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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: marinescnd



Increase Li-Ning market share among young american & improve brand awareness

Grade: 18/20

Concept: Federate younger people through the idea of community & Offering a new look at competition

Positioning: Li-Ning, bringing friends together.

Sport is more than a game, or a competition! It's a story of people doing thing together, sharing success & feeling strong emotions!


PLAN I/ Li-Ning & Market introduction II/ From Target to Concept III/ Strategic Recommendations 2

I/ Li-ning & Market Introduction 3

LI-NING •  Founded in 1990 by Li Ning a former Chinese Olympic Gymnast •  Headquarters in Beijing, and US ones opened in 2010 + A flagship shop in Portland •  Quoted on the Hong-Kong Stock Exchange in 2013 •  Partnership with Chicago-based Acquity Group to improve its distribution and brand awareness Revenue: US $1.354 billion in 2010 Net Income: US $220.9 million 4

LI-NING Shift in the identity in 2010: 让改变发⽣生 for non Chinese speakers Make the change 5

BRAND OFFER Product: Li-ning: Sports footwear & apparel, equipment & accesories Sports: Running, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Tennis and Fitness Place: 2007: 4,297 Li-Ning retail stores, some owned, some franchised Promotion: Athletes & teams endorsements in China & around the world, NBA: Baron Davis, Shaquille O’Neal, Damon Jones, Dwyane Wade who left Jordan brand for Li-Ning Apparel provider for Olympic Gamers Since 2006, collaboration with Limited sale edition in 2006 6

SWOT STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES •  Good sponsorship of NBA •  Increase in sales since last years •  The quality of product is recognised by sports industry •  Investment in media since several years (TV ads) •  1st annual loss since 2004 •  No brand awareness in USA •  Brand identity too close form the Nike Swoosh •  Dry Laundry - Greenpeace report on massive pollution in China including a lot of brand OPPORTUNITIES THREATS •  Sport culture is really important in the USA •  Sportswear market is evaluated between $480 and $620 billion •  Challenging market conditions in China •  Economic crisis since 2008 •  USA has the largest number of obese people •  Other brands invest huge amount of money in communication •  Brands like Adidas or Nike are more legitimate to sell in USA 7

MARKET Brand Value in Billion $ 16 14 12 15 10 8 6 4 5 2 1,5 1,4 Reebok Under Armour 0 Nike Adidas Forbes: 8


PROBLEMATIC How Li-Ning can emerge in the US sportswear market and increase its market share among younger people whereas the market is already saturated by historical brands? 10

II/ From Target to Concept 11

OBJECTIVES •  Increase market shares among young Americans •  Improve brand awareness from none to aided awareness •  Attribute distinctive qualities to Li-Ning Equipments •  Increase visibility on the digital •  Create a WOM process – community 12

TARGET Main target: Y Gen •  15-25 yo •  Boys & Girls •  Enjoying sports •  Fickle, no brand loyalty to a brand 13

TARGET Core target: Digital Native - Ultra Connected •  15-25 yo •  Boys •  Involved in a sport team: Basket, Badminton… •  Spend more than 52 hours per month on internet •  Spending on average 2,3 hours per day on social media 18-25 yo University students Using the Internet each day through a computer or a laptop for more than 5h13 per day 14-17 yo High School students Multitasking on digital channels Mobile: an average use of 2h25 on internet per day Social, Digital & Mobile around the world – We Are Social – Jan 2014 14

TARGET Secondary target: Teens •  15-19 yo •  Boys & Girls •  Fashion conscious •  Entertainment focus, Serie Addicts 15

TARGET Influencers: •  •  •  •  Vloggers Bloggers Influencers on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram…) Journalists in People, Lifestyle, Entertaining, Teens magazines 16

COMPETITORS Nike = Health / Lifestyle Recently Jordans = Lifestyle Miley Cyrus 23 – Jordan shoes Adidas = Both Street Style / Sports conscious Foot locker Snoop Dog 17

CONCEPT Federate younger people through the idea of COMMUNITY Bringing your friends together to share sporty moments 18

POSITIONING Li-Ning, Bringing friends together A new look at competition, See it through your friends’ eyes 19

RTB It’s more than a game, or a competition! It’s the story of people doing things, sharing success and feeling emotions together. 20

III/ Strategic Recommendation 21

STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Global Advice •  Build a digital ecosystem –  improve traffic through different platforms –  increase the time spend inside the brand channels of communication •  Invest in Social media to support the community & invite people to create UGC 22

STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Global Advice •  Facilitate every interaction with digital channels through links, buttons and Twitter/Facebook Connects •  Aggregate information into a Database, & consolidate them to push personalized offers 23

STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Global Advice •  Provide a great amount of content to invite people to discuss about it and to improve our organic ranking in Google •  No massive invest in event/media like the Superbowl but repetition in leads mind through a presence in every channel 24

STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Global Advice •  Creation of the hashtag #Lining •  Federate every content about the brand around a Hashtag => 1 unique database to measure the digital echo •  Stick to an agreed strategy > 1 use per channel for a greater message clarity 25

ECOSYSTEM Website Thorough reworking on every digital channels Dedicated Website Brand Website not e-commerce Corporate Website‎ 26

ECOSYSTEM Dedicated website The ecosystem needs CONSISTENCY Corporate Website Core platform: Brand Website E-commerce A Blog Provide content & demonstrate expertise 27


WHAT’S INSIDE / BRAND SITE Core platform Simple platform Ecommerce Web responsive Personal Account > Facebook/Twitter connect Good quality pictures of products + descriptions + consumer reviews Special offers Share buttons 29

WHAT’S INSIDE / BLOG CONTENT COMMUNITY Phase 1: The content/community are managed by the brand Display articles, interviews, videos to attract a community Phase 2: The content/community is managed by its own members who will discuss own subjects through different forums 30

APP Co branding with an existing app: TEAMUP Principle: “Get together with people in your area, looking to get out, get active and have fun” J 31


SOCIAL MEDIA •  Main plateform : #Lining •  Hashtag •  Livetweet •  RT •  The central network to activate the others channels 33

SOCIAL MEDIA •  Broadcasting products explanation & athletes interviews •  Shoppable video •  Comment inside videos 34

SOCIAL MEDIA Will relay & display Photo & Video: •  News •  Events •  People wearing Products •  Contests > Incentive “Serie” Relay #Lining Aggregating UGC 35

SOCIAL MEDIA Animate the community •  Use of Boards: New/ Products/Videos/Trends/ Around the world By color/products/sports •  Use of Open Graph: Post the pin directly on Facebook and Twitter 36

SOCIAL MEDIA Will relay: •  special offers •  Promotions •  Contests Relay #Lining Aggregating UGC 37

BLOGGER/VLOGGER Keep the world informed about company’s latest products, projects and achievements •  •  •  •  •  Press Releases Send free products Try it Create content Impulse WOM 38


INCENTIVE Contest: Play against Wade Contest ONLINE Tournament OFFLINE Principle: •  Invite friends to create a team •  Share it •  Invite other friends to Like •  Reward: Tournament against Dwyane Wade 40

INCENTIVE •  Contest: Sponsor My Team •  High school football/basket/badminton teams •  Reward: Sponsor the winning team (customized shoes+ sweat) •  Principle: each team will post one tweet with #Lining #SponsorMyTeam •  Winner: Most RT 41

INCENTIVE •  Contest: Act in your favorite show •  Instagram contest: Replay one of your favorite scene with friends wearing #Lining shoes •  Winner: Most Likes •  Reward: Visit Teens shows set 42

STREET MARKETING •  A specific vending machine for 2 friends •  Finds shoe sizes thanks to a Kinect •  Allows them to try pairs of sneakers Grab & Try


TALK SHOW •  Shazam your Talk show •  Principle: Scan with your shazam app the display and redirect you on the e-commerce website 45

PRODUCT PLACEMENT •  Teens TV shows: + Mini series youtube 46


POS •  Some shops will be equiped with a giant TV screen Content display •  Instagram pics of the #Lining community •  Tweets of #Lining •  Livetweet with #Wade #Lining •  Videos/Ads 48



BUDGET BUDGET   Website   Blog   Social  Media  Presence   App  co-­‐branding   >  Play  against  Dwyane  Wade   >  Act  in  your  favorite  Serie   >  Sponsor  my  team   Street  Marke=ng   Shazam  >  Talk  shows   Product  Placement   RP  Blogger/Vlogger   POS+PRINT   TOTAL   51  $90  000      $40  000      $190  000      $13  000      $150  000      $40  000      $50  000      $700  000      $200  000      $100  000      $30  000      $400  000      $2  003  000    

Thanks for your attention Q&A 52

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