Lewis Dot Structures

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Information about Lewis Dot Structures

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: emmawise

Source: slideshare.net


Very simple and straightforward four step process for drawing Lewis dot structures!

4 Step Process: Drawing Lewis Dot Structures Steps for writing Lewis structures: Key considerations:  The octet rule  An atom’s tendency to attract other electrons (electronegativity). Step 1: Arrange atoms  Find the central atom and place remaining atoms around it.  The central atom is generally the atom with the lower electronegativity (EN). Step 2: Add up valence electrons of all the atoms  If the molecule has a negative charge add additional electrons, (i.e. -1 charge = 1 added electron; -2 charge – 2 added electrons)  If the molecule has a positive charge subtract electrons, (i.e. +1 charge = 1 added electron; +2 = 2 added electrons) Step 3: Draw single bonds  Draw a single bond between central atom and surrounding atoms.  For each single bond subtract 2 electrons from the total number of valence electrons (from step 2) Step 4: Deal out remaining electrons.  Distribute remaining electrons in pairs’  Start with the atom with the largest electronegativity  Ensure the octet rule is satisfied  Any remaining atoms are placed around the central atom.

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