Li-Fi Applications in the Real World

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Information about Li-Fi Applications in the Real World

Published on May 25, 2016

Author: PlanetechUSA


1. Airline travelers would be able to enjoy high-speed connectivi- ty using Li-Fi LED lights. AIRCRAFT CARRIERS Li-Fi is a sustainable wireless access technology that uses LED lights to connect users to a high-speed network connection. Oxford researchers have reportedly achieved bi-directional speeds of 224 Gbps. That’s the equivalent of downloading 18 1.5 movies per second. The following represent just a few possible use-cases of the new technology. Li-Fi Inventor Harald Haas remains optimistic about the prospect of connecting smart clothes and jewelry with LED Li-Fi lights. Unlike Wi-Fi’s RF frequency, Li-Fi’s visible light spectrum can travel underwater. Li-Fi will bring high-speed connectivity to oceanic environments. CLOTHING STORE 5678 AvenueDestination Head north toward Chino Hills Pkwy 138 ft Turn right onto Chino Hills Pkwy 0.6 mi Turn left onto Central Ave 0.8 mi Take the 3rd left onto Bell Ct Destination will be on the right 230 ft APPLICATIONS RETAIL Li-Fi supports LED-based indoor positioning technology which can not only assist cus- tomers in finding their way around a retail environment, but customers can also receive relevant product information such as sales items via their smart phones. OCEANS WEARABLES TRAFFIC LIGHTS + HEADLIGHTS PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS Lights illuminating objects can provide additional media-rich information about objects illuminated with Li-Fi LED lights. MUSEUMS Cellular network signals are dangerous in petrochem- ical plants due to an antennas’ ability to cause sparks or electrical explosions. LED Li-Fi lights do not pose the same risk and will be able to provide Internet access to these types of environments. Li-Fi does not only provide high-speed connectivity to pedestrians via street lamps, but also allows automobiles with Li-Fi enabled headlights to communicate with Li-Fi traffic lights to improve real-time traffic updates. Source: TECHNOLOGY NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR PLANET

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