permanent employees 11,644 researchers 14,416 engineers and technical staff 6 research departments (all fields) 2 national institutes (IN2P3, INSU) 1,256 research and service units (85 % are joint laboratories) Strong connections with universities and other research organizations 40 LIA 16 UMI The largest research organization in Europe IN2P3 National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics Budget 2005: 38.7 M€ (excluding salaries) 2488 permanent employees 795 researchers 1693 engineers and technical staff 18 Laboratories in France 7 in Paris 11 In French regions CC-IN2P3, LAPP close to CERN 5 Centers Computing Center CC-IN2P3 in Lyon GANIL (Ion Accelerator center) Under ground lab. in Modane IC conception,… 1 LIA: FJPPL IN2P3-DAPNIA and KEK France: CERN Host Country, Budget 2005: 98 M€ Slide3:  C. Brechignac A. Migus France-Japan Particle Physics International Associated Laboratory FJPPL:  France-Japan Particle Physics International Associated Laboratory FJPPL Motivations: goes beyond the usual mere researcher exchange Because long term projects need teams, not only individuals It gives higher visibility to the collaborations It helps structure research teams in our own countries Based on: A network of French labs from CNRS, CEA and Universities A network of Labs from KEK and Universities Two-site Laboratory opening access for: Japanese researchers to France and Europe research activities French to the Japan and Asia research activities 2 Co-directors Japan: Fumihiko Takasaki (KEK) France: Denis Perret-Gallix (IN2P3/CNRS) LIA Budget Travel money (project budgets are separately managed) Each party manages its own budget Call for proposals (bottom-up) Annual general workshop Status report by each collaboration Presentation of new proposals Steering Committee (top-down) Projects Selection Make sure the project budgets are available FJPPL Timeline:  FJPPL Timeline Signed May 29th, 2006 1st Steering Committee June 1st 2006 Call for proposals 2007 Start January, 15th - dead-line March 31st IN2P3,DAPNIA and KEK directors meeting 2007 in Japan Proposed date May 7th FJPPL Workshop 2007 in Japan Proposed Date: May 8-9th Steering Committee Proposed Date: May 10th To be checked with DAPNIA Supporting programme: CNRS-IN2P3, CEA-DAPNIA, Ministry of foreign affairs agreement Invitation (40-80 €/day+ taxes) 3 months -> 2 years in French Laboratories US and Japanese physicists on LHC programme Slide8:  Steering Committee members For the French Parties (6 members): Michel Spiro, CNRS-PNC Director or its representative Francois le Diberder, CNRS-IN2P3 Deputy Director Jean Zinn-Justin, CEA-DAPNIA Director or its representative Bruno Mansoulié, head of Particle Physics, Marco Zito, DAPNIA_CEA Olivier Napoly, DAPNIA-CEA, Dominique Boutigny, IN2P3-CNRS, Director of CCIN2P3 Jean-Eudes Augustin, IN2P3_CNRS President of the SC Observers: Natacha Aveline, invited member, from the CNRS Tokyo Office Dominique Ochem, invited member, Nuclear affairs Counselor (French Embassy) in Tokyo For the Japanese Party (6 members): Atsuto Suzuki, KEK DG, KEK Yukihide Kamiya, Director, Accelerator laboratory, KEK Mitsuaki Nozaki, Deputy Director, Institute of Particle Nuclear Studies (IPNS), KEK Masanori Yamauchi, Professor, IPNS, KEK Kenzo Nakamura, Professor, IPNS, KEK Takahiko Kondo, Professor, IPNS, KEK Slide9:  Detector R&D CALICE: Particle Flow Algorithm and DAQ for Linear Collider TPC technology for Linear Collider Physics PMT for a Megaton Water Cherenkov project SiLC Silicon traking for Linear Collider CMOS and SOI for pixel detectors Liquid Xenon detector for PET Slide10:  LHC B Physics Neutrino Physics World LCG (ICEPP, University of Tokyo) Superconducting Magnets for LHC upgrade CKMfitter Luminosity Upgrade, Super B Factory, common studies T2K and future beams T2K: 280 m detector collaboration Slide11:  Simulation and Data Analysis Computing Accelerator R&D Pluridisciplinary GDRI ACPP: event generators for LHC and linear Collider Double-Chooz collaboration GRID EGEE NAREGI interoperability Optical coupling cavities for positron production for Linear Collider Beam-Beam interaction, Interaction Region design Alternative coupler design, operation and materials R&D of emulsion technology to study fragment interaction to improve ion therapy Slide12:  39 French researchers Slide13:  52 Japanese researchers Slide14:  Ask account to Name, email, affilation and what is your project FJPPL Summary:  FJPPL Summary 19 programmes supported in 2006 91 physicists involved (39 French + 52 Japanese) Budget ~ 312 K€ (CNRS-IN2P3-DREI, CEA-DAPNIA, KEK) KEK: 2 room offices + access to a meeting room IN2P3 host labs (LAPP, LPNHE, LLR, LAL) and DAPNIA LAPP: FJPPL accounting and administration management Open to other European and Asian countries collaborations Slide16:  Since 2006 Nov. 1st FJPPL at KEK Yon-Go-Kan Building 4th Floor, Room 404, 405

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